April Training: Getting Back to It

me running

My only goal for April was to build back mileage after the LA Marathon, and I did just that. I don’t want to jinx it, but after Los Angeles, I took time off, rested, and recovered, and a month and a half later, I don’t think I lost any fitness. I am starting back faster than I was in January when I started training for the marathon.

Miles Run: 306
Shortest Run: 1 mile
Longest Run: 16 miles
Range of Paces: 6:34-18:00-untimed
Pt Mugu Trail Race (1:54.33)
Broad Street 10 Miler (1:10.08)
Workouts: 3
Swimming: 27 miles


Whew, this month was a lot. As most people know, my husband left for a six-month deployment. It felt like the month was divided in two, before and after he left. The first part of April was spent getting back into running and the week before was extremely stressful, which was showcased in my running. There were days I could barely run at 10-minute pace. It could be because my body was adjusting to the mileage again but also stress is stress. Now that he’s gone, it’s a little easier to keep moving on. I have a lot planned in the next six months to keep me busy.

The second half of the month running I started to feel good again. That was partly because I felt like I fully recovered from the marathon, but also because while he is away, I am focusing on “getting faster” at running, which includes sleeping more and eating well. (note: not eating less but eating better foods to fuel me). Most people struggle with not getting enough sleep, I am one of them so instead of wasting time on social media, I’ve been sleeping more.

Pt Mugu Trail Race (1:54.33)

I had a long run on April 24th I averaged a 7:50 pace, which is faster than any of my long runs before the marathon. I ran a 1:10.08 at Broad Street. I knew on a good day, I could run under 1:10, but it wasn’t a good day for me. I had to stop to pee, stop to tie my shoe (together adding about 30 seconds), and then it torrentially downpoured at mile 9. My boots got heavy fast (something everyone was dealing with). So I know I can go under 7 minutes for 10 miles, which is kind of a massive revelation for me right now. I haven’t run that fast in a while (2021?). My PR for Broad Street is 6:10 pace, and this was my slowest race, BUT I could barely run 5 miles under 7-minute pace this time last year (before all my flu issues). So I am slowly making progress. I’ll be curious to see how the same 5 miler goes next weekend.

Swimming has been going well. My good friend and swimming partner is back in the pool after almost a year off due to having her baby so it’s been fun to swim with someone again. I plan to continue swimming as I think doing other things besides running has been good for me.

me running

What’s Next?

In the last six months, I plan to go “all in” or more in, running. If I can’t do it now when I have no responsibilities but work, then when can I? I don’t know where that goal will take me, but I am continuously focusing on rest, recovery, and doing the little things (which I haven’t done in a few years).

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Questions for you:

How was your month of training?

What is your goal for next month?



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