Cardio While Injured

Exercising while injured.

I have gotten more questions about exercising on the elliptical to maintain my fitness and I thought I would share my “secrets” with you.  No, I don’t really have any secrets.  Here is the thing, being injured is what you make of it. 

I could sit on my ass…I do that at work.

I could run through it, be in serious pain, shatter a few bones, get a few surgeries and be stupid about it…then be in a wheelchair forever. I don’t ever push my foot on the machines, I really would not like to be in a viscous cycle of irritating myself to stay on the elliptical.  I’ve had times in the beginning that I went to the gym, it hurt stepping on the machine…I debated what would happen if I left.

Then left so I didn’t redamage anything.  Mentally?  It was very very hard, but I knew it was for the best.

So two spectrums.  Instead I take the exact middle route and cross train my booty off simulating the intensity of workouts.

This post is more or less the cardio overview. 

First, there are two gym machines I use:

The precor 100i.    

Just pretend this is me…i mean we are both wearing booty spandex…

Right now and NEW this injury, I have found it to be my favorite machine to cross train on.  It simulates running and doesn’t hurt when I do it.  It also has many many many options that I have yet to explore.

I always crank up the resistance to the highest (in my gym that is 20) and just pedal for an hour or two.  I cannot tell you that it isn’t boring because sometimes it is.  You have to have mental toughness like you do a run.  You don’t just stop during running, why stop on this machine?  It’s the same thing.   Some days I pedal harder than others…some days I chat with my friends and relax and kill two birds with one stone.

The Arctrainer.

Arctrainer love

I haven’t been using this AS MUCH lately, because it pushes down on the heel and sometimes mine says no way I’m doing it.  The Arc trainer has so many options though.

Sometimes on the machine, I just crank it to level 100 with a grade 7 incline and go for a while.

Sometimes I do the Cardio setting which are intervals.  If you like something that keeps you less bored, I would go for intervals.   It’s also a great workout (remember…intervals on a track?). 

So cliff notes edition:

You can bring your friends to the gym.  I have!  People I wouldn’t be able to run with but can go to the gym with.  It keeps it more fun! 

Simulate the intensity of your run workouts.  Not every run workout was hard.  Not every run workout was easy.  Keep that in mind. 

Cross training does not have to be bad by any means.  It sucks when you are injured but you can still get a great workout friends. 

Finally-today is the last day to enter the #coffeeaday Contest

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Questions for you:

1.       Biggest advice for cross training. 

2.       Favorite machine to cross train on?