Effing Friday Running Rage

Orginally this post was going to be called what the Eff Wednesday…but it was too far away and I’m impatient so I just named EFFing Friday.  (Because with blogging you must have cute little rhyming or whatever titles)  It was brought to you by yesterdays run (because I was chased by unleashed dogs) and chatting with Victoria…and constant rage.

Mostly constant running rage.

Let’s see our topics today:

If you bring your dog out in public, keep them on a leash.  I don’t care if they are friendly towards you they still should be on a 6 foot leash and controlled…that is common courtesy and common sense.  If they bite or attack me I’m calling the police or kicking them away.

The same goes for children.

Cars if you run a red light or don’t stop at a stop sign when I’m in the cross walk…I’m going down.  I have and will lay down in the cross walk pretending you hit me.  So please save yourself a mini panic attack.

Damn girl that ass is never appropriate…unless you are talking to a bar dancer, stripper or just a lady who likes that sort of thing.  Which news flash…isn’t me when I’m running.

If you listen to music or lollygag in your own world while running (which I fully admit I do) still be aware of your surroundings.  You are not the fastest one on the road, trails or wherever you are running.  Runners, cyclists and cars may want to pass you.  Accept that and stay out of their way because you’ll have rage when you want to pass someone.

Just because you blog, does not make you a fast runner.  I know plenty of fast runners that don’t blog.  I know plenty of bloggers that think they are god gift to the world because they blog.  Do not put others down.   In fact the fastest and best athletes I have come to know aren’t cocky SOB’s.  So that is that.

Finally on the same note as the previous point, some people don’t like to run.  Get over that.  Don’t make your non-runner friends feel guilty because they don’t run.  I have seen this before on people’s facebooks “Sucks if you aren’t runner, the weather is so nice today”.  Because you can’t do anything else outside…like swim, eat, drink beer, CYCLE…lay, tan, beach, hike, walk your dog, sleep….yeah there are plenty of things to do.  Some people don’t like to run don’t force it down their backs.

Questions: What are you WTFing as of late? 

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  1. Love this. The dog thing in particular is my usual source for WTFing. My bugbear is those dog owners who say ‘don’t worry, he/she won’t bite’. How the eff am I supposed to know that?! The damn thing’s growling, barking and chasing me.


    I am a real dog lover but I hate it when they leap up at me and the owner says ‘he/she’s only trying to be friendly’. Okay 1) How do you know I am not terrified of dogs and this would upset me? 2) I’m going to cover my hands in mud and paw your clothes then, y’know, just to be friendly.

    And breathe…

    Great theme Hollie! Keep ’em coming.

  2. I love dogs, but my neighborhood is known for not observing the leash law. I have now had to kick three dogs in the jaw in an attempt not to be bitten myself. I have been bitten once, and if that dog ever comes close to me again, animal control will be called, and the dog will be put down. Easy as that. I am not cruel, unless your dog is. Neighbors, are you listening?

  3. I’m WTFing because I’m stuck waiting for a maintenance guy to come to my apartment because of some emergency issues. I’ve been waiting over an hour and HELLO some people need to get to work. It’s weird because they’re usually very responsive. At least I’m catching up on blog reading?
    I used to let people (mainly bloggers) get me down because I’m not a runner. Now I just don’t care. My legs feel like lead 95% of the time that I try and run…so maybe it’s not meant to be. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Haha. Also it drives me nuts/makes me uncomfortable when I jog/walk around to get exercise outside and men feel the need to honk or stare and act like they’ve never seen a female before in their lives. My co-worker and I were just talking about that.

    1. I really don’t think I ever hear of repair people coming on time. It seriously blows my mind. At least come in the scheduled time you gave me LOL.

  4. Oh god all of these running rants. All of them. I still remember the first time you shared the crosswalk story and I thought it was so genius. I still do. It will teach those people to never do that again. I’m known to run right in front of cars though so I’m just as bad I guess. I’ve never really noticed people or bloggers criticizing others for not running. I like to help spread the running but but you’re right- not everybody likes it. Just like I don’t like lifting weights or going for bike rides (or getting in the pool…), they don’t like running. It’s what makes us different.

  5. Here we go with my response longer than the post.

    1. I once pepper sprayed a dog that attacked me, and the owner screamed at me and tried getting me arrested…because they couldn’t control their dog.

    2. Children…people just hold their hand or something…they wander and I may be small but children are smaller and I will squish them while running.

    3.I really need to try that “laying down” in the crosswalk thing. For realz.

    4.The rage I get when I want to pass someone and cant, is similar to the rage I get if someone stole everything I own.

    5. Amen about blogging doesn’t make you fast, or god’s gift to anyone. unless your name is Hollie or Laura or Heather or Jen. 🙂

    6. You can’t force people to want to run, don’t try. Just like it bothers the crap out of me when people try and force religion down my throat, some people just don’t have a taste for it and you need to respect that.

  6. Four. The number of times #rage is used in this post. I approve. I especially approve that the #rage about children. More people should keep those creatures on leashes. Short leashes.

  7. I 100% agree on dogs on leashes. The worst is when one is off the leash and the owner nicely tells you “oh, he doesn’t bite”. Um, NOOOO… you mean he hasn’t bit anyone YET. I don’t know you or your dog and I don’t know that he doesn’t bite. There are some dogs out there who hate runners and I am convinced.

    What a mean thing to say on Facebook, “Sucks if you don’t run”… I mean we have some beautiful days out here when I can’t understand someone NOT getting outside, but you can do other activities too like bike, swim, cook out, walk, play basketball, just be with your friends and family outdoors and enjoy the weather. Don’t have to be a runner to enjoy the outdoors!

  8. Great post! The whole no dog on a leash thing is a huge pet peave of mine. I don’t care how friendly the dog is, they’re still an animal and they can still do damage if they so desire. I’m WTFing…why is that when you’re running late as it is, you inevitably getting behind someone driving 10 miles under the speed limit? I mean..if you’re gonna go that slow, just pull over and get out of the way!

  9. I’ve never really seen any bloggers thinking that they’re Miss Uberfast? When I call something ‘speedy’ I’m always talking relatively, and I’ve always thought most people mean it that way? Like an unwritten rule? Maybe I just don’t follow the ‘right’ blogs…I don’t know why anyone would think that they’re entitled/fast because they blog; if anything most bloggers are quite slow (you and a few others I can think of being the exceptions). Strange.

    I’m WTFing at dogs and children too. I’ll mow down either if they run at or across me quite frankly. In fact people being idiots and leaving untrained dogs to savage passing runners has annoyed me so much that I actually really dislike dogs now, even though I know it’s not their fault. Cats FTW. And I always look behind/around me when I’m running, for cyclists and other runners – it’s absolutely infuriating when some twit is weaving all over the road at 2mph.

    Lastly I’m WTFing at all these damn juice cleanses everyone is doing. I knew there would be some huge backswing from the Paleo trend, but seriously? How bloody expensive are those things, and also you’re basically living on sugar. Good luck with having any metabolism left after the 7 days or whatever are over. What a rip-off.


    1. I’ve been wondering about those juice clenses myself. (and why they were trending) I am going to have to look into them for another WTF post ha ha.

  10. OH MY EFFING GOD. all of this. Especially runners being “elitist” about their speed…..one of my former friends from college does that all the time, saying really snobby shit about people who are slower than her….and I’m just like, there are sooo many more people who are faster than you. I just want to punch her in the face lol. ANd shaming people for not being runners?? NOT OKAY! There’s so much else you can do….I mean, in Colorado I worked with a bunch of cyclists – they’re probably the fittest, fastest people I know and most of them haven’t run a step since doing the mile in high school gym class. UGH WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH ASSHOLES. Oh and inappropriate comments from men….why do they think that’s okay to say to girls running?? it’s not okay anywhere else right?? ugh. I also used to get that a lot running because in the summer I’m most comfortable in just a sports bra – I really hate shirts. I guess I prefer lewd comments to sweaty sticky fabric brushing my skin but still….inappropriate, dammit!

  11. So… tell us how you really feel… 😉 Lol, as always, I love this, and I agree with you on pretty much all of your points. Even though I love dogs, I will gladly knee them in the chest if they jump up on me; and it boggles my mind on the rare occasion where the owner actually gets upset. Like, hello… your mutt is all up in my personal space. I don’t even let people get that close, much less an animal with dirty paws. And as a non-runner, I can’t say I’ve ever really experienced anyone trying to guilt me in to running. That said, I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, so that might be why.

  12. Amen to this entire post. I do not like when people leave their dogs off leashes while on a trail. You better be within arm’s distance to tying the best back up. Who knows? He may not like the color I’m wearing and decide to bite me. I am EFFing motorcyclists who ride your ass when you drive and pretend they are more badass because they are on a Harley or whatever. Also, they pretend to be road cyclists and ride the white line to pretty much drive next to you. AKJSDFLKJASDF. Annoyed.

  13. The laying down in the crosswalk thing is all sorts of brilliant…there are so many drivers who are in need of a mini panic attack like that!
    Also rage (not to do with running but with cycling): drivers who don’t look both ways before going, especially now that we’re in bicycle season. I’m still annoyed at the lady who clipped me about a week and a half ago.

  14. Good post! I love dogs, we have one, but when they obviously don’t like people (or seem like they don’t) and you come closer to me after I just saw the dog freak out after my husband rode/run by you… not cool.

    The blogging and the running fast thing, I definitely get it! I don’t think I am fast, I am fast for me compared to where I started but not in the grand scheme of things, but I do like to blog so I can see how I have developed over the years. I just give everyone kudos for getting out there and trying! No need to put anyone else down because you are fast, or even if you aren’t.

    1. Exactly! I’ve always thought of running as a comparison to yourself and yourself only. You could sit there and compare yourself to anyone in the world but it won’t do anything. Good point Jamie!

  15. Runners not smiling or nodding at you when you pass them. It doesn’t take much to just acknowledge another runner, does it!
    And running with dogs at races. Especially when the dog goes mental and starts barking and annoying all the other runners.

  16. I go NUTS when people stop on the crosswalk. I was on the crosswalk a couple of days ago and a dude pulled right into it. I came to a full stop and gave him my best shaming face. He didn’t even respond! He should at least wave his hands and give me the “I’m so sorry!” look. But I got nothing. What a freaking psychopath. There are SO MANY psychos in Princeton. They all work on Wall Street and think their shit doesn’t stink. I’m pretty such my chances of getting hit by a car are higher here than in a lot of places. Dammit.

    Running rage rant over.

  17. OMG, I think we’re distantly related. I feel like I wrote this post.

    And eff gnats too. Those little cocksuckers keep flying in the mouth.

  18. WTF: If I smile or nod at you as you run by, please don’t look the other way.

    Please run/walk on the right side of the road… if we are going towards each other, why did you just move FURTHER to the left when I’m on the right? WE ARE GOING TO COLLIDE. Are we British and I missed it?

    There are 8 of you walking slowly and not even in a straight path. Please stop hogging the entire running/walking area because now you are forcing me to run in the traffic lane where the speedy, elite cyclists are cycling and cars are driving.

    And why are you letting your child kick a soccer ball at me directly? The ball is literally coming at my feet and your child is watching to see what happens. I am going to kick that ball if it makes contact with my feet and now your child (or you) will have to chase it down. Not to mention, that ball is going to serious F somebody’s day up if they are driving a car or riding a bike.

    These are regular things that happen at least once or twice a week at the local park. RAGE.

    1. I try not to judge people if they can’t smile (maybe they are having the worst run of their lives, or doing a hard workout) but I do agree…it does frustrate me. Especially when I’m having an awesome run and they spoil the mood!

  19. Amen, amen, AMEN! I’m pretty sure you just pulled this crap out of my head. One of my effing pet peeves right now is seeing all these ‘real women’ memes that insinuate you’re not a real woman if you aren’t “curvacious”. Last time I checked, real women came in all different shapes and sizes, right?

  20. Yes, I have to agree with Pittsburgh Runner and say the gnats, and all bugs in general that like to hang out during evening runs are super annoying. And dogs off leashes are an obvious problem. My biggest rage rant lately has been this: our neighbors got a new dog, and they put it on the world’s longest leash so it is always hanging out in OUR back yard, pooping all over, and then they don’t clean it up. So now my big back yard is filled with dog poop! And little kids come over and step in it and I have to clean it up! ARGH!!!!

    1. I would call your neighbors stat, and bitch. Dog poo is horrible. I think not cleaning it up in property that isn’t yours, results in a hefty fine too.

  21. You seriously nailed it with the dogs. I have also been cycling and a dog ran out in front of me. Gosh darn it, if you don’t want your animal to be RUN OVER BY ME AFTER GOING DOWN A MOUNTAIN IN PA, then please keep it contained to your yard. I am faster, I will win. And when people don’t get the whole idea of which side to go to in order to pass them and be passed and you bobble back and forth and then waste a minute just trying to pass. Or like when you’re running toward someone and they cut to the right of you. Gosh, I wish I was the only one on the roads/trails when I ran.

  22. Well this post is great. I agree completely with the stopping at red lights and/or stop signs! Ugh this drives me nuts. There is always the chance someone is going to be walking and just because the driver is in a rush gives them absolutely NO permission to not stop and potentially hurt someone else! Makes me so angry, thank you for bringing this one up!

  23. Amen! Lol. Love it. I have similar pet peeves. I’ve been WTFing my patients lately. Have a few that aren’t improving, but they are not doing their end of the work at home either. Makes me second guess myself until I think, “hey Britt, you only see them for 45 mins 2 times a week.” Come on people! Do the work!!

  24. I have been WTFing dogs that ARE leashed yet the owners give them 50 freaking feet of leash and refuse to the pull the effers in when I’m trying to run past. Also, if I am running to THE VERY RIGHT OF THE ROAD why do cyclists insist on passing me on the left within an inch of my life?!?!?! WTF???

  25. I am a firm believer that not everyone is a running lover and that is more than ok. I think there are plenty of other fun and even better things to do than run if you don’t like it. It would suck to run and hate it, honestly.

  26. I a fan of the idea of laying down on the cross walk! We have talked about know it all bloggers applying to nutrition but sometimes I think it is worse with running. I run sometimes, but I have no ability to give advice. I am the one taking advice! And when the weather is nice I like the idea of beach and beer 😉

  27. 🙂

    Please get a photo next time you lie down in the middle of a crossing.

    Also, as a blogger, clearly I am God’s gift to running. I also wish that cyclists would use their bells. AND mandatory ipod volume levels.

  28. Funny you mention the kids point. My teammates and I were talking this weekend about how it’s annoying when parents let their kids run across the finish line with them–and the kid is completely unaware of what’s going on. If I’m coming down the finishing shoot, then I’m sprinting and probably won’t be able to stop if a kiddo darts out in front of me. Just sayin’.

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