The Light Beer Waffle

Light Beer Waffle

Light beer is not my thing, but finally, I have one more beer waffle recipe for you light beer lovers.

It’s just as easy as dark beer and Guinness pancakes…maybe easier then winocakes but no matter if you like light beer I suppose it deserves its own little recipe.  I make things and say…it’s all for the blog.  I only blog for my readers and only make weird combinations of pancakes…for the readers…

Light beer and dark beer is like asking people if they like vanilla or chocolate ice cream then when giving a recipe just saying oh sub either or…they should both be equal…I guess.

So that is that.  Light Beer Waffles are simple and I’m just bringing your attention that beer waffles do exist. 


Light Beer Waffle Ingredients:

2/3 cup flour (all-purpose flour, wheat flour)

1 egg

1tsp baking powder

6 ounces light beer (for some reason all I had at the time was bud light lime…so that’s that).

Light Beer Waffle Recipe:

  1. Preheat a waffle maker (I like Belgian waffle maker) and use cooking spray.
  2. Mix all dry ingredients together in a large bowl in a separate bowl.
  3. Add wet ingredients (including light beer) together and mix in a separate mixing medium bowl.
  4. Add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients.
  5. Pour waffle batter into preheated waffle iron and cook until golden brown.
  6. After cooked, put on a plate and add a layer of melted butter, maple syrup, honey vanilla greek yogurt, whipped cream, and powdered sugar.

Question for you: Favorite light beer? Would you try a light beer waffle?  What about a craft beer waffle? 

I guess mine would be bud light lime, but I blame that on one of my housemates from college liking bud light.


  1. Haha I don’t really like beer (unless we’re talking beer bread) so I usually drink wine. I’m trying to get more into the whole “beer” thing… but I’m not there yet.

  2. I’m not a light beer fan, I like dark beers but I guess I would have to say Abita Amber (Louisiana beer), it’s more in the mid-ale range.

      1. I’m with you – I only drink light beers when it’s the only thing offered after races.

  3. This is the best! While I’m not a fan of beer (gasp), your wine waffle still lingers in my mind. What’s next huh? A Bailey’s waffle maybe? Champagne? The options are endless!

  4. I’m not a beer fan unless it’s flavored…I kind of want to try the beer-o-ritas or whatever Bud has but at the same time they seem really strange…

  5. Corona, makes me feel like I am on a beach. Although I’d prefer a margarita, this will do, much quicker and easier. It’s no Guinness, but it’s still refreshing!

  6. Bud light lime, I bet that gave it a zesty kick lol!! Personally I’m not into “light” beers – unless you mean light as in color because I like wheat beers, hefeweisens, etc…and I still think a wine waffle would be epic! Or a kahlua waffle….the possibilities are endless lol.

  7. OMG, Bud Light Lime was my go-to freshman and sophomore year. And then I discovered Corona Light. 😉

  8. I don’t know if Leinenkugel Honeyweiss counts as a light beer… but that is about as light as it gets for me. And it’s pretty delicious!

  9. I am sure you remember me texting and asking about light beers. I didn’t try it still but I don’t think I like it. I like Ales that aren’t TOO hoppy (unless I am consuming with a burger then the hop doesn’t bother me) I would like to say this waffle picture looks awesomely good today

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