Tell the World I’m Coming Home.

I hope you don’t think I’m dead.  I was going to use Pink, “I’m not dead” as my post title…but you know…

I’m alive I swear.  I was just driving back from school and such.  It’s about a 12 hour drive and with packing, unpacking, getting bored and stopping unpacking and then really unpacking…it tends to be a 4 day adventure ha.

This is where I'll be...well not in front of this sign but you get it

To rewind a little bit last Friday after my last final (which was a lecture I did on combinatorics…), I went for a nine mile run, quickly showered then headed south to Syracuse to pick up my dad.  I somehow managed to leave my townhouse within an hour of finishing my run.  I’m never that quick…so it was already starting to be a good trip.

My dad always flies up and we drive back together and bond about life and such.  You know father daughter stuff because that is how we roll. Sometimes we have sing alongs and then he tells me he’s over it.  He enjoys riding in the car with me because he gets cultured” in all the current music. 

We stopped and a delicious and nomtastic dinner from Ruby Tuesdays.  I am in love with the salad bar there, along with well everything.  I got grilled salmon with 2 orders of spaghetti squash (because it is amazing) and a few rounds of salad bar.  Enough to satisfy my belly all night long.

We stayed the night just north of Washington DC and then drove the rest of the way home on Saturday.  I was sad because I was so close…yet so far to half the blogging population at Fitblog. We happened to stay at a hotel in which they had waffle irons for the breakfast and if they didn’t…I might have contemplated whipping mine out from sort of crevice in my car.  I topped with some fresh fruit and called it a breakfast.

I got home around 3pm on Sunday and then began to unpack and clean and such.  It is the hardest and most challenging thing in the world to unpack after a 12 hour drive.  Blech and It’s still not done…

unless you count this done

For dinner, my daddykins wanted to get some sort of pasta as did I.  We went to a local place called Spaghetti Eddies which seems to win every award for best pizza and pasta.

I got the baked pasta along with my dad, and the rest of the family split a giant pizza (which I still had a slice of and it was still the

Cheese with a side of pasta? Yes please.

My race today went really well and I’ll do a better recap later but I ended up PRing and running a 1:36.56 (for a half) in the hilly and humid weather.  I also briefly (literally) saw Alyssa as she scared the bageezes out of me.  Situational awareness I do not have.


Question for you:

How do you eat well while on the travel? 


  1. Congrats on the PR! Eating healthy on the go means lots of packed, snacks like bags of almonds, carrots, fruit like apples/nanners, or snack bars.

  2. Woah girl! Good job on the half holy crap!!!! You are so fast and 🙂 jus sayinnn!

    Glad you made it home 🙂 it is so nice of your dad to drive home with ya!

  3. I remember those days, driving 18 hours to and from school with my dad! I remember once he bought me once of those enormous gas station pepsi’s. Apparently I jabbered away for so many hours thanks to all that caffeine. It was such a fun trip!

    Congrats on your race! That’s seriously awesome!!! 🙂

  4. Love father daughter time and my dad and I do basically all of our races together (twinnies… again haha) Good luck with all that unpacking!

    If I travel a long ways I usually pack my own food like carrots, apple/orange, and bars of some sort. But on my way home form school I usually get starburst… not exactly healthy but they are delish.

  5. Very nice time on the half!! I want to run one so badly. Methinks it will be a long time until I get the opportunity though.
    Why aren’t there croutons on your salad?! I live for the Ruby Tuesday butter drenched pumpernickel croutons. They are the sheez.

  6. So far, I don’t eat well when traveling. Haha. I have to figure out how.. Haha. 🙂

  7. wow!! way to run it girl!!!! that’s awesome.
    when i travel..i MAKE SURE i eat healthy. 🙂 I ususally make sure to start off with a super healthy breakfast..which may even include lots of veggies, just to be safe. ;)…then i usually pack a big ol’ cooler…filled with yogurt, turkey, bread, carrots, nut butter, apples, oranges, larabars, hummus, sometimes pure veggie juices/coconut water/fruit juice…b/c theres always a lack of vegetables/fruit when i’m not at home…haha. then when we get where-ever we’re going..we usually stock up at the local grocery store….with veggies/fuirt/milk/extra yogurt..and we try to make simple dinners in hotels for some nites: enter sweet potatoes and simple salads. WOW..sry this was long..ahaha. i did a whole post on this once a while back. 🙂

  8. UGH. I hate unpacking! That’s nice that your daddio comes to drive home with you so you don’t have to do it the whole way alone!

  9. YESSS… haahaha I could’ve clotheslined you on that hill. I came outta nowhere for you. 😉

    You’re a rockstar. We;re gonna dominate that Shamrock! Buuuuut before then, when I get this shin a-okay, let’s be training buddies. That Marine Corps Marathon is gonna be a doozy for me!

  10. I love long car rides with my dad, hes definatly my favorite road trip buddy 🙂 Thats awesome he flies up just to drive back down with you!! You eat so healthy on the road, i alway end up eating gas station snacks (ie candy and chips) I had no idea Ruby Tuesday has squash or such an amazing salad bar! You’re salad looks like mine do, alot of toppings, very little lettuce 🙂

  11. Of course you can do a thought post!! Especially for your half! I’m so excited to read your thoughts during that. I love that distance!!!

  12. Way to go on the PR Holz. Where in DC did you stay? Thanks God they had a waffle iron lol. You’re getting really fast… I’m scared you’re going to catch me!

    And I got my 40 (40.5) for this week! It took doing 12 yesterday and 11 today but I got it done. I’m going to be sooooor tomorrow!

  13. Congrats on that blistering PR, Hollie!

    Hope you are able to get everything unpacked. I have been known to start using my suitcase as a laundry hamper until I can get time to get around it putting it all away….

  14. Baha, I almost used that as my blog title as well. I’ve been MIA like crazy lately! Awesome job on the run btw!

  15. HOLY MOLY HOLLIE- way to Rock that half! That is awesome- HUGE Congrats!!
    I love father daughter time- it’s the best!! This post actually reminded me to email my Dad about going for a run together on Friday before I get married 🙂 So, thank you for reminding me!

  16. What a great time on your half!! Woohoo you killed it girl! 😀 I think eating well and traveling are quite the oxymoron 😉

  17. Awesome race, girly! I was sad that I was so-close-yet-so-far from Fitbloggin’ as well! Glad you and your dad had a safe trip home!

  18. That’s so nice of your dad to ride with you. 12 hours is a long drive to make alone.

    Eat well while traveling? Pretty non-existant but I don’t travel much so I guess that’s part of it. If it’s a long trip though we try to bring healthy snacks (fruit).

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