Pretending to Train for a Marathon Week 2

Look I can change the title of my blog training every week and still be training for a marathon…or at least pretending too. Right then. It should be Week two: Still not injured (knock on wood). I added some pictures from last race so you can not be bored if you don’t care about actual training…

I will look serious so I have one good race photo...
I will look serious so I have one good race photo…
Monday: Full body Strength class 55 minutes
Tuesday: 11 mile run untimed
Wednesday: 12 mile run untimed
Thursday: 10.65 mile run untimed
3000 meter swim (yes that is real life)
Friday: 10.65 miles in the pouring rain
Saturday: OK Cross Country 5k 19:27 and (13.1 miles overall)
Sunday: 15 easy and untimed
Total: 73

What are my thoughts?

Well let’s see here.  My legs have been on the sore train all week.  I’m not sure if it was the heat or the hills from the half marathon last weekend that knocked them cold.  Either way they have felt like crap the entire week.   Untimed/approximating runs were all I really needed this week and so that was that.  I nixed my normal tempo run this week because quite honestly my body wasn’t fully recovered from the race by Wednesday.  I was “listening to my body” which really means listening to my brain saying Hollie don’t be an idiot and injure yourself.  So really listening to your body is listening to your brain and using common sense…moving on.

We had the tropical storm hit on Friday so it rained off and on all day.  I actually ran in the complete downpour, only to have beautiful weather the hour after…followed by complete downpour.   All the rain though made the cross country 5k I did a complete muddy mess (which was fine for me…it’s cross country…it isn’t the pavement).  I do, however, wish I had worn my spikes.   I’ll recap soon, but it was a good race and certainly made for a hard course in hot/humid conditions.

I will now break this tape.
I will now break this tape.

Those other workouts:

I did one full body strength class at my gym.  It felt good to actually lift some weights…well no I felt awful for neglecting it but it did feel good to actually pretend to start that again.

And swimming:

I swam 1000 freestyle-400 im twice through then did 200 butterfly kick on my back.  I am signed up for a bunch of open water swims this summer so I should probably get my butt back into the pool.  I do enjoy swimming once I physically get into the pool, it’s just getting there is the challenge for me.  I don’t hate swimming, I hate the showering, getting to the pool and all the rest of the time it takes that comes with swimming.  Swimming the mile and loving it has never felt more in a past life.

And next weeks training:

I hope to do more injury free miles.  I’m running an 8k on Saturday (lots of fast ladies going to be there!) and hope to get a tempo run somewhere in there as well.  Oh I’d also like to get a swim or two in and get some weights in.  (my am I greedy?)  We will see where time takes me though.

I will now cluelessly fumble around with this tape and not know what to do because I'm awkward.
I will now cluelessly fumble around with this tape and not know what to do because I’m awkward.

Questions for you:

What is the hardest workout for you to get motivated for?

Did the tropical storm affect you at all?

We got some flooding.


  1. I’ve been on traveling at an insane pace for the past two weeks! I did 28 miles the first week and was planning on keeping it up this past week but filled miserably. I’m just exhausted. I finally got home yesterday. Motivation is just hard to come by.

  2. I think you are being smart about your training. Great job listening to your body/using common sense. That will be key in marathon training. 🙂

    Tempo runs are the hardest for me to get motivated for! Put me in a race, or put me on the track and I’m happy, but tempos are boring and uncomfortable for me. They don’t hurt enough to be hard, but they hurt too much to be easy. AHHH!

    I can’t get enough of these breaking the tape pics! I think everyone is awkward with it!! What do you do with your body? Arms? Hands? Hard to know what isn’t going to look creepy when you see the pics. You look great in all the pics, even those you think are awkward. 🙂

    1. I say next time we follow the dude plan of running through like a mac truck…how dare they put this tape in front of me…get it out…and then run through looking angry and torked off at the world.

  3. We had nasty weather yesterday and the 5k I had on my schedule was cancelled. Bummer. Love the photos. I really don’t have anything on my schedule other than running and strengthening. Doing my hip flexor strengthening always seems to go to the wayside…

  4. Those really are awesome pictures. In the second one at first I thought somehow you’d photoshopped it so the tape was only showing on your legs (which would be weird), but then I realized the truth, haha.

    Funny story about the tropical storm. It completely ravaged my town (my backyard borders a small lake, and half of the yard was underwater), but I was out of town for the week so when I got back the rain had stopped.

  5. Heeyyyyy! There are those pics of you breaking the tape 😀 If you hadn’t told me, I never would have guessed that you didn’t know what to do when you broke it – you look pro. And do I detect some hostility against the whole “listening to your body” phrase? 😉 I think that just mostly stems from the fact that some people deal with disordered thoughts, so listening to their brains isn’t really ideal in a lot of instances.

  6. I have the hardest time getting back into swimming because, like you said, it’s a whole process before/after the actual workout. Changing, showering, powdering (just kidding). But seriously, it’s such a pain in the ass sometimes. I miss running because I could wake up, throw my hair in a pony tail, and hit the roads.

  7. Ha I love these titles! Your training seems like it is going swell! I always want to incorporate all these cross-training workouts in my schedule but sometimes the logistics just don’t work out. I 100% agree with the swimming thing. Once you are in the water, all goes well, but getting my booty to jump in the pool takes some serious willpower. Looks like you are doing awesome though!

  8. We got some rain from the tropical storm, along with a lot of media hype. There was no damage except something fell off my friend’s porch. LOL.

    I think it’s neat you cross trained doing weights… I do 50-60 minute weight classes a lot and it’s weird to see it beside your long daily runs because my daily runs are like 4-5 miles and sometimes I do a weight class on top of a 3 miler, and 10-12 miles is long for me right now (hopefully that will change soon as I pretend to train for a marathon). Probably my least favorite cross training activity to do is weights but when I get there I do enjoy it… mostly because BodyPump has good music.

    I love the pictures of you breaking the tape and how you laid them out in the post. It’s still so amazing to me that you won that race.

    1. I would have taken Monday off completely but that is the only day the class is offered. I would have no issues doing it another day and resting Monday but that is how the cookie crumbles. 🙂

      1. Yeah, I hate when classes aren’t offered many days a week too. It is the same way at my gym- either that or the classes are at ridiculous times when I can’t go (9:30 in the morning… uh, work?)

  9. running in the rain FTW! downpours are actually kind of fun…IF it’s summer in the south and actually warm lol. I’m not surprised your legs felt a little cracked out after run for the dream, but listening to your brain (which controls your body…and how you listen….so can you really listen to your brain if your listening is your brain too??….okay nevermind too philosophical LOL) is a good idea usually. I’m seriously so excited you got into NYC!!! And now the question is….is your training going to change at all now that it’s a marathon? I know you’re the most laid-back runner in the universe so I have a feeling it won’t be all that different (nor does it need to be :-D)

    1. It’s like an inception comment LOL. My training won’t change as far as I know right now. I’ll add longer runs but that is about it (I think).

  10. On Friday I was supposed to run in a Special Olympics benefit but as a result of the tropical storm, they called it off. Such a bummer…I was really look forward to it!

  11. I like the way you mix it up with different types of workouts besides running, doing swimming, weights, etc. I’ll bet that helps keep overuse injuries at bay. Hope you have lots more injury-free miles.

  12. Oh yeah–the tropical storm made for some interesting race conditions. And on a related note, I completed my first mile in the open water this weekend. And kinda liked it. 🙂

  13. Sounds like skipping the tempo was a good idea. I’m sure you gained a lot of fitness from your half and adding the tempo probably wouldn’t have increased your fitness that much, anyway. I think my long runs are the hardest for me to get motivated for because I’m a slow poke so I’m out there FOREVER. Good luck with this week’s workouts!

  14. Love, love, love those photos!! Congrats again– you are so inspiring!! And I am always in awe of your mileage. I’m excited to see how your marathon training comes together. Definitely wise to have untimed runs as you recover this week. My body takes a full two weeks post half to feel back to normal!

    1. Mine normally takes a week or so but last week, the legs just were not having any sort of anything. That is fine though LOL and I’d rather be injury free then pushing pace and get injured later.

  15. It’s been like… 2 weeks since I’ve actually ran. Oops. I need to get back into that. (The longer I’m away the harder it is!)

    Also, I’m bummed you had to work tonight so we couldn’t get dinner, but my little nephew ended up joining this world on Friday so this weekend has been kind of crazy 😉 I hope to see you next Sunday though!! Have an awesome week!

  16. Weights are definitely the hardest workouts for me to get it. Although lately I’ve been struggling to get much of anything worked into my schedule. Good job listening to your body and still logging some amazing miles! The most I’ve ever logged in a week is in 50s and my body complained about it forever.

  17. I read the 400 im part, threw up in my mouth, and then skipped to reading about your running instead. Great week of workouts…hope the legs feel better soon!

  18. race photos & a training recap?! blog post jack pot! nice work on listening to your body and keeping injuries at bay. that’s really impressive that you are swimming too! even thinking about having to slap on a speedo just sets me up for a melt down. 😉 🙂

    the hardest workout for me to get motivated for can vary. when i’m on the roads it can be tempo runs… when i’m on the trails i have to push myself out there every run because i have this huge effing fear of snakes and there seem to be quite a bit of them right now!

  19. I think swimming for you is like a ballet class or even yoga and pilates for me. I love it once I am there and feel great afterwards but getting there for me is really difficult. I dread it. Are you doing the run/walk for the kids? I walked 2 miles for that a long time ago in my pageant years and mom has gone ever since. I think she will be there this weekend!

  20. Your comment on that last picture about the tape had me cracking up. Only because I would do the same! 😉
    I’m proud of you for listening to your body, I know how hard it is to do…SO SO hard…especially when all you want to do is run. But you are right- NOT worth the re-injury.
    Please come to Florida soon & come run with my and Gabriella. I’ll even let you push the BOB 😉

  21. I’m so jealous of all of your open water swim races! I need to do more around here, we just obviously don’t have as many. I am doing a tri relay with Mike and our friend, and I’m the swim leg, so that will be fun!

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