Week 6: Sore Calves and Snowflake Emojis (75 miles)

After a month of solid training, this week has not been the prime of my training.  After running a great race last weekend I wanted to continue my training.  I will be the first to admit my fire was lit and I was ready to train hard. I wanted to power through another great week of nonslogging miles.  Unfortunately my body said no thanks.

With that I tried to stay positive and relaxed.  I focused on foam rolling and getting easy mileage in.  Why I thought I might be able to handle a tempo run (my thought process at the beginning of the week) is beyond me… There were a couple of things I did after the Lake Effect Half Marathon that I knew were a poor choice and would result in sore muscles.

1.       I didn’t cool down or shake out my legs.  I kind of did a single mile cool down chatting with people but I did not shake out my legs and instead I got in a car and drove 6 hours.  The lactic acid built up in my legs like too much PAM on a waffle iron.  Gross.

2.       I started looking forward to my solid 2 weeks of training for Shamrock instead of recovering.  I should have foam rolled the day after, two days after but the first time my legs touched a foam roller was Wednesday.

Monday: 10.62 treadmill 8:56  
Tuesday: 11.4 easy untimed  
Wednesday: OFF  
Thursday: 13.3 (8:16 pace) P90X
Friday: 11.65 (8:11)  
Saturday: 15.5 Trails with Tim  
Sunday: 12 Nike Core
Total: 75  

In summary this how my week looked: sore calves, bundled up in layers and snowflake emojis.



Actual training:

Monday’s run actually felt fine.  I didn’t feel tired or sluggish.  I just felt like I had done a hard workout the day before.

Tuesday hit me like a ton of bricks.  It could have partially been because I didn’t sleep well, had DOMS and hadn’t stretched or even worn compression sleeves but that run felt absolutely miserable.  I wish I hadn’t run outdoors in the park because if I had on the treadmill I would have stopped.  Lucky for me by the time I wanted to stop the shortest route back made it over 11 miles.  I should say that I didn’t completely awful or injury prone, I just felt like I didn’t want to be running.  My mental toughness was at a 0.

So I took Wednesday off and relaxed and felt a lot better on Thursday.

Despite the cold weather, I felt awesome on Thursday and averaged my usual 8-8:30 nonslogging pace.  Friday was a little too cold for me and I ran indoors.  I felt great on Friday and it gave me the confidence that I was about 50% recovered.

Saturday I did a long a run in the park with Tim.  It felt good and it was nice to be able to run with someone.  Another reason I was mentally struggling this week was because of running alone in the cold.  Sunday my plan is to an easy shakeout run before it snows.

It was a lot less core and strength than I wanted last week but hopefully I’ll get back to it this week!

Goals for next week:

I am hoping to continue my recovery and find a 5k or 10k next weekend.  After taking Wednesday off, my legs felt 100 times better so I’m hoping to continue progressing

Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Do races make you hungry to be better or do you normally like rest?

Honestly after races I like to rest and relax.  I don’t know what came over me this week.  I think the fact that I wasn’t expecting to do so well and thought the Lake Effect would be more of an 80% effort versus 95% caused me hungry for a faster half.