Long Week 7 (72 miles)

Was it just me or did this week seem like it took forever?  As with the majority of people I am sick of this winter.  I am waiting for the Spring time and March but that seems like it’s never going to come.  Instead of complaining I’ll just keep trucking on with training. 



Monday 11.45 miles 8:23 pace (treadmill) Nike Training Club: Abs/Arms
Wednesday 12.2 untimed Nike Training Club: Abs
Thursday 13.2 (7:50 pace) with Tim P90X
Friday 10.35 untimed
Saturday 12.83 8:23 pace
Sunday 12-13 NTC: Core/Back
Total: 72


Monday’s run on the treadmill felt surprisingly easy.  Although it wasn’t much faster than usual, I found myself exhausted afterwords.  About two hours after getting home (around 6pm) I felt very tired and achy.  I think it was possibly the treadmill but also that last week had caught up to me (on a Monday…que the long week).  Whatever the reasoning I felt I needed a rest day on Tuesday.

I thought Wednesday would bring a good run since I had rested.  It didn’t.  I later realized that my shoes were pushing 750 miles and probably the reason for my run not feeling great.  (It didn’t feel awful but I thought I would feel like a million bucks).

Thursday I ran with Tim and finally felt amazing.  We ended up doing a progressive run (starting around 8:30 and finishing around 6:50).  It didn’t feel like we were moving that fast.  A few miles in the middle were around 8:30 when we were running on icey trail but the rest averaged  below 8 and the last mile was below 7.  It was a huge confidence booster for me.

Friday and Saturday I took easy.  I’m not sure what I’ll do today (Sunday).  I am hoping for around 12-13 miles at a slightly quicker pace.  We shall see!

Going into Shamrock next week:

This week was really similar to last week though.  I wish I could tell you I had the two productive weeks I wanted between Lake Effect and Shamrock but that was not the case.  Instead I had relatively  easy weeks.  Since I haven’t done much speed work the last two weeks I don’t know if Shamrock will be the repeat success that Lake Effect was.  I am still questioning my abilities because of it but I know it will be a lot of fun regardless.  I’m not going to force a lot of speed I wouldn’t normally do before a race just because.  As I said in my post a few days ago you can’t stay at the top of your game

While my dream goal is still to PR, I’ll be happy with anything under a 1:27 with my change in perspective.   Speaking of Shamrock, I was featured in the “Shamrock Spotlight” if you wanted to go read about that.

I will probably stay with my normal half marathon taper.  I’ve found it’s worked well for me.

Questions for you:

What is a motivating workout you do before a race?

Random: What is your biggest fitness/workout related goal?  What is something you want to do in your lifetime?