WIAW: Weekend Musings

Last weekend, I had a work conference.  It was a lot of fun and related to college student health…not really health as in nutrition and fitness but the other forms of health such as mental and social (I know…bet you forgot about those).  A lot of the seminars I chose to go to were on cyber bullying which I found to be most interesting.  (I’ve posted a bit about that and I plan to post a bit about it tomorrow too).

With day long conferences come eating and hanging out with your coworkers.  Sure it wasn’t the best dietary safe zone you could imagine but that’s okay as I didn’t get sick nor did I even need to take my blood sugar meds.

Here is something I found extremely interesting…just throwing this one out there.  I went to a HEALTH conference (you know that professionals are in charge of…people who got degrees in nutrition, dietetics, public health, community health…ect).  Yet for some odd reason, the food being served wasn’t ultra vegan peanut butter with a side of what the eff is that topped voo doo food found in the second aisle top shelf of some specialty health store.  It was natural, healthy food.  Food such as NORMAL peanut butter, NORMAL roast beef, NORMAL spinach salad.  (of course there were options for those with real life dietary restrictions…but all normal probably walmart bought food).

For breakfast we had a mixed variety of berries with yogurt.  The choice of coffee as well (my only complaint was there was not enough coffee…oh well).


Lunch was a plethora of mixed salads (pasta salad…random salad greens…lots of choices) as well as a roast beef wrap with cheddar cheese and mayo (I picked around the mayo because I’m not a fan of mayo or ranch…it was still good though)


Dinner we were on our own and my work went to a famous place called Duffs.  It reminded me of the bar “Duffs” back in my college down but it was certainly not that quality.  They are known for their wings and boy were they good.  We ordered 150 wings among 12 or so people.  Seeing as I had run before, I was easily able to complete my fair share of wing ordering.  (No these were not some weird health wing or something…these were greasy fried wings.).

My wing face

That’s that.  It was all really good food, but I must say the intensely hot wings came back to bite my in the butt (erg esophagus) the next morning when I ran and was breathing fire.

We also got to go to Niagara Falls which was a lot of fun (I’ve been a few times but it is always nice to go).



Questions for you:

Do you like wings?

Do you pack your own foods when traveling? 


Lightening up Pancakes

So as part of the Monday pancake series, instead of a recipe this week I am actually posting a few helpful hints of how to make recipes healthier.  Let’s face it-pancakes are not always the healthiest recipes but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them that way.  While I’m not saying diner pancakes are made in this regard…you can!   While I realize not everyone wants to lighten up their pancakes, many people do.

Instead of adding oil you can substitute a half cup of pumpkin, applesauce or greek yogurt.  All three make the pancakes especially moist and delicious.

pumpkin pancakes

Greek yogurt pancakes

If you don’t want to consume a lot of carbohydrates, think about using a high protein flour such as peanut flour.

Instead of using high sugary maple syrup top your pancakes with sugar free syrup, peanut butter, greek yogurt, Nutella (well…that is just me), jam and jellies, fruit.

topped with basically an entire container of greek yogurt…maybe there is pancakes in there? maybe…

greek yogurt sandwich pancakes.

topped with apples



Another thing you can do (disclaimer…I personally don’t prefer the taste) is switch an egg to egg whites saving fat cholesterol.  You need something to bind the pancake together and make it fluffy but if you would prefer egg whites to egg that is for you.

Questions for you:

  1. How do you lighten up pancakes?
  2. How do you lighten up any recipe? 

WIAW: While Traveling

WIAW: On my travels last weekend

Since I have been rambling about my traveling so why not to do a WIAW about my travels.  First and foremost, you as blog readers should know I have become obsessed (probably obnoxiously) with instagram.  So much so that I instagrammed half of my eats during the trip because I’m sitting in a car for 8 hours and it’s boring so why not.  (that and maybe my photography would look comparable to a normal blogger’s)   

Like I said…it all started with this Wendy’s Salad. It was quite good

I like quest bars and protein pudding, so I packed a lot for the drive

I had a lox (salmon) omelette at one point. The omelette wasn’t actually all that great.

Peanut butter toast+fruit at the hotel breakfast

And then a waffle and fruit before my race (2 mile swim)

A salmon Salad at a restaurant on the beach

Second, I eat a lot of seafood when I eat out.  I eat things that I can’t cook or prepare myself because it makes it even better.  Third, I don’t throw a hissy fit about eating at fast food.  Case and point, we ate on the road-they wanted Wendy’s…I got a salad…and that was the end of that.

And more unfood related instagrammed shots.  My little username is fueledbylolz (because you can never get enough of me).  Isn’t that easy?

tee hee waking up in my hotel bed before the race

Question for you:

1.       What do you eat on travels?

2.       Do you like/use instagram?

I did not at first, but now I’m obsessed.  I’m eating my own words on that one and I take full responsibility for that.

All You Need for Travel is Coffee.

And apparently Greek Food.  I can never get enough of that stuff.

Okay yes, I did promise I would do a food blog about my journey to New York City.  I didn’t take photos of everything because I didn’t really have the energy and the trip wasn’t about my food blogging or blogging.  It was about the broski.

Anywho I also cannot promise I eat the most healthy or even remotely so.  I can promise you I ate all of this and more (did minimum exercise…it was a fabulous break) and didn’t gain any weight.

It’s important to remember that you don’t gain weight in a matter of meals.  It’s life choices baby.

The most important thing about EVERY single one of these meals was I completely enjoyed each of them.  All of them were Actually thinking of all my eats makes me want to travel and visit my brother everyday taking the same exact route.

I had 4 Starbucks fraps. And I loved every single one of them. That giftcard I got for my birthday was the best thing ever. I don't know why I contentiously pose with my coffee.

Chick fila breakfast stop. The broski wanted one last time before he only ate college food.

Okay so this salmon salad was the greatest salad I have ever had. EVER. NYC you win.

These meatballs were the size of a small baby...once again winning NYC.

But then I had this gyro meat salad in New Jersey and it came with pita bread. So many hard choices of best salads...

When I visited Katelyn in Rochacha a few months back I fell in love with lentils..when I saw them on the menu I had to order them again.

Not sure why I was in such a greek mood but ordered a greek salad for an app at a DINER of all pancakes (um don't you worry it was after 11 and they didn't serve breakfast) Oh and confessional. I have come to terms with onions. They are now okay in my book.

But the spankopita pie was another great nom. Omg and it was only 5 dollars! Best.Meal.Ever.

As you can see-I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch not eating like I do at home.  Give me coffee and give me…well more coffee and I’ll be good to go.  Mind you-my family isn’t big breakfast eaters so we didn’t go that route.

Can you believe I didn’t have pancakes for an entire 3 days and the world has not ended.


Question for you:

Travel: does it make your nervous for yo eats?


Tell the World I’m Coming Home.

I hope you don’t think I’m dead.  I was going to use Pink, “I’m not dead” as my post title…but you know…

I’m alive I swear.  I was just driving back from school and such.  It’s about a 12 hour drive and with packing, unpacking, getting bored and stopping unpacking and then really unpacking…it tends to be a 4 day adventure ha.

This is where I'll be...well not in front of this sign but you get it

To rewind a little bit last Friday after my last final (which was a lecture I did on combinatorics…), I went for a nine mile run, quickly showered then headed south to Syracuse to pick up my dad.  I somehow managed to leave my townhouse within an hour of finishing my run.  I’m never that quick…so it was already starting to be a good trip.

My dad always flies up and we drive back together and bond about life and such.  You know father daughter stuff because that is how we roll. Sometimes we have sing alongs and then he tells me he’s over it.  He enjoys riding in the car with me because he gets cultured” in all the current music. 

We stopped and a delicious and nomtastic dinner from Ruby Tuesdays.  I am in love with the salad bar there, along with well everything.  I got grilled salmon with 2 orders of spaghetti squash (because it is amazing) and a few rounds of salad bar.  Enough to satisfy my belly all night long.

We stayed the night just north of Washington DC and then drove the rest of the way home on Saturday.  I was sad because I was so close…yet so far to half the blogging population at Fitblog. We happened to stay at a hotel in which they had waffle irons for the breakfast and if they didn’t…I might have contemplated whipping mine out from sort of crevice in my car.  I topped with some fresh fruit and called it a breakfast.

I got home around 3pm on Sunday and then began to unpack and clean and such.  It is the hardest and most challenging thing in the world to unpack after a 12 hour drive.  Blech and It’s still not done…

unless you count this done

For dinner, my daddykins wanted to get some sort of pasta as did I.  We went to a local place called Spaghetti Eddies which seems to win every award for best pizza and pasta.

I got the baked pasta along with my dad, and the rest of the family split a giant pizza (which I still had a slice of and it was still the

Cheese with a side of pasta? Yes please.

My race today went really well and I’ll do a better recap later but I ended up PRing and running a 1:36.56 (for a half) in the hilly and humid weather.  I also briefly (literally) saw Alyssa as she scared the bageezes out of me.  Situational awareness I do not have.


Question for you:

How do you eat well while on the travel? 

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