Training for Nothing Continued

Last week was another pressure free and worry free workout week.  I didn’t expect to run but then the sudden urge for me to run hit so I went with it.  I am enjoying going to the gym and actually motivated to do core work and lift weights.  I can only hope this keeps me continuing to be injury free.

Last week’s training was a little bit scattered.  I didn’t (and still don’t) plan what I’ll do each week.  I read somewhere that you shouldn’t weight train the same muscle groups every day so I didn’t… Since I started running again I hope I can keep up with doing strength and core.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: AMT and core/back
Wednesday: AMT and arms
Thursday AMT and core
Friday: AMT
7 mile run
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 10 miles easy in the State Park near my house

AMT Cross trainer:

It’s a new machine to me (as of last week).  It reminds me of an upgraded version of the Precor 100i.  I really like it a lot and I know I’ll be cross training on it quite frequently.  I cannot remember if I posted this but my gym is pretty small and only has two different ellipticals…the AMT and a normal elliptical you see at all gyms.  I tried the AMT and really like it.  What I’ve been doing is using it for an hour on 20 resistances with an incline of 5.  I haven’t been doing intervals or anything and schedule it around a good TV show.  I enjoy getting cardio and watching trashy tv.

Here is a nice gym selfie incase you have never heard of the machine before.


I had not planned to run on Friday at all.  Then all of a sudden around noon I got the urge to run.  I was excited to run and hadn’t felt that way since the marathon and decided to go with it.  I’m glad I did and I felt okay.  I didn’t feel great obviously because I haven’t run in close to three weeks.  It was certainly a little bit out of breath running a 9 minute pace but I know my fitness will come back eventually.  I don’t have a running plan yet or goal races to train for but I know in the next few weeks I’ll start planning for those. (I guess that is what I can do this week).

Saturday my calves were really sore and I just tired.  I wanted to run but I was entirely too tired and spent half the day wishing it was bed time.  So two rest days it was this week.

Next week:

The rest of the week was good and I’m hoping to run a few more miles in the next week.  We are going to spend Thanksgiving with my family in VA Beach.  There is a Turkey Trot in the area I’m still debating on doing.  I want to see all my running friends, I know it will most certainly not be a PR or anywhere close but it would be fun.  In fact I don’t even know if I would hit my marathon pace but it would be great to see friends.

Questions for you:

Best workout of the week? 

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?