Bermies Review

Bermies Review

As summer approaches, I was excited to try Bermies. Inspired by Bermuda, they are made for warmer weather. Not just that, but they have focused on sustainability, and I’m a huge fan of any brand that does that.

About the brand Bermies:

The Bermies name pays tribute to the island of Bermuda. They are inspired by the vibrant colors, crystal clear turquoise waters, and pink sand. Did you know Bermuda was the lead for making shorts popular worldwide? In many parts of the world, shorts are even referred to as Bermudas!

Gear I Tried:

So obviously, I didn’t try the men’s clothing, but my spouse did. Bermies does make more men’s clothing than woman’s. I wondered, is the women’s clothing just as good?

Men’s Grey Quarter Zip:

The Bermies Quarter Zip is an excellent option for outdoor activities. It’s made with “thermo-active” tech and is lightweight and fast drying.  Designed with the golf course in mind, it is perfect for keeping you comfortable and performing your best while you play.

What makes the Quarter Zip Different?

  • Thermo-Active Fabric Tech
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
  • quick-drying
  • Sweat-wicking and anti-odor
  • Breathable fabric
  • Lightweight and comfortable

Right off the bat, my spouse appreciated how lightweight the Bermies Grey Quarter Zip is. He has used it several times for running and hiking, and it fits well. One of the best features is how fast it dries. In the desert, we get temperature swings of 20+ degrees in a couple of hours, so it’s nice to have something that dries quickly (from sweat!). It has an interesting “plasticky” feel. It doesn’t feel “rough,” but it’s not soft either.

Bermies Review

Men’s Black Avocado:

Cost: $59.99

The Bermies Black Avocado is designed for performance. The shorts are made with sweat-wicking and anti-odor technology. Plus, they have a soft, anti-chafing compression liner. The compression liner also has a pocket for your phone.

What makes the Men’s Black Avocado Shorts Different? 

  • 90% Recycled Polyester, 10% Lycra
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • 4 Way stretch fabric
  • Pocket for phone in the liner
  • Sweat-wicking and anti-odor technology

We arrived in Northern California a couple of weeks ago, and my spouse had forgotten all his running shorts except the new Bermies at home—no better way to test them. The black shorts are essential, but a super fun avocado compression liner is underneath. It isn’t visible when running, so no one has to know.

The Bermies themselves are super breathable and feel comfortable during all the runs. The compression piece was lightweight and breathed well (which was essential in the warm weather). My spouse usually wears a men’s medium in running clothing and the Bermies Black Avocado Shorts fit true to size. They weren’t overly tight and the compression piece felt snug without being tight.

Bermies Review

Women’s Volley Shorts:

Cost: $39.99

Even on their website, much of the men’s apparel has full details while the women’s does not. There wasn’t any information on the Volley Shorts. I assume a reasonable amount is recycled polyester.

A lot of effort is put into the Bermies men’s clothing, whereas women’s is just ok. But it also could just be the pieces I was lucky to review! I have a hard time wearing white shorts anywhere besides the beach just because they are see-through. They are shorts that could use a liner. As mentioned, they are fine for a beach cover-up.

Typically in running shorts, I wear a size small and the Bermies Volley Shorts were no different. They fit well and true to size. The wider waist band is comfortable and I didn’t have any issues with chafing or rubbing.

Like the rest of the Bermies fabric, they feel somewhat “plasticky”. Not in a bad way but in a way, these are made from recycled water bottles. I’ve run in them once, and they are fine, but they’ll live as a beach cover-up short for me. They are comfortable to wear and didn’t cause chafing or hot spots, but I don’t want to wear them out because they are see-through. I think the beach is their true intention anyway. I would love to see thicker shorts with compression, like the men’s compression gym shorts! But the Bermies Volley Shorts are only $39.99 which makes for a great deal for a lightweight pair of shorts.

Bermies Review

Bermies Conclusion:

If you are looking for fun beachwear or men’s workout gear, Bermies is an excellent option. Overall, I am a fan and love what they are doing with sustainability. They have some cute items, and I’m eyeing the Women’s Patagonia next. Who can’t use more Sherpa fabric?

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Bermies?

Where is your favorite pair of running shorts from?