Contra Loma Regional Park (Antioch)

Contra Loma Regional Park (Antioch)

One of my favorite parks in the East Bay area is Contra Loma Regional Park. There is plenty to do, whether you want to hike, run, boat, picnic, or even swim.

Contra Loma Regional Park (Antioch)

About Contra Loma Regional Park:

Located in Antioch, CA, Contra Loma Regional Park is 775 acres with an 80-acre reservoir. The park opened in 1968 as an emergency to help alleviate civil unrest. It does cost $5 to get in.

What is there to do at Contra Loma Regional Park?

  • Lake’s swim lagoon (during COVID reservations required)
  • Picnic
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing
  • Hiking, running, walking
  • Mountain biking
  • Boating and sailing

Contra Loma Regional Park (Antioch)

My experience at Contra Loma Regional Park:

I’ve been a few times, and I appreciate the various trails. You can find all of the trails at the park on Alltrails. Most of the trails are fairly flat and only a few miles long.

Contra Loma Regional Park (Antioch)

My favorite is the Contra Loma Shore Loop which goes around the reservoir. Of course, there are more challenging trails too but usually, I got around the reservoir because I think it’s a fun, short, relaxing, loop.

Most of the trail is easy dirt, and for the entire 2 miles, you have less than 100 feet of elevation. Around the loop, there are several side trails that it’s easy to get confused about, but for the most part, the trail is fairly straightforward. Plus, it’s fun to walk across the dam.

Contra Loma Regional Park (Antioch)

While we were there most recently, it was fairly hot. Since it’s an open space, there is not a lot of shade from trees. I would have loved to relax at the pool, but it looked the pool was completely booked up.

Contra Loma Regional Park (Antioch)
Walking across the dam

In all, Contra Loma Regional Park is a great spot for families or even to host a picnic or party. While I was there, I saw plenty of parties happening in the designated area. It looks like a gorgeous place to throw one, especially with the pool access. I also saw plenty of families fishing, walking pets, or just relaxing. It looks like one of the most family-friendly parks I’ve been to in the Bay Area.

Contra Loma Regional Park (Antioch)
Some rolling hills that you can hike up

On clear days, you can see way out, including a great view of Mount Diablo. In all, if you are looking for a low-key part to visit or throw a party, this a great and family-friendly spot.

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Questions for you:

Have you been to Contra Loma Regional Park?

Where is the most relaxing trail you’ve been? 


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