Training for Life Week 1

Here’s the thing.  I don’t really have any goal races in the near future and I’m just taking it as it comes.

I can slowly get back into running and my cyst is the size of a pea.  Well that is nice, but there is a very good (25% chance) that it could enlarge again the size of a golf ball.

Does that terrify me and make me never want to run again?

Oh hell yes.  That shit was painful.

I just want to be back here.

With that being said, I’m cleared to get back into running and have been all week.  I will be honest (and I don’t really want any comments about it because I am being really careful) but I’m not 100% better.  If before my cortisone shot I was at a 10 of pain, I’m now at a 2 or so.  Which is a lot of healage but I’d prefer to be at 0 personally.  I’m doing everything my coach and doctor says.

That terrifies me.  I have lacked motivation to get back into running because I am so scared to be injured again and enhancing the size of my cyst.  My plantar fascia is still really tight.  My calves are tight.  Everything is tight.

This week I was at a conference for the back half (which is why I wasn’t too up on your blogs).  My workouts were okay, I’m just ya know…terrified of running.

What did I even do this week?

I cut down my elliptical sessions.

And ran about 30 minutes this week.  Well that seems like a lot.  One, my injury was NOT running related.  Two, I was running over 90 miles when not injured.   Three, I’m not running on hills or very fast (for me).

I had the option of going to run in our conference race this weekend and I declined it.   It was painful knowing that I could physically complete the 6k but seeing as I am already more fearful of running then snakes I decided not too.

I’ve been stretching, doing leg exercising to strengthen the muscles as well as trying to maintain my core muscles.  It’s been going well now.  But I really hate this phase of training more then anything (returning from injury).

Questions for you:

1.       What is your biggest fear?

2.       Have you ever come back from a serious injury?

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  1. When I came back from my heel fracture/pulled hamstring I was so scared of reinjuring myself. It took me about a month (maybe two) to shake off the fear and then I was back to normal. You’re not crazy for being scared, especially if you feel pain!

  2. I had a stress reaction in a foot bone that took FOREVER to heal and it was tough to get back out there because earlier every time I thought I was healed- the pain would start again. You are being smart and being a little fearful…but don’t be too afraid to try it out slowly. i hope it will get better soon 🙂

  3. Coming back from injuries is so hard. I’m always terrified of that pain coming back too. It’s like your worst nightmare. I’ve also never had injuries nearly as bad. But it sounds like you’re on the right track so I hope this time you’re officially on the road to recovery so you can get back up to those 90mile weeks! I don’t know how you have time to do it all… last summer I felt like I barely had time to get in 55 between that and my job! This year I’m getting bumped up to 65-70 and while I’m super excited, I have NO idea how it’s going to fit into my schedule. Keep inspiring, girl 🙂

  4. I can so relate to this, even when I was cleared to run I was TERRIFIED to run. it took me a good week just to get the courage and then when I was doing this I had this worried feeling throughout. It was terrifying to say the least. I am glad you are playing it safe, you are such a great role model in that sense.

  5. 1) BIGGEST FEAR in life is not having anyone and losing my dad as he is the last family I have left! Biggest fear in running in of course getting injured again. 2) I am where you are, coming back from injury haha… so yes I can relate to the whole fear factor… So glad to hear though you can run again! PS: nike shorts the best haha think I’ve said that before! 😀

      1. I can’t wait to fit into mine again! 🙂 Ps: found u on twitter and I am following you yaya, feeling like a complete stalker now haha… 😀

  6. I can’t even begin to tell you how scared I was after my ankle injury last march/april. The though of running terrified me and I lost a lot of motivation even though I was given the green light. I didn’t want to make it worse, so like you I just took baby steps to get back into it. Even with this IT band flare up I’m still lacking motivation because running is slightly painful. However, just listen to your coaches and doctors but most importantly just listen to yourself 🙂 If you feel like its getting worse then just take it easy

  7. My biggest fear is that despite being out for 6 months sue to a stress fracture in my foot, even though I follow doctor’s orders, NOTHING seems to be working. Sometimes I feel like no one can help me.
    I’m rooting for ya!

  8. That sounds horrible!! I hope you get better asap!! I was pretty habitual with blisters the size of quarters on my instep that make walking incredibly painful so I wussed and stopped running. I ended up just buying new shoes until it stopped but it is scary.

    Biggest fear – pooping my pants running : ) I once had to walk 3 miles home and thought I was going to throw up, so if my stomach is anything but amazing I will only run near routes with pissers / around the neighborhood bobbing and weaving!

  9. First, I’m a huge fan of the Nike bottoms you’re wearing in that picture, Hollie; they’re my go-to long run/race shorts. 🙂

    The toughest injury I had to come back from was my ACL and meniscus tear in high school. Mentally, it took me a few months to play an entire game or go an entire practice without thinking about my knee. Even though I tried not to focus on it, I think my coach worried enough for the both of us! Before and after every drill, he’d ask me know I was doing, told me not to push it too hard, etc. Hope you had a great weekend, Hollie! 🙂

  10. I can only imagine how tough and frustrating it is be dealing with this injury, but you’re approaching it the best way you can! It’s best to be overly cautious. You WILL run pain-free again!

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