Removing Stress

It’s not a secret that I’ve been semi-stressed lately.  Not so much stressed as in going crazy and off the deep end but stressed as in looking to find my niche.  My niche wasn’t in Potsdam nor Oswego.  I found my niche in VA but I’m not there anymore.  I’m here in New Jersey looking to find a new niche and a new beginning.  I thought my new beginning would occur 2+ months ago moving to Texas but that was short lived.

So alas here I sit today.  I have been asked how I find my comfort zone and how I keep my stress to a minimum.  If you followed my blog last fall when I worked in Oswego, you would know I did a lot of work in mental health. Out of all the topics in public and community health I think mental health is one of my favorites.  Being mentally healthy is just as important as being physically healthy but often times overlooked.  I don’t know anyone who considers themselves a healthy individual without being mentally healthy too.

Moving on, a big part of being mentally healthy is living without a lot of stress.  Sure we all have stress and stress can be good or bad.  However there isn’t a need to get worked up and find yourself restless at night because of stress.  I don’t have a set amount of techniques and working out has never been a stress reliever for me but I can tell you what has worked for me.  How you manage your personal stress ultimately defines you.

Here are some things I find helpful.

I like to wake up without an alarm (normally around 6) and have personal time to myself.  When I was living in Oswego, my housemates weren’t up at that hour so it was personal time for me.  My parents were sometimes up but I still had my own personal time at home.  At my house here, Tim is sometimes up or sometimes not, depending on his training schedule.  I know that I just need time to wake up, relax, occasionally drink coffee and just gather my thoughts.  I am always much less stressed on days I have this time.  Everyone needs their own personal time.

I’ve also found that getting out of my house works wonders for me.  It’s also not a secret that applying for jobs is a long process.  I don’t want to apply for jobs on the computer, sit at the computer for hours on end and then just hang out at the house (probably still on the computer).  I try and get out of the house even to go get some coffee at the gas station daily.  Since I don’t have a car I pretty much walk everywhere.  Getting away from any situation and coming back often provides clarity and also a nice break for your mind.  (I also found this to work well when I was studying or writing papers).

Another way that I have found to destress myself is to simply look at the future.  In a few months finding a job won’t be part of my worries, nor will finishing unpacking or anything that is currently stressful in mu life.  For instance, a few months ago I was stressed working 60+ hours weekly…now that is obviously not a stressor. As I said the other day, I’ve always been someone to look at an overall life plan.  Things might be stressful now but I know they won’t be later.  When I think about that then I find myself far less stressed.

Some people rely on working out to relieve stress and I can honestly say that isn’t for me.  I don’t ever find myself less stressed if I’ve worked out but that could help you!

Question for you: What are some things you do to relieve stress?