Cross Country vs Road Racing

I asked for blog ideas because I’ve been stretched for creativity lately.  I could talk about food and low carbohydrates (that get’s old everyday), I can’t race recap every week, my musings have been limited because…well…I haven’t had too much excitement (never bad I guess).  A twitter friend gave me a great idea to blog about the difference of cross country racing and road racing.

Then I drew on some other people for questions they may have and the rest is history.  Well kinda , since it all happened this week.

First, cross country distances vary from high school to college.  High school is mostly 5ks (boys and gals), females in college race 5-6k depending and males 8k.  The courses are not meant to be easy and your time varies every single time.  I’ve run 7:30 paced cross country courses…I’ve run 6:30, both I felt awesome.  I probably failed to mention that most collegiate cross country team’s uniforms wear bottoms that have less coverage then my granny panties.   Normally runners also wear spikes which are basically running shoes with nails in them to help you get a good grip.

At my fastest xc race. 5k in 20:08

Your sole purpose in cross country is to place for your team (or at least to rock an ass out run).

Road races are different.  Most 5ks are relatively flat.  I saw most.  I know there are plenty that are hilly.  There are plenty of age ranges, but when I road race, I race to PR.  Cement is faster then grass/dirt/mud. 

oh right…I forgot it started snowing midway through a race…we were all still wearing booty spanx.

I guess when you move up to the greatest distances they start calling them trail half marathons-marathons.  I’m not sure (please correct me if I’m wrong) but I haven’t heard of too many cross country marathons.  Who knows. 

So in short:

Cross Country:

1.       Grass and dirt

2.       Place > time

3.       Hills are fun

4.       Tiny spanx up your ass

5.       Run in spikes

Road Races:

  1. Faster on cement
  2. Time>place (though I know a lot of people who run races to win…)
  3. Pring is fun
  4. Wear what you feel
  5. Run in whatever shoes you want..or flats

Questions for you:

1.       Do you run cross country? 

2.       Do you like cross country or road races? 

3.       Do you enjoy ass out spanx?

If you can remember my blog from a year ago, I threw quite a large hissy fit about having to wear those.