26 Things I Learned Before Age 26

Today is my 26th birthday.  I’ve been blogging for while and have celebrated five birthdays on LOLZ blog.  Sometimes I post about my birthday and other times I don’t. To be honest, age 25 wasn’t my favorite year but not every year can be.  At age 24, I moved, got married, bought my car and […]

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How to Come Back Stronger from an Injury

Each time I’ve had an injury, I’ve come back stronger.  I haven’t PRed the next day, but I have gone on to PR after every injury I’ve had. Thinking out loud, It isn’t by luck or by a miracle, but it comes from taking the appropriate amount of rest and starting back slowly. It’s not […]

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Five Things that Will Make Me Love Your Road Race

As someone who races a lot, I’ve figured out what I personally like and don’t in a race.  Of course, I understand, races are never geared towards one racer, but certain qualities will lead to more runners coming back. Similarly, some qualities will make me never sign up for your race or even recommend it. First and […]

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Five Types of Summer Runners

As we enter the hotter and summer months, it’s guaranteed you’ll see more runners and characters on the road.  Whether you know the runner, or don’t you’ll begin to recognize many faces. Maybe you even fall into one of these categories (I know I do). Here are a Few Types of Runners you Might See […]

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Training: Swimming and 1 Mile Run

This week I did two workouts which lasted for a grand total of about 70 minutes.  On Tuesday, I swam for an hour. On Wednesday, in honor of Global Running Day, I ran 1 mile.  Tuesday: 60ish minute swim Most of my long term readers know I swam before running.  I swam competitively for almost 15 […]

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