NYC Marathon Training Weeks 6-7
Monday: Elliptical (Precor 100i) + Strength class
Tuesday: AM: 11.4 mile run easy
PM: Memorial Scholariship 5k (18:50) total miles 18.75
Wednesday: 5.5 mile run easy
Thursday 5.5 mile run easy
Friday: 15.5 mile long run (8:18 pace)
Saturday: 11 mile hilly run in Ct (and a Did not start swim race)
Sunday 17 on trails
Total: 72
Memorial scholarship 5k photo
Memorial scholarship 5k photo

Training thoughts:

Week 6 was all over the place.  Monday I decided to cross train instead of run.  My goal for August is to keep up with cross training and I haven’t been on the Precor 100i as much as I would like, so made it a priority. Really I am saying I didn’t feel like running in the slightest…so didn’t.   I also did the weekly strength class I do on Monday evenings.  Tuesday I had planned to use a tempo run.  Every year our local race club hosts a memorial scholarship race in the beautiful Botanical Gardens at the end of July.  It’s always a lot of fun even though it’s normally around 90 degrees.  I ended up surprising myself and running an 18:50 despite the 5k being sandwiched into miles 13.5-16.6.  Wednesday and Thursday I took easy.  Then on Friday before leaving for Long Island I ran 15.5 before traveling to New York City.  As I posted the other day, I ended up not swimming the 2 mile open water swim and just running instead.  Then Sunday I had a beautiful (hilly) trail run on Long Island.

Matt on our trail run
Matt on our trail run

 Week 7:

Monday: 5.66 mile shakeout (after driving home)
Tuesday: 12.5 miles around town
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday AM: 16 mile tempo at 7:04 pace
PM: 2 mile shakeout and p90x
Friday: 7.35 recovery run (8:32)
Saturday: Mud Fun Run with dad 14 miles total
Sunday 12-13 today before work
Total: 71ish

Training thoughts:

Week 7 was a really productive training week for me too and a big confidence booster.  My  training has changed in the last month (not good or bad) but different.  I didn’t intentionally change it, it is just what happened.

In the beginning of the summer I was doing between 10-13 miles daily and calling it a day.  Now I’m running further some days and a lot less other days.  Some days I run 16…some I run 5.  I’m still logging roughly the same miles as I was at the beginning of the summer, just in a different fashion.  (and an even more different fashion  from last year when I was running every day but less miles).

The heavy hitter of the week was my very solid tempo of 16 miles at a 7:04 pace.  I’m pleased with how it turned out because it felt smooth and gave me a good idea of how my legs would react to running a longer distance in my racing flats.  I have run all my half marathons and road races in my Nike lunar flats but never longer.  I don’t want to jump from a half marathon to full without testing it out.  Heck I don’t want to jump from 16 to a full yet so I’m going to do at least a 20 miler in them to check that out.

Training for next week:

I running the Tidewater Strider 1 mile race on the track on Saturday.  My mile PR comes from that track race last year and it is the only race (and only time) I visit the track.  I’m bummed because it is the same weekend as 4 5ks but since it is a big deal with my club team I will do it instead.  I’ll hopefully work a speed workout, rest day and easy miles.  As always going by the no plan methods.

Questions for you:

How has your training been?

Do you like tempo workouts, track workouts or fartleks the best?

Tempos make me feel powerful.  I’ve only done a handful of track workouts but being out of college I feel no need to go back.