Diary of Gym Goer Part 2

Last week I posted some gym favorites that I have in my two gyms.  This week I’ll continue the trend.  Please don’t post a comment that you hope you aren’t one of these people.  Unless you come to my gym I can guarantee you aren’t.  We all have strange quirks and this isn’t meant for anyone to get their panties in a bunch.

Moving on, first to some fun facts I learned this week while mindlessly watching the TV on the treadmill.

  1. There was some sort of big McDonalds or Burger King twitter hack…I told you I was mindless.
  2. They use real life clinical psychologists for the show hoarders.
  3. There is going to be a new season of my a favorite show of mine, Awkward (ie never leaving the gym)
  4. Nutmeg is dangerous if you shoot it up in your vein.  (why was this a top news story?)

Pretty boring week if you ask me.

People I saw in the gym this week:

Chatty McPhee Clone: This girl was screaming on the treadmill on her phone while I was trying to elliptical to Cake Boss.  I could physically here her over the volume in my headphones and I’m pretty sure I’m partially deaf.  At least she left early.

Muscle Quenching Meat Heads: I chose an elliptical near the water fountain (for no reason I just did).  These two bro’s came and got water, made eye contact and left 9 times in an hour (I counted).  Does weight lifting require that much water and making eye contact with me? I wasn’t even wearing booty spanx (because I don’t at the gym).

What What in the Butt of the week:  Let’s be honest here, we could have a different person each week.  This week’s winner I could see bottom booty crack.  What an erm…glorious sight the entire time…not.

Dayumm Bitches Love Me…man: Stared at himself at the mirror the entire time he was on the elliptical.  Keep in mind there are 5 machines between him in the mirror and of course I was the one next to him so it felt like he was staring at me.

They see me smelling…they hating: Yes because you smell like cologne and I wanted to vomit.

Potsdam Undergrad: Someone that went to my undergraduate school when I did.  I think we will become good friends and I have nothing snarky to say I just thought it was worth noting people do exist from there.  She is at graduate school now.

Tanning Flashlight: I think I could get a tan just by using the machine next to her.  I understand planet fitness has tanning beds, but I think you are supposed to work out at the gym more than actually use them.   **I don’t use tanning beds at all…never will and never have.

Question for you:  Any life lessons from the gym this week?  Any noticeable characters?


  1. Omg!! Are you calling me a meathead?! This is about me isn’t it?!

    … I actually DO drink a ton of water lifting, but it’s habit now (and how I manage to get in so much water daily). But I have a bottle. Water fountain? Ew.

  2. Woah Burger King got hacked? Now that is big news. I better lay off the fries 😉 if someone was being onboxiously loud while cake boss was on I’d throw a shoe at them. Not even joking.

  3. Once again, these cracked me up. What what in the butt of the week hahaha. I don’t see many of those chicks at my gym, actually. But when I was in college and I went to the school gym…yep. Everywhere.
    I just got back from the gym about an hour ago. No noteworthy people, really!

  4. I love the comic relief from your posts!
    The one spin class I go to is a class of mostly “regulars” – and the workout is pretty intense, new people usually leave early. There was a new girl last week who took off her tank top but she didn’t have on a normal sports bra, it was really loose and stretched out and not really doing it’s job. Anyway, she’s shirtless, and would get tired then just stop pedaling and sit there for a few minutes and stare at herself in the mirror, then do a song or two, then sit there again. A) it was strange, and B) it’s not safe to just totally stop when your heart rate is super high. And then she got tired of looking at herself and left.

    1. Oh my stars. So she was wearing a normal bra? Gross. I’ve seen people wear normal bras or Victoria’s Secret push up level 5 bras under clothes so that it is visible and I’m just like um…what are you doing.

  5. I usually just see an orange girl and ask her where her dorito bed is at. how do people have that kind of money to turn themselves orange? i have to say, those meat heads who need to get water ever second exist in all gyms. why? I don’t know. do they deplete all water with their oh so buff muscles? the world may never know…

    1. You ask her that?! Oh my gosh, I def don’t have the balls for that. My gym actually has free tanning but it reminds me of coffins so I chose to not do it.

  6. I hate when people smell like cologne or perfume. I could literally gag. It almost takes your breathe away while you’re working out.

  7. Gym people are the best (after the workout and once I’ve eaten though – I want to hit them at the time). Why, why, why would you wear cologne at the gym?

    Also, Cake Boss is amazing.

  8. Planet Fitness opened in the town where I used to live (Florence), and I truly believe that half the sign ups were simply for the tanning bed usage. They advertised the beds like crazy and girls I knew from work and other places were signing up like crazy, too!

    Speaking of crazy, It’s crazy how much some girls here tan. Not opposed to it really, but there was a girl at my first ever post-college job who went on her lunch break to the tanning bed then came to work without a post-tanning shower. Eww.

    I don’t blame you for not wearing booty spanx in that gym… or any gym for that matter, unless it’s a team gym on a campus or something.

  9. LOL, love these characters! Bros always make me laugh. My gym/fitness center week was pretty uneventful … but I do have a lift scheduled tomorrow, so maybe I spoke too soon. 😉

  10. Haha oh lord I love these posts!
    Butt crack boy has been frequenting my gym this week. I kinda feel bad because I’m fairly certain he has no idea.

  11. I work out in the gym at work, and we have a ton of engineers and developers that use the ellipticals, treadmills, and bicycles during lunchtime. They work out in their WORK clothes … and I’m pretty sure they don’t change before heading back to work. #smelly

  12. I hateee when people state in the mirror!!! EVEN more so when I am between them and the mirror. It creeps me out. I would have shanked that bitch on the phone.

  13. Gotta love the bros at the gym. At the Planet Fitness at my home, it’s unreal how many bros give me the eyes while I’m lifting or when they walk by me when I’m running. They’re so skeevy sometimes! The guys at my school gym are less annoying, but I do notice that they drink a freakton of water. I love this post 🙂 Gym people are so weird.

  14. Oh crap… I better stop shooting nutmeg into my veins… haha like what?! Why was that a top story?! These posts of yours are cracking me up, Hollie.

  15. OK what is this show Awkward? I have heard of it but never seen it. The cologne and tanning people crack me up. In Chesapeake I hate going to the gym and all you can smell from the girls is their tanning lotion. I have been tanning before, and people should know you should work out BEFORE to keep the best tan 😉 just some Shannon wisdom!

  16. I love your gym interactions (or creeps). I feel as though at least half of the guys tend to always be checking themselves out and not actually doing anything at all.

  17. Every gym has the stories. My most common one: the man who reads the newspaper for ever between leg press sets. Apparently he is oblivious to my stank eye look I shoot at him constantly.

  18. Haha this is hilarious! I can totally picture all these different types of people at the gym. I can’t remember the last time I went to the gym, but loud people and those who stare too much always used to get on my nerves (the five or so times I went to a gym…ha)

  19. Really enjoyed these posts! I’ve been at my gym for year so I see a lot of people come and go. This month we have 2 new people I find a little strange.

    I see this girl with gorgeous long straight black hair running on the treadmills some nights, and the reason I know her hair is long and straight is because she runs with it down. Just watching it makes me feel like I’m overheating.

    And ‘Thumper’, the blonde girl whose running stride is basically vertical. She jumps up into the air and thumps back down to Earth. It freaks me out thinking about what that would do to my knees. I really want to talk to her about it but I’m holding my tongue. Unsolicited advice and all.

    1. My hair would get so tangled! It would be so gross, I cannot even imagine. I always want to give people advice at the gym but I know they want it just as much as I do so normally bite my tongue as well.

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