Open Water 3k Recap (44:00)

Before I begin, I think I have come to a point in my life where I truly enjoy doing whatever I feel while swimming in races.  Let’s see here where to begin. 

Dad and I left the house at 7:30am for the race at 9:00.  No problems getting to the Oceanfront and we got there around 8:15.  Signed in and chilled on the beach.  The race ended up starting late because someone on the beach had gone into cardiac arrest and they had to help them first.   (Obviously more important).

The only photo..prerace…just chilling…you know…

So with that they sounded the airhorn and we started the race at 9:20.  I actually remembered to start my watch and running into the water and swimming around the buoy, I got kicked in the face…several times…

I remember looking at my watch at 7 minutes…then again at 14…then again at 26 and then at 35.  Then I saw the buoy and I knew I was almost done.  For me personally, swimming is very mindless.  I was thinking about it and I swam for 15 years of my life.  At least 8 of those years were spent doing 7000 yard practices.  Swimming a 3k comes naturally for me. Some people biking, basketball…ect ect comes easy for them (and we all know that is def not the case for me).  For me, it’s swimming.  That isn’t me being cocky, that’s me just saying that after swimming for 15 years…it’s very mindless.

That is exactly what it was for me…44 minutes of mindlessness.  I don’t really go that fast but I get it done.

There was no current against or for us which was okay because I would prefer no current to a negative current.  There were a few upwellings (cold patches) but other then that it was an enjoyable swim.

I ran up straight to the table and then to get a bagel…because swimming makes me hungry.  I ended up getting second in my age group and 44th overall.  First in my age group got 8th overall and won my last open water swim (for men and woman!)

Question for you:  What is something that comes easily for you, that may not for others?

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  1. So awesome!! Nice work. I had no idea there were so many open water swims around here. I am slightly interested in trying one but I know I’d come in DFL, lol.

  2. I guess running came quite easily to me at one point in my life: even though I was the ‘fat kid’ at school who couldn’t even run the 100m sprint, when I tried to pick up running almost five years ago now I found a natural affinity for it that wasn’t there before. I always feel bad that I don’t have an answer when people ask me how I went from being so unfit to running, because really I just worked my ass off in the gym in the interim, then laced up my trainers (they were actually tennis shoes – I didn’t have a clue!) and ran 5K no problem. I don’t know why or how it happened and to this day my running is more luck than judgement. I’m not particularly fast any more though – I seem to have gone backwards a bit!

    I do wish I was a natural swimmer though – it must be so freeing and liberating to swim in the open water.

  3. You are a freaking rockstar. No joke. You should give me some swim workouts to make me speedy (or even half as speedy) as you!! 🙂

  4. niiiice!! these swim races sound so fun. I’m definitely not a natural swimmer, I’m totally akward when I swim, but I get what you mean about things coming naturally to you! Running always has, and also ballet cuz I did that for 15 years, like you did swimming.

  5. Nice job! I am always so jealous of people who find swimming comes easily to them because it’s such a challenge for me! I was at a lake this weekend and tried to swim maybe 400 yards and zigzaged all over the place and had a sore neck/shoulder the next day from bad form!!

  6. You are so brave to swim in the open sea. I get freaked by seaweed touching my skin. Or anything cold and clammy. Even the shower curtain.
    This sounds silly, but I am an amazing shopper. I have a great memory for where sales are, and can pick up the best bargains. I can shop really well for other people too and consider myself the BEST gift giver.
    When I am looking at stuff, its like I zone out and I am just flying through the racks.
    Most people actually thought that when I started blogging, my blog would be about my gift for shopping.

  7. ahh this race sounds so fun & peaceful! I love open water swimming, it came very naturally for me once I started Triathlon. Endurance sports come easily to me (swim/bike/run) I think because I have a high pain threshold and a crazy competitive side. sports that involve balls are tough for me!
    I hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

  8. This gets me almost excited to swim again haha… I am going to try and get back into it more because I think it will be helpful for body and less strain on my legs! I used to swim (as you may or may not know) but am soo burnt out, even after 4 years of not really doing it! Anyway, you are a freakin rockstar as usual Hollie 🙂

  9. great job!
    running definitely comes easier for me than for other people. i’m not super fast but i can go on and on without getting tired. i upped and decided to run 20 miles last december and then did it three weekends in a row. however, i think things we love come easier for everyone because every step (or stroke) is a practice in meditation!

  10. I was never a swimmer until about 2 years ago but I love how mindless it is! Nice job on the 3K, I have no idea how far that actually is, sigh.

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