Pink Ribbon Run 5k (19:05)

I will now do a typical blogger thing and divide my weekend recap into two posts.  The race I did…and real life stuff.  Mostly because I hate long posts and so do you. We will start with running because well…that’s more real life for Laura, Heather and I than the weekend…just kidding. 

The Pink Ribbon Run was a race in Genesee Valley Park in Rochester NY on Mother’s Day.  It was also an ALL WOMAN’S race and unlike many other races the only thing men could do was walk.  (Even Nike and Zooma both allow men to run).  That being said, there were over 1000 runners and over 1000 walkers.  It was the first year in the park (it had been previously held somewhere else).


The week prior I had really wanted to have a good 5k.  Not that I haven’t had many good 5ks, I just wish I was consistently under 19 minutes for 5ks…but I’m consistently 19:0X.  This, as you can clearly read from the title was no different.  I don’t know why I expect to improve in a 5k when I do no speed work…but we all have unachievable dreams sometimes.

The three of us warmed up for a bit but we didn’t really warm up.  It was still a solid 40ish degrees but it was so windy.  I actually raced in gloves, though I had debated long sleeves but delayered about 1 minute before the gun went off.  We got to the starting line and since there were over 1000 people we lined up pretty close to the start.  Looking intense and I did a strider…I don’t know why but a lot of other people were so I thought…eh why not…it’s like cross country again.

And then we were off.

The top five ladies stayed in a very close knit pack.  I literally thought to myself, man it’s like we are in the Olympics.  (I was the weird stalker about 10 feet back).  The first mile was the easiest as it was pretty straight and not many turns.  I hit it in 5:58 and I was honestly a bit disappointed in it.  (Many of my first 5k miles have been 5:40).  But I just told myself, it’s windy, keep calm as that is still under 6 minutes.

During the second mile the lead pack had narrowed down to three and then two lingering behind and then me.  I managed to catch one of the others (the only move in position my entire race).  I could see everyone in front of me and this is where the course became brutal.  It was hair pin turn after hair pin turn and I continued to lose momentum.  My second mile was 6:25 (and yes that was about my average half marathon pace a few weeks ago).  Cobblestone, hairpin turns and wind all played a factor.

Mile three seemed like the longest to me…mostly because we ran through the start line, through a giant wind tunnel and oh yeah around some more hair pin turns.  I saw the finish line and once again saw the clock go right on over 19 minutes….but I kept running.  I didn’t stop and cry…then it might go over 20 minutes.   Oh right my third mile was 6:12.

I had a great time at this race but it was obviously not a PRing course.  In fact, I ran my first race post cyst injury in November at this same park at the equal of a 20 min exactly 5k and it was a beautiful day and easier course.  So I guess I’m moving up in the world…or down.

After the race a cute high schooler came up to the three of us and asked if were getting ready for counties next week.  As in high school county track.  Glad I can pass an a 17 year old senior high schooler I guess.

I think I just need the right races and I’ll be under 19 minutes.  A 5k course with a million hair pin turns is not one of them.  But honestly with all that complaining I did on this recap, I still had a great time and it was a great final horah with two of my favorite upstate NY runners. (and the other 997 runners and walkers).  Congrats, however, to Heather for setting a huge PR…which is going to come down when she runs a better course.

Questions for you:

Would you rather an out and back boring 5k, cross country terrain 5k, a hilly 5k, or a 5k on the track?

If you don’t want care for running 5ks, do you get mistaken as being younger often?

Actually, I remember asking this once and every single person said they could pass as 5 years younger…so that’s that.

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  1. I always get mistaken for being younger than I am. I know I at least look like a college student, but sometimes I get high school too. With running it happens a lot because you really can’t tell, running clothes are running clothes and none are more grown up than others really (unless you’re wearing a uniform of some sort, I guess). Plus no makeup + hair in ponytail… it happens. After a race people were like I thought some 15 year old was passing me then I realized you’re older, lol.

    You could definitely go sub 18! This was not the course for it and wind isn’t a good thing either. You do amazing for not doing speedwork but 90% of a 5K is aerobic anyway and your base is so strong.

      1. I’m facing the same barrier in going below 23 right now, ugh… and the sad thing is I’ve done it twice before!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a tactically/technically tough course. Plus the cold-wish weather and the wind. You’re a champ! Even though I like (I guess?) out-and-back courses, the turnaround point always kills my momentum. Not that I’m going anywhere near as fast as you are, but still. 😉

  3. I used to think I would enjoy a simple looping road race, but then I helped Dan with a double-out-and-back 10K, and I thought, this is kinda nice… you know exactly what to expect (where the hills are and turns).
    I think the secret to youth must be running, because all my friends who run (young and old, like 25 to 55 get mistaken for a good 5 to 20 years younger)… It’s just our secret… Shhh!

  4. I always get mistaken as a kiddo. I got an X-ray two weeks ago and the woman thought I was still in college which I guess isn’t TOO bad… But still. Lol Great job! 19:05 with hairpin turns is a really good time! You definitely will beat it on a straight course!

  5. I don’t mind out and back courses but would prefer xc terrain. I don’t mind hilly courses either but they definitely are good for looking for a lower time…. Nice job though! Can’t wait to see when you hit that 18:xx time!

  6. Man that is still a killer time. I bet soon enough you be venturing below 19. Hairpins in races are no fun, the slow and speed up totally just throw me off. Nice job despite it all!

  7. My kid’s friends all think I am older than I am…

    As for courses, I like loops – so I don’t end up seeing the same things over and over!

  8. Running the time you did on that course, means I know you will be back under 19 in no time, and sub 6 overall pace this summer for sure. Then I REALLY have NO chance of catching you!

    1. Running your time means that you’ll be way down there too LOL. I think that you should come find a nice flat VA race…I’ll just continue to harass you until you do so, 😉

  9. You’ll get back under 19 soon, I know it! Just need a better course/conditions.
    I am thinking of starting to race 5k/10ks. It would benefit me more to train and do speedwork for the army than the long distance running does.
    For a 5k I think I’d go the boring out and back route–the way back always seems quicker in my opinion :]

  10. Lol I actually love your second question, because that’s what I was planning on commenting on even before I read it 😉 Yes, I get mistaken as being younger all.the.time. I’m 28 and people still think I’m around 18. The last time I was in Vegas, not only did I get IDd everywhere I went, but I had a cabbie tell me that I’ll have a lot more fun in Vegas when I’m legal. People keep telling me I’ll appreciate it when I’m older, but I have to admit that it’s kind of annoying right now…

  11. People always think I’m younger than I am. Being called 18 is one thing, but recently it’s gotten down into the 16 year old range…and I’m 22. Everyone says you’ll be happy when you’re 40 and looking 25…but at this point, I’d rather just look my age.

  12. Windy races are the worst… I’d rather run in the rain! I personally love track 5ks because I like being able to see everyone and like knowing my splits! But CC races are fun, too- variety! I did not get carded at the bar last night- so I guess I had the opposite experience that you had. It was kind of sad 🙁

  13. Hey a 19:0x is a good start point for your current focus-on-the-5k agenda! After all if you think about it, you’ve been doing halves all winter, so it wouldn’t make sense to PR right off the bat. In any case, this race sounds pretty awesome and terrifying at the same time….1000 women and all that PINK lol! As for the 5k…..well…..okay this sounds lame but I’m best on the track when it comes to shorter distances. Definitely like a minute faster than XC and road….but trail/XC 5ks are by far the most entertaining!

  14. Those high schoolers love you, don’t they?! He was prob thinking…this girl can totally beat me. With all the conditions against you, I’d say that’s awesome. Beat your previous time…sounds good to me! 🙂

  15. I think it’s a runner thing, but more a no make-up thing. We’re so used to seeing everyone made up that when runners appear sans make-up, we look way younger than the arbitrary lines we drew in our heads.

    Congrats on getting through the difficult run. I guess yo have to add it to the bank and move to the next? Are you going to add speed-work any time soon?

    Also – love the image of you as the weird stalker in the race!

  16. Lol someone just told me I wasn’t old enough to get married… Then they told me they thought I was 18. Haha I guess I’ll take it?

    And 5ks are tough, shorter amount of miles makes it harder to knock those seconds off. It’s my goal to pull off. 25:xx or 24:xx time this year! I like a nice loop with no crazy u turns. I always lose momentum on those

  17. The high school comment cracks me up my dear! But it happens to me a lot too, but not as often as you might think for my size. I am glad you had a great last race with friends girl! you will be in the flat terrain of Chesapeake before you know it!

  18. This has nothing to do with running but it has to do with age. Some guy at work asked me why I was limping and I said oh I tore my ACL and he goes oh gardening? Um no soccer. And he goes oh soccer mom? I was like DUDE I’m 25, I play soccer, I do not have children playing soccer. Barf.

    Other than that I think I look my age. Nice race chica.

  19. Piping up as a former Rochesterian – I’m not 100% sure why they moved it, but I actually quite liked the old Pink Ribbon course – and it was a MUCH better PR course. A little bit of elevation change, but a mostly out-and-back, with an around-a-big-block kind of turn-around. I didn’t run this race (no longer in Rochester), but GVP can be tricky. Sorry it wasn’t your sub-19 day; but those lead runners are some pretty speedy ladies, so you definitely weren’t doing too shabby. 🙂

    1. Those girls are extremely fast! I have run a few times in GVP a few times and it’s a gorgeous park…but with the weather conditions…not so much PRing ha ha

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