Blogging is Dying.

Blogging is Dying.

Blogging is Dying.

There I said it.

I’ve actually had a document on my computer titled: “blogging is dying” for a couple of months now.  Past that, I haven’t continued the post.  Maybe I was waiting for the best moment to post it, maybe not.  Either way, blogging is slowly dying.

I’ve contemplated writing this post for a while now, but I don’t know where to begin.  It’s probably a mismatched bunch of words that don’t flow together but when is that anything new?

So here we go:

I started blogging in 2010 when blogging was beginning to grow.  Everyone was blogging!

It was the new thing to do instead of writing a Facebook update that was 10 pages long.  I think in 2010, I followed close to 20 blogs.  I was captivated by their writing, and it ranged from runners, to triathletes, to even a chocolate blog (you know).

I followed people with similar interests.  Most people were posting at least a few times a week, if not more.  To be honest, I think most blogs posted daily, which I did too!

2012-2014, continued the trend and blogging continued to grow.  As the years went by, new social media was created.

There were so many new platforms:

Instagram: To take photos of everything you did!

Twitter: To write short burbs and updates about life!

Facebook pages: When one facebook isn’t enough, get two!

Pinterest and more (to save blogs, recipes, and whatever else you’ll read or follow up on!

I remember kicking my feet at getting twitter…ugh another thing, I couldn’t keep up.  I ultimately got most of them, except for Pinterest, because I just pin cat memes.

Then 2013 was a big year for me.  I moved four times: New York to Virginia to Texas to New Jersey.  I ran my first marathon, and moved in with a boyfriend at the time who put a ring on it (yes Tim).  It was the year where I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I lived off of savings, made some money blogging, and just job searched like any early 20 year old.

In 2014, life settled down a little bit (not much, but enough).  My husband and I got engaged, settled in NJ, and I finally set a half marathon PR.  2014 for blogging was probably my “biggest year”.

What does biggest in blogging even mean?

Most page views?  Most engagement?  Most money made?

All three!

blog stats

Then in 2014, a lot of things on the internet changed.  Social media channels began to grow, and many runners turned to Instagram to document and give running advice.  I tried to go that route with long blog post captions but quickly realized I liked Instagram for taking photos of pretty places.  It isn’t my personal preference to write a novel caption about how inspired I was to get out there.

I run and come home.  I don’t have an inspiring story about every run, I just get out there and do it.  I’m just a woman in the Garden State trying to make it look cool. I don’t like to post half-naked photos and don’t like to give advice about running.  I don’t want my account to be running only and don’t want to create a separate Instagram account for my personal life either.

My Instagram is my life whether I have a blog or not.  It isn’t limited to running, because my life isn’t limited to running.  Maybe I’ll never have a niche, but that is fine.  My blog talks more about my training and life, while Instagram is just photos and short captions.  A couple of weeks ago, my husband I celebrated our anniversary. Not running, but part of my life.

View this post on Instagram

Celebrating our 3 year anniversary.

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Anyway, with the growth of Instagram and other social media, came the slow fall of blogging.

It isn’t just blogging that has fallen, and many running publications have ceased too.  For instance, Competitor magazine only exists online.  Runners World was acquired by Hearst.

This post isn’t too bash anything or anyone.  It’s just to briefly explain what I’ve observed in the last several years.  It’s not the only view, and for some their blog has gotten bigger, which is great!

In summary, social media such as Instagram has grown.  People would prefer free advice versus paying, and to be honest, people don’t want or have the time and interest to read blogs anymore.

So How do You Support Blogs?

The easiest way to support any blogger or let them know you’re reading is occasionally comment (and no I’m not begging for comments).  Commenting or sharing posts/articles are two big ways to support bloggers without doing much.

Many people have told me in person, “love your blog” and to be honest I’m shocked they read.  Sure, right now I average about 500 page views a day, but I rarely get more than 1-2 comments per post, so I have no clue who reads, if anyone!  No one is a mind reader.  I don’t expect anyone to read, but it’s always nice to hear from people who are.

I will still blog because I like too.  I’ve stopped blogging every day, but I’ll continue to blog.  This post is not meant to be negative, or put anyone down.  It’s just the trend i’ve noticed throughout several years of blogging (which of course different people notice different things).

Questions for you:

How long have you been blogging? Is blogging dying? Discuss?


I am Boring.

It’s actually hard for me to believe it’s Friday.  I don’t remember the last time I had life updates post so I thought I would start there.  Can you believe it’s the last day of January? 

In summary: life is good.

I haven’t done too much exciting this week.  I wish I could tell you I did but alas I’m still in limbo land.  I made a trek up to see Danielle and Amelia to get lunch on Wednesday which was much needed and a lot of fun.  After my phone nearly dying and taking a scenic tour through Rutgers, I decided I should probably buy a car phone charger so I didn’t end up driving to Texas.

I forgot to take a photo.  So in proper blogging technique I will reuse this one.   Left to right: LOLZ, Danielle, Amelia and Ashley (also known for her incredible Running Bun...which I have witnessed it first hand)

I forgot to take a photo. So in proper blogging technique I will reuse this one.
Left to right: LOLZ, Danielle, Amelia and Ashley (also known for her incredible Running Bun…which I have witnessed it first hand)

I wish I could tell you I had other highlightable moments but I haven’t this week. Low key weeks are never bad though. Just like everyone else on the East Coast I whined about the cold weather and wished it was over.  I guess that is what adulthood is all about these days.

This is from December...but snow is the same...

This is from December…but snow is the same…

I saw this on another blog (Alex I believe?) and I thought it was a cool idea.  I feel I pour my guts into this blog and I don’t know much about a lot of my readers.  Some people know more about me then they wish they ever did and yet I know very little.  So everyone should comment below and answer the questions.  If you are a first time commenter, if you are a 100th time commenter or if you are bored and need to waste about 2 minutes.  

Oh and don’t forget to vote to send me to Napa.  How could I forget to spam your feeds with that information?


Also FueledbyFuel is proud (as am I) of his campaign button for Napa.  He really works hard to make these beautiful pieces of artwork.  I tell him he should have gone to my liberal arts college for a art degree versus getting his engineering degree… 


Feel free to copy and paste: Questions for you to answer:

Where were you born?

What is the most unique place you’ve been?

What is your favorite type of workout? (running, yoga, p90x..)

What is your favorite food?

What are your plans this weekend?

Do you have any February Plans or Goals? 



Just because I like to play my own games:

Where were you born? San Diego, CA

What is the most unique place you’ve been? I would either say Japan or England.  (Dad was in the Navy)

What is your favorite type of workout? (running, yoga, p90x..) PRing in a running race would be my favorite

What is your favorite food? I would have say either (eel) sushi, salmon or red velvet cake.

What are your plans this weekend? I am doing a 4 mile race I believe.  Other then that I doubt too much exciting!

Do you have any February Plans or Goals?  I am traveling back to VA Beach February 14th and then Syracuse February 22nd.  February 23rd is when the Lake Effect half marathon is and February 24th is when voting for Napa Valley ends!  (Wow that is going to be a whirlwind week beforehand!).  I would like to get my hands on some faster runner in February.  A PR in ANYTHING would be nice but I’m not sure I’m in that shape yet.   Staying consistent and uninjured is always my goal of the month.



Date with Legends Part 1

I’ve had a lot of dates in the past week and I fully plan to give each person the awesome dedication they deserve.  Susan is the first.  Suzi is awesome and I was so excited to able to meet her down in Syracuse, NY at a local restaurant called The Clam Bar.

First, Suzi is awesome.  Not only has she scheduled a huge Boston Run Tribute in Syracuse (which gathered over 1000 runners in Onondaga Lake Park) but she has had a lot of great accomplishments I could brag about for ages…. But anyways since saying we had an awesome time would be a huge understatement, I’ll just leave it at that.


We went to a nice restaurant called the Clam Bar and Grille located in Northern Syracuse.  You would never guess from the outside how delicious this place is going to be.  It’s an easily missed spot and even googling it didn’t provide a lot of results.  (Though they do have a website).   On a Friday night, it was jam packed with people though but not the type of people you would think for a Friday night bar scene.  Most of the people there were over the age of 60.  We actually waited for close to 30 minutes but that is typical on Friday’s which all our new found friends.

I decided to order the blue crab stuffed sole…because well…I had never had that before and wanted to switch it up from my typical Salmon.  The food came out pretty quickly and was amazing.  (I know great accurate foodie terms I have).  I absolutely would recommend it.


The other important factor that I personally take into account was how filling it was.  Obviously as a runner when you pay a lot of money for food that isn’t that filling…it stinks.  This was not the case though and I left feeling pretty full.  I won’t sit here telling you I like to eat expensive restaurants that I have to eat a second meal afterwords…ain’t nobody straight outta college  trying to pay race fees can afford that.

So do I recommend The Clam Bar in Syracuse?  Yes.  It’s a local scene with great seafood, the service was great and it’s more of my style of people (ie: the older crowd…literally).

My only sad part is that I really wish I was able to buy one of these adorable coffee mugs.  (Sell them Clam Bar!)


After our lovely date at The Clam Bar, we decided to head over to Chuckle Berries a cute little froyo place down the road.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had froyo (it has to have been at least 6 months).  Chuckle Berries had great selection of flavors including my personal favorite cake battle and I also tried the caramel crunch.  The froyo was great and the toppings were pretty typical of a froyo place (fruit, chocolate, ect).  They also had homemade whip cream which is always half my froyo stash anyways.

How ice cream should a side to my whip cream.

How ice cream should be…as a side to my whip cream.

Questions for you:

Favorite ice cream topping?

Cherries (I put at least 50) and whip cream.

What time do you normally eat dinner at?

Thanksgiving Plan

If you are my instagram, twitter or whatever friend you know I’m in for a hell of a Thanksgiving traveling break. 

indicated by these arrows…

Since I’m posting this on Friday, I’m praying to the high heavens this still remains accurate. 

I took Thursday off of work and traveled down to Baltimore where I stayed with the lovely Tammi (no blog but she does have a dailymile…).  We planned to get dinner then wake up early (read 6:00am to go for a run before my flight left today for Texas).

You’ll know whether or not that happened when I recap my adventure (or if you follow me on twitter LOL).  From Friday until Wednesday, I’ll be spending time in Texas with this lovely fellow.  You probably remember him (or not) from my college days or five months ago when we went to my housemates wedding. 

Then I’ll be flying back into Baltimore Wednesday night (before Thanksgiving) and driving the four hours back to VA Beach, just in time for the Turkey Trot the next morning.  I’m hoping (preying to the high heavens) my foot will be well enough to race a 10k so we shall see. 

Then of course, stuffing my face over Thanksgivng.  (duh). 

Then the following Saturday, I’m meeting Shannon.  I recently started following her blog about a month ago and she is truly an inspiration.  I’m wicked excited for that!

Then driving back to Northern New York on Sunday and stopping to have lunch with this lovely lady.  I always enjoy my visits with her! 

wah. I wish it was warm again.

Question for you: What are you up too on Thanksgiving?  

New Blogging Bffers

I have been scouring the world for new blogs to read.  I love finding new friends!   Finally coming back from my conference, it’s so nice to just relax and read blogs.  I was busy all week and now all I want is to drink massive amounts of coffee and read blogs.  Maybe watch some trashy tv too…

I have actually have the honor to meet Courtney in real life at several races.  Currently living in VA, she is a kickbutt triathaloner (as in she just did a 70.3) and such an amazingly nice person too.  I can’t wait to see how her tri training goes and the rest of her training.

Second, Rachel actually goes to my neighboring college.  She is a seriously powerhouse collegiate runner and I will not surprised when in two weeks she comes in the top 25 of our 300+ conference.  She is super nice and seriously, the only reason I want to go visit Potsdam right now LOL.

Such a gorgeous running photo at a championship meet last year. We were actually both tagged in this photo before we even knew each other! #creepstatus

Finally, we have Melissa at RunScootsRun.  She is also a very fast runner (running 7:30 13.1s a few days after she thought she had a stress fracture.).  She is super nice and I actually stalk her twitter and instagram everyday because well…I’m creepy.  Can I be her when I grow up?  We need to meet in real life so I can spam my blog with photos of you like no big deal.

Question for you: Who is your favorite blog to read?  Is it yourself?  (that’s cool too! ) 

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