Tell the World I’m Coming Home.

I hope you don’t think I’m dead.  I was going to use Pink, “I’m not dead” as my post title…but you know…

I’m alive I swear.  I was just driving back from school and such.  It’s about a 12 hour drive and with packing, unpacking, getting bored and stopping unpacking and then really unpacking…it tends to be a 4 day adventure ha.

This is where I'll be...well not in front of this sign but you get it

To rewind a little bit last Friday after my last final (which was a lecture I did on combinatorics…), I went for a nine mile run, quickly showered then headed south to Syracuse to pick up my dad.  I somehow managed to leave my townhouse within an hour of finishing my run.  I’m never that quick…so it was already starting to be a good trip.

My dad always flies up and we drive back together and bond about life and such.  You know father daughter stuff because that is how we roll. Sometimes we have sing alongs and then he tells me he’s over it.  He enjoys riding in the car with me because he gets cultured” in all the current music. 

We stopped and a delicious and nomtastic dinner from Ruby Tuesdays.  I am in love with the salad bar there, along with well everything.  I got grilled salmon with 2 orders of spaghetti squash (because it is amazing) and a few rounds of salad bar.  Enough to satisfy my belly all night long.

We stayed the night just north of Washington DC and then drove the rest of the way home on Saturday.  I was sad because I was so close…yet so far to half the blogging population at Fitblog. We happened to stay at a hotel in which they had waffle irons for the breakfast and if they didn’t…I might have contemplated whipping mine out from sort of crevice in my car.  I topped with some fresh fruit and called it a breakfast.

I got home around 3pm on Sunday and then began to unpack and clean and such.  It is the hardest and most challenging thing in the world to unpack after a 12 hour drive.  Blech and It’s still not done…

unless you count this done

For dinner, my daddykins wanted to get some sort of pasta as did I.  We went to a local place called Spaghetti Eddies which seems to win every award for best pizza and pasta.

I got the baked pasta along with my dad, and the rest of the family split a giant pizza (which I still had a slice of and it was still the

Cheese with a side of pasta? Yes please.

My race today went really well and I’ll do a better recap later but I ended up PRing and running a 1:36.56 (for a half) in the hilly and humid weather.  I also briefly (literally) saw Alyssa as she scared the bageezes out of me.  Situational awareness I do not have.


Question for you:

How do you eat well while on the travel?