Americana Diner (East Windsor)

It’s time to kick off my diner review session on LOLZ.  For now, I’ll be backtracking with diners I’ve been too, and then I can begin to venture to new diners.  Though I imagine having gone to several different diners already in NJ, I’ll take forward steps before finishing. 


I have been to the Americana diner (East Windsor) a few different times with a few different people.  I was first introduced when not living in the area.  The Americana diner is located close to the NJ turnpike and 295, so while driving back from the New York City Marathon dad and I stopped at the Americana Diner.

The day after running a marathon pretty much anything tastes outstanding.  I must admit every time I’ve gone to the Americana Diner I haven’t had a bad meal.  So it wasn’t just post-racing goggles reviewing.

Americana Diner Atmosphere: A

It’s a very high end looking diner.  There are three different rooms to be seated in, the “typical diner scene,” a banquet area and dimly lit bar.  I’ve sat in all three, and all three are nice.

Americana Diner Coffee: A

My standard comparison is getting coffee and whip cream to put into the coffee.  They provided me with both.  One thing I love about this diner is they provide a pitcher to stay at your table, so you never run out.  The coffee is great.  The whipped cream is homemade and served in a pitcher.  This diner received the best whip cream award.


I would come back multiple times just for whip cream.
I would come back multiple times just for whip cream.

Americana Food: A

Brushetta Appetizer

I would order it again.  There are four different pieces of bread with four different topics (hummus, grapes, goat cheese, and mozzarella).

New York Omelet (with lox)

The omelet and toast were delicious.  They also served a fried tomato (something I haven’t had since living in England).


Skylark Salad (with salmon)

Without a meat addition, I would have found myself hungry.  I would recommend getting some meat.  I do wish the salad came with actual bread.  Otherwise, the salad was good.

Mediterranean Salad

This was my favorite of the two salads I’ve had.  The only thing it lacked is a roll.  I love when salads come with bread.


Americana Dessert: A

Carrot cake

Their desserts are a bit confusing, and you choose one (for $3).  They bring out an entire tray of different choices, and you choose one or several.  They are bite-size and perfect for sampling, if I wanted to go big or go home, I would get the whole tray.  With spring I’ve been enjoying carrot cake, and with the ice cream, it was perfect.

Ice cream

The vanilla ice cream was creamy and served in a milkshake glass.  I was surprised by the amount (gladly surprised) they gave us.

Americana Diner Price:  $$$$

For the amount of food, you receive the price isn’t great.  It’s relatively small portions, and as someone who eats a lot more, I could use bigger portions.  The food, however, is very high quality and probably the overall best diner food I’ve been to so far.  I would order everything I’ve had again.

Americana Diner Overall impression: A

I would go back.  It’s one of the high-end diners that you would bring your parents too or go for a nice dinner or brunch.  Although it’s a little bit expensive for portion size, the food is delicious, well prepared, and tasty.

Overall I give it 8 out of 10. 

It’s hard to start with one of your top five favorite diners because then you compare everything else to a very high set bar.  Either way, if you are stopping on the turnpike near East Windsor, I would 100% recommend the Americana Diner.

I do recommend they add bread to their salads.  I’ve never had a bad meal, and no one I’ve eaten there with has had a bad meal.  On another note, they are also the most social media active diner I’ve come across.  I often find myself interacting with them on twitter (which deserves bonus points in my book).

**All thoughts are my own, and I paid for my meals in full.  No compensation was given.

Questions for you:

What is the best whip cream you have ever had? 


  1. IT’S HAPPENING. It’s like a dream come true!

    Everything looks so fantastic,and I daresay fresh. That whipped cream looks like a cloud. A delicious, yummy, nom cloud.

  2. That salad looks delicious! I also like when they come with a piece of bread, especially warm bread. And that’s so cool how they serve the whipped cream with the coffee and the pitcher. I bet it all tasted really delicious after a marathon too!

    Have you ever thought about joining yelp and reviewing the diners, gas stations, restaurants, etc on there? I am a member and it’s pretty neat, it’s a good way to find new places to check out in your area too. We have found a lot of good restaurants that way!

  3. Stop the Diner cravings….even if one is subpar I’d take it :p We have a ‘diner’ style restaurant here (for the atmosphere if anything) and a basic egg and pancake meal is $25. Fail.

    PS Not sure if it’s the same with American Urbanspoon, but I was contacted by urbanspoon Australia ages ago to link up my blog to any restaurant reviews I did- if that’s something you’re interested in doing and then people can read your reviews as a blogger.

  4. That skylark salad with salmon looks yummy Hollie!!! And as far as the best whip cream I’ve tasted I would have to say the whip cream that Wawa uses for there frappacino’s is actually pretty impressive.

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