Open Water 3k Recap (44:00)

Before I begin, I think I have come to a point in my life where I truly enjoy doing whatever I feel while swimming in races.  Let’s see here where to begin. 

Dad and I left the house at 7:30am for the race at 9:00.  No problems getting to the Oceanfront and we got there around 8:15.  Signed in and chilled on the beach.  The race ended up starting late because someone on the beach had gone into cardiac arrest and they had to help them first.   (Obviously more important).

The only photo..prerace…just chilling…you know…

So with that they sounded the airhorn and we started the race at 9:20.  I actually remembered to start my watch and running into the water and swimming around the buoy, I got kicked in the face…several times…

I remember looking at my watch at 7 minutes…then again at 14…then again at 26 and then at 35.  Then I saw the buoy and I knew I was almost done.  For me personally, swimming is very mindless.  I was thinking about it and I swam for 15 years of my life.  At least 8 of those years were spent doing 7000 yard practices.  Swimming a 3k comes naturally for me. Some people biking, basketball…ect ect comes easy for them (and we all know that is def not the case for me).  For me, it’s swimming.  That isn’t me being cocky, that’s me just saying that after swimming for 15 years…it’s very mindless.

That is exactly what it was for me…44 minutes of mindlessness.  I don’t really go that fast but I get it done.

There was no current against or for us which was okay because I would prefer no current to a negative current.  There were a few upwellings (cold patches) but other then that it was an enjoyable swim.

I ran up straight to the table and then to get a bagel…because swimming makes me hungry.  I ended up getting second in my age group and 44th overall.  First in my age group got 8th overall and won my last open water swim (for men and woman!)

Question for you:  What is something that comes easily for you, that may not for others?