Pink Ribbon Run 5k (19:05)

I will now do a typical blogger thing and divide my weekend recap into two posts.  The race I did…and real life stuff.  Mostly because I hate long posts and so do you. We will start with running because well…that’s more real life for Laura, Heather and I than the weekend…just kidding. 

The Pink Ribbon Run was a race in Genesee Valley Park in Rochester NY on Mother’s Day.  It was also an ALL WOMAN’S race and unlike many other races the only thing men could do was walk.  (Even Nike and Zooma both allow men to run).  That being said, there were over 1000 runners and over 1000 walkers.  It was the first year in the park (it had been previously held somewhere else).


The week prior I had really wanted to have a good 5k.  Not that I haven’t had many good 5ks, I just wish I was consistently under 19 minutes for 5ks…but I’m consistently 19:0X.  This, as you can clearly read from the title was no different.  I don’t know why I expect to improve in a 5k when I do no speed work…but we all have unachievable dreams sometimes.

The three of us warmed up for a bit but we didn’t really warm up.  It was still a solid 40ish degrees but it was so windy.  I actually raced in gloves, though I had debated long sleeves but delayered about 1 minute before the gun went off.  We got to the starting line and since there were over 1000 people we lined up pretty close to the start.  Looking intense and I did a strider…I don’t know why but a lot of other people were so I thought…eh why not…it’s like cross country again.

And then we were off.

The top five ladies stayed in a very close knit pack.  I literally thought to myself, man it’s like we are in the Olympics.  (I was the weird stalker about 10 feet back).  The first mile was the easiest as it was pretty straight and not many turns.  I hit it in 5:58 and I was honestly a bit disappointed in it.  (Many of my first 5k miles have been 5:40).  But I just told myself, it’s windy, keep calm as that is still under 6 minutes.

During the second mile the lead pack had narrowed down to three and then two lingering behind and then me.  I managed to catch one of the others (the only move in position my entire race).  I could see everyone in front of me and this is where the course became brutal.  It was hair pin turn after hair pin turn and I continued to lose momentum.  My second mile was 6:25 (and yes that was about my average half marathon pace a few weeks ago).  Cobblestone, hairpin turns and wind all played a factor.

Mile three seemed like the longest to me…mostly because we ran through the start line, through a giant wind tunnel and oh yeah around some more hair pin turns.  I saw the finish line and once again saw the clock go right on over 19 minutes….but I kept running.  I didn’t stop and cry…then it might go over 20 minutes.   Oh right my third mile was 6:12.

I had a great time at this race but it was obviously not a PRing course.  In fact, I ran my first race post cyst injury in November at this same park at the equal of a 20 min exactly 5k and it was a beautiful day and easier course.  So I guess I’m moving up in the world…or down.

After the race a cute high schooler came up to the three of us and asked if were getting ready for counties next week.  As in high school county track.  Glad I can pass an a 17 year old senior high schooler I guess.

I think I just need the right races and I’ll be under 19 minutes.  A 5k course with a million hair pin turns is not one of them.  But honestly with all that complaining I did on this recap, I still had a great time and it was a great final horah with two of my favorite upstate NY runners. (and the other 997 runners and walkers).  Congrats, however, to Heather for setting a huge PR…which is going to come down when she runs a better course.

Questions for you:

Would you rather an out and back boring 5k, cross country terrain 5k, a hilly 5k, or a 5k on the track?

If you don’t want care for running 5ks, do you get mistaken as being younger often?

Actually, I remember asking this once and every single person said they could pass as 5 years younger…so that’s that.