Training for Nothing Continued

Last week was another pressure free and worry free workout week.  I didn’t expect to run but then the sudden urge for me to run hit so I went with it.  I am enjoying going to the gym and actually motivated to do core work and lift weights.  I can only hope this keeps me continuing to be injury free.

Last week’s training was a little bit scattered.  I didn’t (and still don’t) plan what I’ll do each week.  I read somewhere that you shouldn’t weight train the same muscle groups every day so I didn’t… Since I started running again I hope I can keep up with doing strength and core.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: AMT and core/back
Wednesday: AMT and arms
Thursday AMT and core
Friday: AMT
7 mile run
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 10 miles easy in the State Park near my house

AMT Cross trainer:

It’s a new machine to me (as of last week).  It reminds me of an upgraded version of the Precor 100i.  I really like it a lot and I know I’ll be cross training on it quite frequently.  I cannot remember if I posted this but my gym is pretty small and only has two different ellipticals…the AMT and a normal elliptical you see at all gyms.  I tried the AMT and really like it.  What I’ve been doing is using it for an hour on 20 resistances with an incline of 5.  I haven’t been doing intervals or anything and schedule it around a good TV show.  I enjoy getting cardio and watching trashy tv.

Here is a nice gym selfie incase you have never heard of the machine before.


I had not planned to run on Friday at all.  Then all of a sudden around noon I got the urge to run.  I was excited to run and hadn’t felt that way since the marathon and decided to go with it.  I’m glad I did and I felt okay.  I didn’t feel great obviously because I haven’t run in close to three weeks.  It was certainly a little bit out of breath running a 9 minute pace but I know my fitness will come back eventually.  I don’t have a running plan yet or goal races to train for but I know in the next few weeks I’ll start planning for those. (I guess that is what I can do this week).

Saturday my calves were really sore and I just tired.  I wanted to run but I was entirely too tired and spent half the day wishing it was bed time.  So two rest days it was this week.

Next week:

The rest of the week was good and I’m hoping to run a few more miles in the next week.  We are going to spend Thanksgiving with my family in VA Beach.  There is a Turkey Trot in the area I’m still debating on doing.  I want to see all my running friends, I know it will most certainly not be a PR or anywhere close but it would be fun.  In fact I don’t even know if I would hit my marathon pace but it would be great to see friends.

Questions for you:

Best workout of the week? 

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? 

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  1. Yay! You are back running again! Glad the urge to run came back for you! And the fitness will come back in no time, your muscles will remember what they are doing quicker than you think and will be able to get back to where you were… you can improve on it further!

    Jealous you are going to VA beach, that will be lovely! Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks 🙂

  2. We had that machine in my last gym but I don’t think my current gym has it. I don’t really use machines very much, aside from the treadmill I pretty much just go to the gym for the yoga and BodyPump classes. But i am running so I’m sure if I wasn’t running I’d be using the machines and probably getting a good workout from them.

    Do the turkey trot if you want to, those things are usually more of an event than a race so I don’t think people care about time and placement much… as far as your run goes you will be back to normal pretty quickly. I felt like poo for 2 weeks after my full but by 4 weeks out I was feeling great and actually stronger. I can only base off everyone I trained with and myself, but the struggle bus is temporary (and fairly short lived, couple weeks max).

    For Thanksgiving, Clay’s parents are coming over and we’re having some Navy friends over as well. Clay and his mom are cooking. I’ll probably watch the parade and just chill- I stay out of the kitchen.

  3. VA Beach I know it well! I’ve had the same feeling after my marathon as well. I did my first long run yesterday about 5 miles. I too have been focusing on lifting weights more for strength. I think it’s good to move back into it slowly.

      1. I did! There and in Newport News when I was in the Army:)

      1. I knew Victoria would appreciate the graphic! You should dress up and do the turkey trot for fun if the legs are feeling up to it. Let’s be real: bloggers do turkey trots so they can eat whatever they want on Thanksgiving and not feel bad. #propperbloggingtechnique

      2. Does this mean that I should have been doing a Turkey Trot the last few weeks during my rest time? I am glad that Thanksgiving is during my rest time though this blog should really be called FueledbyDonutz lately.

        Anyways, if we all talked in emojis we wouldn’t have to worry about spelling error. I would love to write my posts in emojis but I’m still not that good so would have to caption it anyways…

      3. Why have a degree? Just use your blogging resume to get a book deal about graphic design. #ProperBloggingTechnique

  4. I finally understand the fabled urge to run that I used to think runners were just lying to me about. It hit me about a month ago and I’ve been dabbling in running ever since. Then the snow fell 🙁 I’m not sure if the urge to run on a treadmill will hit, but after thinking that I’d never get back into running, I guess I can never say never. If all else fails, at least I have snowboarding 🙂

  5. Yay for running again! I am also enjoying my non-existing training for nothing. Just some swimming and spinning class with a little bit of running. Got to enjoy off-season 🙂

  6. I’m running the turkey trot at mt trashmore. Not sure how my legs will respond after last weekend, but it should be fun. Is that the one you are considering?

  7. Hahaha As a self proclaimed selfie hater….I have to say, that one if friggin awesome!
    I might just be an idiot, but I have the hardest time using that machine! I can’t make it “run” or “step” just somewhere awkward in between.

    Have fun with your fam!

  8. At least you had the urge! I’m sure you’ll be back to running in no time once you decide to start up fully again! And until then, I’m sure your body is taking this chance to completely recover! I think it’s definitely good for the body! I’ve never seen that machine but I also like the elliptical. I use it when I warm up at the gym and am completely satisfied.

  9. AMT is at my gym as well! I find it harder than the elliptical. My favorite part is the depiction of which muscles you’re exactly targeting (glutes, thighs, and/or calves) depending on your incline! Ack, I wish my gym had trashy TV shows for which I can time the 1 hour monotonous sesh; lucky you!

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