Training, Pulling a Muscle and a Half Marathon

When I put it that way, it sounds like I had a pretty intense week I guess.

  Core: Workout:
Monday: 50 crunches 10.61 miles (treadmill)
1 hour elliptical
Tuesday: 50 crunches 2 hours elliptical
Wednesday: Nike Core crunch 11.4 miles (treadmill)
1 hour elliptical
Thursday: 50 crunches 10.5 miles (treadmill)
6.04 miles tempo treadmill (7:23 pace)
Friday: 50 crunches 10.7 miles treadmill easy
Saturday 60 crunches 10.6 miles treadmill easy
Sunday:   Lake Effect Half Marathon


Thoughts of this week:

The first few days of the week, you may (or may not…) have seen me complaining about my hip.  I pulled a muscle directly above my butt and it made it hurt to do much of anything.  I actually pulled the darn thing from stretching a few days back and it didn’t make it any worse to run on it, it just didn’t feel good. I decided to take 48 hours away from running and if it was still feeling bad, I’d get it checked out.

I also decided to do some elliptical and cross train a bit more (I seemed to have lost that lately being busy) which seemed to make it feel a lot better.   I’m not sure why the cycling motion of the elliptical I use (Precor 100i) helped so much but the different motion felt five times better everytime I left.   My pain was nearly gone by my run on Wednesday morning and it was gone by Thursday.  Nothing like a pulled muscle to make you nervous for the first race you have done in a month and a half.

That being said, I’ll probably just continue to add some cross training in so work different muscles.  My running has been going (knock on wood)  great, but who knows with the treadmill really.  I would like to get off that thing in the near future…oh like when Spring Break happens and I get time off from work.  (That is a post that I’ll write about sometime in the near future…).

Thoughts for my Half Marathon: 

I’ll probably write a race recap sometime soon and post it next week after I actually run it, though isn’t it the trend with bloggers to write a post or product review before they actually try it?  I don’t have any goals for the race seeing as it’s snowy and icy as well as wind.  I have said quite a few times that I had no goals and I know a PR is out of the question due to the weather plus fact that I have done no speed work.  Not some speedwork or a dash of speedwork…no speedwork.

In fact all I really run are 10 milers in the morning before work on a treadmill…by all I really run I mean all that I personally run…I’m not saying it’s not a huge ass commitment or that it isn’t time consuming.  I’m also not belittling myself, merely saying all I do is ten milers…not all I do is ten milers and I want to do more.  If I wanted to do more I would…but I don’t and that is that.  Did you follow all of that?  I’m also untapered (if you look there I ran 10 miles yesterday).  What am I even babbling about?  That being said, I don’t really care that much because it will be nice to see where I am kind of at.  I feel like I have better luck predicting what color your great aunt Mildreds underwear are then to tell you what sort of race I could run.

Question for you:  What was your favorite workout this week?