Effing Friday Running Rage

Orginally this post was going to be called what the Eff Wednesday…but it was too far away and I’m impatient so I just named EFFing Friday.  (Because with blogging you must have cute little rhyming or whatever titles)  It was brought to you by yesterdays run (because I was chased by unleashed dogs) and chatting with Victoria…and constant rage.

Mostly constant running rage.

Let’s see our topics today:

If you bring your dog out in public, keep them on a leash.  I don’t care if they are friendly towards you they still should be on a 6 foot leash and controlled…that is common courtesy and common sense.  If they bite or attack me I’m calling the police or kicking them away.

The same goes for children.

Cars if you run a red light or don’t stop at a stop sign when I’m in the cross walk…I’m going down.  I have and will lay down in the cross walk pretending you hit me.  So please save yourself a mini panic attack.

Damn girl that ass is never appropriate…unless you are talking to a bar dancer, stripper or just a lady who likes that sort of thing.  Which news flash…isn’t me when I’m running.

If you listen to music or lollygag in your own world while running (which I fully admit I do) still be aware of your surroundings.  You are not the fastest one on the road, trails or wherever you are running.  Runners, cyclists and cars may want to pass you.  Accept that and stay out of their way because you’ll have rage when you want to pass someone.

Just because you blog, does not make you a fast runner.  I know plenty of fast runners that don’t blog.  I know plenty of bloggers that think they are god gift to the world because they blog.  Do not put others down.   In fact the fastest and best athletes I have come to know aren’t cocky SOB’s.  So that is that.

Finally on the same note as the previous point, some people don’t like to run.  Get over that.  Don’t make your non-runner friends feel guilty because they don’t run.  I have seen this before on people’s facebooks “Sucks if you aren’t runner, the weather is so nice today”.  Because you can’t do anything else outside…like swim, eat, drink beer, CYCLE…lay, tan, beach, hike, walk your dog, sleep….yeah there are plenty of things to do.  Some people don’t like to run don’t force it down their backs.

Questions: What are you WTFing as of late?