Pretending to Train for a Marathon Week 2

Look I can change the title of my blog training every week and still be training for a marathon…or at least pretending too. Right then. It should be Week two: Still not injured (knock on wood). I added some pictures from last race so you can not be bored if you don’t care about actual training…

I will look serious so I have one good race photo...
I will look serious so I have one good race photo…
Monday: Full body Strength class 55 minutes
Tuesday: 11 mile run untimed
Wednesday: 12 mile run untimed
Thursday: 10.65 mile run untimed
3000 meter swim (yes that is real life)
Friday: 10.65 miles in the pouring rain
Saturday: OK Cross Country 5k 19:27 and (13.1 miles overall)
Sunday: 15 easy and untimed
Total: 73

What are my thoughts?

Well let’s see here.  My legs have been on the sore train all week.  I’m not sure if it was the heat or the hills from the half marathon last weekend that knocked them cold.  Either way they have felt like crap the entire week.   Untimed/approximating runs were all I really needed this week and so that was that.  I nixed my normal tempo run this week because quite honestly my body wasn’t fully recovered from the race by Wednesday.  I was “listening to my body” which really means listening to my brain saying Hollie don’t be an idiot and injure yourself.  So really listening to your body is listening to your brain and using common sense…moving on.

We had the tropical storm hit on Friday so it rained off and on all day.  I actually ran in the complete downpour, only to have beautiful weather the hour after…followed by complete downpour.   All the rain though made the cross country 5k I did a complete muddy mess (which was fine for me…it’s cross country…it isn’t the pavement).  I do, however, wish I had worn my spikes.   I’ll recap soon, but it was a good race and certainly made for a hard course in hot/humid conditions.

I will now break this tape.
I will now break this tape.

Those other workouts:

I did one full body strength class at my gym.  It felt good to actually lift some weights…well no I felt awful for neglecting it but it did feel good to actually pretend to start that again.

And swimming:

I swam 1000 freestyle-400 im twice through then did 200 butterfly kick on my back.  I am signed up for a bunch of open water swims this summer so I should probably get my butt back into the pool.  I do enjoy swimming once I physically get into the pool, it’s just getting there is the challenge for me.  I don’t hate swimming, I hate the showering, getting to the pool and all the rest of the time it takes that comes with swimming.  Swimming the mile and loving it has never felt more in a past life.

And next weeks training:

I hope to do more injury free miles.  I’m running an 8k on Saturday (lots of fast ladies going to be there!) and hope to get a tempo run somewhere in there as well.  Oh I’d also like to get a swim or two in and get some weights in.  (my am I greedy?)  We will see where time takes me though.

I will now cluelessly fumble around with this tape and not know what to do because I'm awkward.
I will now cluelessly fumble around with this tape and not know what to do because I’m awkward.

Questions for you:

What is the hardest workout for you to get motivated for?

Did the tropical storm affect you at all?

We got some flooding.