Trifecta Meal Service Review

I was excited to try the Trifecta Meal Delivery Service. I’m currently cooking for one, so I’ve wanted to try more food delivery services that make it easier, less time-consuming, and just more fun. Trifecta is a prepared meal delivery service that centers around active lifestyles.

Trifecta Pros:

  • Science-based approach featuring organic food
  • Tracking app and nutrition counseling available
  • You can quickly bring it with you

Trifecta Cons:

  • Choosing plans and meals is confusing
  • Some meals are bland

About the Brand Trifecta:

Trifecta uses a science and nutritionist-based approach to help customers transform their overall health. They have macro-focused and low-carb dishes and other “normal options.” The bread and butter of Trifecra is their tracking app, and the meal delivery service is second. It offers nutrition plans and more.

Two siblings founded Trifecta and focused on organic, clean food. The brand aims to help customers change how they eat and live. They target fitness and people with an active lifestyle.

How Trifecta works:

Trifecta can be confusing and, quite frankly, intimidating to start your order. There are so many meal plans and options, plus not every dietary meal plan offers any chance (likely you’ll never have a Keto and budget meal prep together…but who knows). Anyway, it does take a little more time and effort to choose meals than, say, choose 12 meals, and they’ll be delivered to you.

They offer six types of dietary meal plans:

  • Whole30
  • Clean
  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian


  • Mela prep
  • classic
  • budget meal prep
  • meat lovers’ meal prep

Finally, they offer several options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and snacks). Almost all of the meals are portioned and prepared. All you have to do is reheat! I was looking for reheat only because I wanted easy-to-prepare food at work.

Meals arrive on Friday or Saturday, and Trifecta delivers to every state and even the Mojave Desert (wahoo, this was surprising). They claim you can keep food in the refrigerator for up to seven days or in the freezer for three months. Meals can be heated in the microwave, oven, stovetop, or air fryer. They are small and easy to transport.

My Experience with Trifecta:

Choosing Meals: A Surprise for Everyone

As mentioned in the beginning, choosing meals with Trifecta is overly complicated. You fill out all the details, dietary preferences, and allergies, but you won’t get to choose your meals. This probably polarizes people into really liking it or heating it.

I am on the side of liking to choose my meals, but it can be fun not doing that occasionally. You won’t know your meals until they are delivered to your house.

Actual Meals: How do they taste?

Most of the Trifecta Meals have between 300 and 600 calories. The lower calories make an easy snack before swimming; the higher calories are filling. In general, I was split between really liking some of the meals and some of them felt a little bland. I had two shrimp meals and felt like the shrimp didn’t heat well. Together with the rice, it just felt bland. Was it terrible? No, but it was flavorless, and I would have preferred something else.

Other meals I enjoyed had beef or salmon (the salmon reheat surprised me too). In all, I liked more meals than I didn’t.  I saved the meat for work and the fish for at home (LOL, reheating fish is not always my favorite thing to do, especially at work).

Because you don’t get to choose your meals with Trifecta, it is tough to want to order again. I did like most of my meals, but not all of them. If I could choose the ones I tried, I would order again, but there is a risk of getting several meals you don’t care for.

Meal Prep:

The meal prep option is an excellent and cheaper way to build your meals from Trifecta. You can choose the types of meat you want and the types of sides. For instance, you add four servings of salmon for $37.49 and four servings of rice for $10.99. This creates four meals of salmon and rice for just under $50. Other options include bread, hamburger, turkey burger, steak, shrimp, chicken, and quinoa.


Trifecta’s meal costs seven meals between $105-$120. The Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, and Clean eating are all $110, whereas the high protein vegan or vegetarian is $105, and classic meals cost $120. This is a little bit more expensive than competitor brands.

Trifecta Conclusion:

I am a fan of Trifecta, and I think it’s a meal delivery service I would do occasionally. I’m not sure it’s something I would do “every week,” but it tastes decent.

Who should buy Trifecta? If you are single or looking for quick, healthy, portioned meals. Or you want to use their food tracking app if you like the surprise of not knowing what meals they’ll send you.

Who should not buy Trifecta? If you are looking for fancy meals or enjoy picking out your meals. If you are risk-averse and don’t want to end up with meal selections that might not be your favorite, it’s probably not the best choice.

You can purchase Trifecta here and see all the food reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Trifecta?

What is your favorite meal delivery service?