How to Run 80+ Miles Efficiently

I get a lot of questions on the blog in regards to training but this seems to be most prominent:

How on Earth do you have enough energy to run 80 plus mile weeks?

Point blank-I eat and fuel enough and also recover. Plus not all (or even half of my runs are fast).  My half marathon PR is at a 6:40 pace.  When I say that, people tend to get the idea that I always run my runs at that pace or even around a 7:00 minute pace.  No.

As I have said often, I recovery runs are done normally around 8:30 or maybe even higher.  I don’t time most of them because (as I constantly say) your pace does not matter on recovery runs.  The faster you go when your body is not feeling it,  the slower your speed workouts or races will be.  Who cares if you raced yourself in a recovery run and dropped 30 seconds per mile…wouldn’t you rather drop that time in a race?

Yes and why I don’t care about recovery runs. 

Second, I fuel myself for my activity level.  I’m never hungry.  I’m not losing weight and having great runs to boot.  My legs feel tired when they need too and fast when they need too. 

I’m going to stand on a soap box for a hot second and say to those who email me or comment that I’m not eating enough…you are obviously wrong. (and how can you possibly make that judgment from my blog?)  I haven’t lost weight from high mileage training or not eating enough.  That is probably the biggest pet peeve of blogging, because how on earth would you know…but anyways I eat enough to the 80+ miles I’m running and more than enough because I’ve had great races.

So I recover and have energy to race and run.

Finally, I get a lot of sleep.  I am not afraid to go to bed at 9 or 9:30.  My parents accept it, I don’t have a social life (duh…no real life friends) means I’m not missing very much.  Or when I do, I don’t need to stay out until midnight or 1am to have a good time.  I do not (at all…not one little bit) function on less then 8 hours of sleep and that is something I put for and foremost.  I will get my sleep. 

I personally know I won’t feel good when I run ever if I’m tired.

So in short to run 80 mile weeks (and by uninjured)

1.       You must eat enough

2.       You must sleep enough

3.       You must not worry about pace except for speed workouts and races

Questions for you:

1.       How do you maintain your workouts?

2.       What is/are your biggest pet peeves of blogging?