Date with Legends Part 1

I’ve had a lot of dates in the past week and I fully plan to give each person the awesome dedication they deserve.  Susan is the first.  Suzi is awesome and I was so excited to able to meet her down in Syracuse, NY at a local restaurant called The Clam Bar.

First, Suzi is awesome.  Not only has she scheduled a huge Boston Run Tribute in Syracuse (which gathered over 1000 runners in Onondaga Lake Park) but she has had a lot of great accomplishments I could brag about for ages…. But anyways since saying we had an awesome time would be a huge understatement, I’ll just leave it at that.


We went to a nice restaurant called the Clam Bar and Grille located in Northern Syracuse.  You would never guess from the outside how delicious this place is going to be.  It’s an easily missed spot and even googling it didn’t provide a lot of results.  (Though they do have a website).   On a Friday night, it was jam packed with people though but not the type of people you would think for a Friday night bar scene.  Most of the people there were over the age of 60.  We actually waited for close to 30 minutes but that is typical on Friday’s which all our new found friends.

I decided to order the blue crab stuffed sole…because well…I had never had that before and wanted to switch it up from my typical Salmon.  The food came out pretty quickly and was amazing.  (I know great accurate foodie terms I have).  I absolutely would recommend it.


The other important factor that I personally take into account was how filling it was.  Obviously as a runner when you pay a lot of money for food that isn’t that filling…it stinks.  This was not the case though and I left feeling pretty full.  I won’t sit here telling you I like to eat expensive restaurants that I have to eat a second meal afterwords…ain’t nobody straight outta college  trying to pay race fees can afford that.

So do I recommend The Clam Bar in Syracuse?  Yes.  It’s a local scene with great seafood, the service was great and it’s more of my style of people (ie: the older crowd…literally).

My only sad part is that I really wish I was able to buy one of these adorable coffee mugs.  (Sell them Clam Bar!)


After our lovely date at The Clam Bar, we decided to head over to Chuckle Berries a cute little froyo place down the road.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had froyo (it has to have been at least 6 months).  Chuckle Berries had great selection of flavors including my personal favorite cake battle and I also tried the caramel crunch.  The froyo was great and the toppings were pretty typical of a froyo place (fruit, chocolate, ect).  They also had homemade whip cream which is always half my froyo stash anyways.

How ice cream should a side to my whip cream.
How ice cream should be…as a side to my whip cream.

Questions for you:

Favorite ice cream topping?

Cherries (I put at least 50) and whip cream.

What time do you normally eat dinner at?


  1. Cake batter loaded with cherries (and more specifically the grenadine) are pretty much the two guaranteed things I’ll get on froyo. Maybe some oreos and brownies too. After track meets whenever we go out for dinner it’s usually 4pm so we’re eating at senior citizen dinner haha but when I eat alone, it’s almost always 6 sharp

  2. My favorite ice cream is definitely chocolate chip cookie dough with mint chocolate chip as a close second. I usually eat dinner by 7:30, any later is too late and I’ll probably fall asleep in my food (I wake up every morning at 5:00).

  3. I used to eat dinner really late but I’ve been eating at like 6:00 lately. I come home, workout, and then start cooking!

    Favorite ice cream topping, anything crunchy and salty. I love the sweet + Salty combo!

  4. Wow, two Syracuse places I haven’t heard of … write this on the calendar. 😉 I’m a huge seafood fan, so the stuffed sole sounds absolutely delicious. I actually had sole the last time I ate out too–definitely an underrated fish.

    1. I was actually going to ask you what your favorite Syracuse restaurant was!

      Clam Bar is located close to Onondaga Lake Park somewhat. 🙂 You would like it a lot I think Carrie.

  5. Favorite topping: Caramel & pecans! sooo delicious…I usually eat dinner at 7:30 but that has been getting pushed back these days. If I eat out I like to go earlier though because I hate waiting for a table….I’d rather eat with the early bird special crowd!

  6. I’m such a grandma when it comes to dinner… I usually end up eating it around 5:30 or 6, but I blame that on the fact that I wake up at around 5:30, so that makes it feel a little more acceptable. As for toppings, pretty much anything chocolate or anything cookie related. Crumbled Oreos are amazing, but I’m not one to turn down plain old chocolate chips either.

    1. That is so not grandma dinner style! Grandma dinner is 4pm LOL. I wake up around that time too which makes me starving (now) and then hungry for dinner by 5. At the very latest.

  7. I always go for the Salmon at restaurants, too. It’s really rare for me to order another type of fish. I love when things are stuffed with crab, though. So tasty! My favorite topping on ice cream or frozen yogurt is peanut butter topping or reeses pieces. I guess I just like peanut butter.

  8. I like to eat dinner really early, like 5 or 6. My husband… not so much. But, I like for my food to digest before I run and it needs 12 hours to digest, soooo… you know how that goes ;). I love frozen yogurt and all the classic toppings, I feel like I want some now and I live right down the road from one of those self serve places so it’s tempting. It looks like you guys had a great meal and I love when you get enough food for your money!

    1. I need to just move to Charleston…I like to eat dinner around 5 or 6 as well but people always think that is so early. I wake up early (ha like right now…so I guess it makes sense).

  9. my dinner varies usually its been pretty late..on a different note, i have never had frozen yogurt with whipped cream but i love anything cherry. Last time they had cherry amaretto and I was in dying with every spoonful, it was probably the best!

  10. I grew up eating dinner between 5:30-7 (somewhere in there) every night so that was always normal for me. After working at restaurants for years though, I have gotten good at pretty much being able to eat anytime, as many nights working I couldn’t get time for dinner until super late.

    Ice cream topping: ALL of them.

    1. Exactly. People get way to worried about when they eat I suppose. I cannot imagine eating really late either (at like 8-9pm) but it’s all a matter of preference I suppose…

  11. How fun to meet up with such an awesome person. It’s amazing that she organized such a successful memorial run! And froyo, I was on a huge kick a few months ago with salted caramel pretzel froyo topped with crushed oreos, peanut butter chips and peanut butter. mmmmmm…

  12. That sole looks awesome. I ordered sole for the first time in Australia and it came out with bones and eyes looking right at me. I paid $17 American dollars for it and was so pissed cause I ws starving and it had eyes!!!!

  13. Love froyo! Having some right now, actually – with brownies, cookie dough, nuts, hot fudge, and peanut butter. Oh, and two blueberries (to make it healthy, duh). The way froyo is meant to be eaten 🙂 I can do without the whipped cream, it’s always felt like fluffy air to me. Dinner used to always be around 6 or 7, but now it’s so variable. Last night was 8:30, but today looks more like a 6:45 kind of night. Or maybe 6:47…

  14. I’ve never had sole before! But basically anything stuffed with crab is legit in my book lol. That place does sound like my kinda scene as well…generally if it’s a place older folks go that means you can actually hear your own conversation and the service is usually pretty good. Totally agree on leaving restaurants hungry, nothing makes me angrier. It’s tough not being able to eat gluten so I’ve started to just order a beer if there’s nothing satisfying on the menu…right because that’s a healthy habit LOL. Froyo is always a win as well – whipped cream and cherries are my go-to toppings too, also sprinkles! can’t live without sprinkles!

  15. Hahaha the Clam Bar is literally within 3 miles of where I grew up! And it looks like such a dive from the outside, you would never guess the food there is actually amazing. Oh I am such a Syracuse girl, sigh.

  16. I can’t remember the last time I went 6 days without froyou (yes I have a problem).
    I’m not a big topping person, because then I can’t fit as much froyo in my cup 🙂

  17. The whip cream cracks me up! The caramel crunch also sounds like one of my type of flavors, but not cake batter… It looks like vanilla and so my mind thinks it is plain vanilla lol. I think it is awesome how you are branching out and trying new places and foods! Plus crab stuffed anything is amazing! Less than a week until our date!

  18. Fav topping… chocolate anything, except syrup. I normally eat dinner around 5. I am just too cool. The early bird specials call my name!

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