Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Shoe Review

I was excited to try the Mizuno Wave Sky 6. I’m no stranger to Mizuno shoes, and the Wave Sky was actually one of the first I tried a few years ago.  Since then, I usually have had a Wave Sky in my rotation. I appreciate it’s an easy run shoe, and because of how it rides, there isn’t a temptation to “run fast.”

We all need easy runs shoes in our rotation. They might not be the most glamorous shoe, but easy run shoes are essential for training.

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Quick Facts:

Weight: 9.1 oz

Heel Toe Drop: 8 mm

Price: $169.95

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Introruction:

The Wave Sky 6 is a premium trainer. This year it features a new recycled upper and is slightly wider (hoorah!). The ENERZY Core and ENERZY midsole have a ton of cushioning. Yes, it contains more cushion than the Wave Rider but doesn’t have stability like the Wave Horizon. This year’s version isn’t too updated, so fans don’t have to worry: has the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 changed too much?

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Shoe Review

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Fit:

Mizuno has always run long and lean. Their fit is typically on the more narrow side. As mentioned, the Wave Sky 6 is slightly wider this year, and its midfoot has an average width. The plush tongue is comfortable on foot.

The rearfoot and heel collar also has plenty of cushioning. The Wave Sky 6 feels how a premium shoe should feel: highly cushioned and luxurious. The best-running shoe uppers disappear off your feet, and the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 does just that. You don’t have to worry about anything rubbing or irritating. While the shoe is wider this year, it still follows the general last of Mizuno of being long and lean.

The stretch-weaved upper fits well, but it does concern me it might overheat when drenched with sweat or inclement weather. I didn’t have this issue with previous models, in fact, the first time I tried a previous version was in the torrential rain. While I haven’t had this issue with the latest Wave Sky 6, I also haven’t put it to the test. I would be curious how the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 upper holds moisture. While I appreciate shoes made from recycled materials, in this case, you can tell the Wave Sky sacrifices durability.

The best running shoe uppers disappear off your feet. Everything about the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 is plush and comfortable. I haven’t really had any issues with fit and hot spots. My only concern is how the shoe feels when it gets soaking wet.

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Shoe Review

I’ve typically worn a size 10-11 wide in running shoes. I can’t recall when I’ve worn less than a size 11 in Mizuno running shoes, and the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 is no different. The women’s size 11 in the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 fits the best.

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Ride:

The Wave Sky 6 is designed as a high-cushioned daily trainer. It’s the shoe when you want to log many miles. The ENERZY CORE and EMERZY midsole provides a softer ride than the staple Wave Rider. I often compare the Wave Rider and Wave Sky because the Wave Sky is a shoe made for people who want more cushion. The Wave Rider has plenty of cushion, but the Wave Sky has more.

The Mizuno Wave foam features a wavy structure of two different layers of foam:

  • MIZUNO ENERZY CORE: Designed as Mizuno’s most responsive material in the midsole.
  • MIZUNO ENERZY: Designed as a more responsive version of the 4ic. It makes the Wave Sky rider softer and less firm than the Wave Rider.

Durability and Traction: Durability and traction are among the most vital pieces of Mizuno shoes. You know they will last a LONG TIME. The Mizuno Wave Sky 6 features Mizuno’s “X10,” made from durable carbon rubber. I’ve run in the Wave Sky in several different weather conditions including pouring rain and haven’t had any issues with traction. I also use it regularly on the trails with no problems of sliding.

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Shoe Review

As far as durability, I’ve also put about 200 miles on the Wave Sky 6, which continues to hold up. I suspect it will get 400+ miles.

I figured the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 would be an easy run/daily run trainer, and that’s precisely what it is. It’s a shoe I like when I am tired and want a super easy run. While it’s not as soft as a Hoka running shoe, it has more cushion than any other Mizuno shoe. I’ve picked up the pace in the past, but I don’t enjoy running fast in the Mizuno Wave Sky 6. It just feels too heavy and bulky to do so.

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Conclusion:

Who is the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 made for? Someone is looking for a highly cushioned daily trainer. If you have more narrow feet, you’ll probably enjoy the fit of the shoe. It does run wider than previous years and accommodates more foot types.

Who is the Mizuno Wave Sky 6 not made for? Someone with wider feet or looking for a responsive, faster-running shoe. If you like “feeling the ground” when you’re running, it’s probably not your shoe.

The Wave Sky 6 is a great high-cushioned trainer and is one of the most durable. If you want something with little more shoe, you’ll probably enjoy the Mizuno Wave Sky 6. The update isn’t “huge” so if you previously liked the Wave Sky, you’ll probably enjoy this version too. Easy run shoes aren’t the most hyped on social media, but they are the most important shoe in your rotation.

Mizuno Wave Sky 6 Shoe Review

My Current Shoe Rotation:

Easy/Daily Runs: Antepes Muscle Runners, Tracksmith Eliot Runner, New Balance 1080v12,  Saucony Triumph 19, Mizuno Wave Neo Ultra, 361 Centauri

Speed Work: Hoka Solimar, Altra Vanish Carbon, 361 Flame, Nike Tempo Next%, Reebok Float Ride Run fast Pro, Nike ZoomX Streakfly

Long Runs: ASICS Superblast

Trail Running/Hiking: Brooks Caldera 6, Saucony Peregrine 12Hoka Torrent 2, Hoka Zinal Shoe, Speedland SL: PDX

Races: Nike ZoomX Streakfly, Asics Metaspeed Sky, Hoka One One Rocket X, adidas Adizero Pro, New Balance Fuelcell 5280Nike Next%,  Saucony Endorphin Pro 2Reebok Run fast Pro 

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Mizuno Wave Sky 6?

What is your favorite easy-run shoe?