Because I run like an Ostrich (Run for the Dream Race Recap)

I wrote a lovely race blog and once again didn’t save it…so you know how that goes.  Sometimes I question my own intelligence.

One of new found running besties, Sam, always run recaps by her thoughts during the run.  I found it absolutely hilarious every single time I read (erg stalk) her blog so I thought I would something similar.

Incase we aren’t DM besties, here is what went down before the actual race:

I woke up at 4:55 (before my alarm) and decided I would get up (rather than sleep an extra whopping ten minutes). I made coffee (um comparable to gas station coffee..I might be able to save a few dollars this way 😉) and then was off with daddykins at 5:23 as we had decided because 5:20 was too early and 5:25 too late.

At the race, I found out my ipod had deleted every single song on my IPOD. Every.Single.Song. So I had no music to get jazzed up.  It was extremely annoying first of all because getting to race only to find your Ipod is dead.

No matter, I was in limbo about running with it anyways so this didn’t give me too much of a choice.  I lined up in corral one (I have never done a race with carrols) and before I knew it, it was time to go.

Here are some passing thoughts I had during the 1:37 minutes I was running.

1.      Ah, we are starting, I guess I should move my legs and start zee watch.

2.      Sir, why are you breathing so hard next to me, this is not okay.  Do you know I’m an extreme claustrophobe!  (True story, it is extremely hard for me at the beginning of races).

3.      Go your mom!  (I literally said that to some little kids holding a go mommy sign).

4.      Mile 1 at 6:40, holy crap, I’m going to die, what am I doing.  I am retarded, this isn’t how I run.  I nearly had a panic attack here because I don’t take my runs out fast EVER.

5.      Okay well I could have maintained this, but there is effing gravel.  Who the heck designs a race on gravel?  What.  I’ll just run on this grass, so there, take that.

6.      Mile 2: 14:02 on uneven terrain, I hope I don’t keep adding that much time.

7.      OH DEAR GOD.  I um love hills.

8.      I thought this was flat, that must have been the only hill.

9.      Oh no these babies are rolling.

10.  Miles 3-6 were decently thoughtless.

11.  Oh my, only a minute off my 10k pr.  This will be lovely for next week.

12.  Oh man here comes the leader going the other way… So that is how Kevin must feel when he won his cheese hat. (I was at about mile 6.5 and he was just approaching mile 9).

13.  Where are the ladies?  Oh man there aren’t too many people in front of me, I guess we are all in pain.  I need to stop complaining, I’m having a great time.

14.  Mile 9 oh hii dad.  Go daddykins.

15.  Omg there is a woman trying to high five me, oh wait, no that is Alyssa.  I still want to meet you!  Hi Alyssaaa.

16.  Wow all these people are so supportive.  Maybe I should change my name to 162.  They must know I am about to

17.  Excuse me sir, I am not 15 don’t play with me.  (Some man said his 15 year old son is interested in athletic girls…who thinks of that while running?).  I would like to think I at least look out of high school.

18.  We have to run up an overpass?  Is this a joke?

19.  No pain no gain, you’re getting tanner, waffle at the top…many thoughts up this hill.

20.  Mile 12, the first woman just finished (you could hear the stadium announcer).  I’m so close.

21.  The stadium yesssss.

22.  I hate tracks and this reminds me of my middle school days of failing the mile.

Ostrich Style-V-running on your toes looking like an ostrich. aka me. I'm wearing pants (spandex) I swear.

23.  Take that middle school teachers, success.

And then I immediately ran to the bathroom, grabbed 1000 donuts and chocolate milk and cheered for daddykins.

He was begging me to do a photoshop clearly...

It was an awesome race and I had a great time.  The hills were certainly not something I was expecting but I enjoyed the course either way.  If I hadn’t of known it was the first year, you couldn’t tell.  I’m extremely happy with my results of 1:36.56 and 9th female overall (68 overall in the race).  The winner won in 1:09.

Go father!

Question for you:

1.      Tell me some hilarious thoughts you have had while racing.

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  1. I do not like the starting corrals either — all of those people around me drives me nuts.

    You are so fast! And how awesome that your dad ran it too.

  2. Dude, you are fast! Congrats. And, I would have died without music. Died. I always think about food when I run as well. Oh, and how the running is toning my butt. I’m nothing if not vain.

  3. You are FAST! Please give me some of that speed! Naturally I love the Alyssa high-five 🙂 and SO FUNNY about the “my 15 yr old son” LOL like really? How creepy!!!

  4. HAHAHA.

    15. Omg there is a woman trying to high five me, oh wait, no that is Alyssa. I still want to meet you! Hi Alyssaaa.

    I scared you silly. “Pay attention to me!”

    You’re a rockstar. Let’s run soon.

    P.S. link me next time, lady! I could have missed that mention I got there! 😉

  5. oh my goodness, that is so unfortunate! i absolutely hate when I do stupid moves like that (why don’t I ever save until the end, it’s not hard, nottoself!) ahaha i love that you and the dadio set off at 5:23 on the dot! and ooh ouch! sorry about your ipod, talk about the worst place ever to figure that out!! but for realz, I LOVEd this step by step thought process recap! You are SO freaking funny! (miles 3-6 were decently thoughtless”) ahahaha and #17, what a creeper man! LOVE the finishers pick though! and mhmk i’ve often thought about being attacked by wild dogs on a long run all by myself…like this happens frequently, I am TERRIFIED of wild dogs (and mean pet-dogs!) they should really not bark, i mean them no harm!

  6. That was awesome! I loved your recap. I have ahd that happen with my iPod! It wasn’t at a race though, I would probably cry. Haha.

  7. Wow, you did great. I love that you thought of waffles to get you in the end. I have the weirdest thoughts while running, I try to think up life stories of other runners/walkers that I see.

  8. You are a hoot- LOVE this post.
    Pssk, you do not look like an ostrich- you look like a fab athlete, which you are.
    Congrats on the race girl- you did awesome!

  9. LOVE this race post! Your thoughts are so random, but I love it! the only thought I have when running is, IS IT OVER YET? so how can I learn to run like you…..

  10. Hahaha, that is awesome. I want to think back and do that for one of my races.

    Good job Mama! You kicked that half’s butt! I want to run a half this summer I think. Maybe a full in the fall again.

  11. I can’t believe your ipod incident! That sucks. But the random thoughts are fun, I must say. Number 17 made me lawlz. Lovin’ the race pictures.
    I could not tell you how many weird thoughts I have on runs.. I tend to voice them, so my running buddies would be able to tell you. Usually I talk about chocolate. It’s the endorphins.

  12. DANG. Amazing. You are awesomely fast. So when I’m racing in swim all my thoughts are pretty serious and focused. When I practice it’s usually just random thoughts about what I’ll do with the rest of my day or counting laps. It’s the same for biking and running really but some times I think things like:

    “Is this guy drowning?”
    “There was a dead duck here last week, I wonder where it went…”
    “OH MAN I WANT (insert food here)”

  13. Haha awesome recap Hollie! It’s funny you posted this- whenever I run I come up with a million things that I’m like “that would be really funny to Tweet about” and I then I think about how I would write it… and usually don’t end up doing it lol

  14. Wheeee go Ostrich Girl!! Haha I LOVE that photo of you!! Brilliant!! 😀

    I remember at my last race seeing a chocolate bar on the floor, and thinking about stopping to grab it. The only reason I didnt was cos it would’ve damaged my time 😛

  15. I don’t like running with music. I love your random thoughts! Yesterday when I ran I counted rabbits (10), wondered what would happen if a snake jumped out of the brush and bit me, though “oh wow thats a really pretty horse” “I wonder if the people who live in that house over there would mind if I go run through their sprinklers” “wait, you arent supposed to be sprinklerizing in the middle of the day in az!” “maybe I should avoid that creepy hobo guy over there.” “ew, my phone is really sweaty. I need to give it a bath when I get back” “Vibrams aer gross and hot and sweaty, why the hell am I wearing them?” *promptly takes them off and now has to hold sopping wet with sweat shoes*

    Okay you have probably had enough of my running thoughts. Imagine what I think about during swim practice… Lol

  16. #3 was one of my favorite thoughts. You said “Go your Mom” HAHAHAHA I love you 🙂 Bestie 🙂 Also.. the thing about being 15, I feel ya! This one time a boy was like so how old are you? I was like 17 and was like well i’m 13 and I run cross country. I was like COOL BYE. Haha 🙂


  17. wow!! great job!!! that’s awesome. this was very entertaining and fun to read. 🙂 i don’t know what i think’s not anything to do with runnning…haaha.i try to get my mind out of that department.

  18. HAHAH! I love that you shared your thoughts! I ran a race once and thought I was not cut out for running because I felt like my legs had cinderblocks attached to them when I got to the last mile.

  19. I’m not a natural runner, my body rebels against such a thing. So usually, when I try to run, I think about the side stitch forming and how I need to tell my body to shut up and go a little further. So long answer short, I yell at myself.

  20. OMG–I hate heavy breathers. I always get around all the old men at the beginning who are running 8 minute miles and look like they’re going to have a heart attack on the course! Oh, and I experience that when Kevin won his cheese hat. I was on 6.5 and he was probably 9-10 miles in. And too cool to even wave and smile at me. Even though I was 10th in my verrry old AG of 35-39!

    And get used to the high school comments. I still get “what school do you go to,” and I’m 35. It gets better!

  21. Uh, I’m usually thinking “Dang it, why’d I have to spot that mile marker. Now I know how much further I have left.” That or I’m waving to other runnings that I just had passed going the other direction while running trails (not races).

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