NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides Review

NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides Review

I was excited to try the NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides. I am a huge fan of recovery slides and generally wear them when I’m not at work or running.  I am glad the age of the $1 flip-flop is slowly coming to an end. Nothing makes my feet happier. I was excited to see NORTIV 8 making less expensive but high-quality outdoor gear!

NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides Review

About the Brand NORTIV 8:

It’s hard to find much information about the brand and when and where they were developed! In their search for making superior outdoor shoes, they discovered many outdoor hiking boots and shoes were overpriced and beyond people’s reach. They looked at various brands but could not find anything priced accordingly and functioning well. They started Nortiv8 to offer shoes that used high-grade materials but were still attainable to customers. Each of the NORTIV 8 is designed and developed in-house!

NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides Review
How fun is this box?

About the NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides:

I hadn’t heard of the brand NORTIV 8, so I was interested in trying their slides. I firmly believe many people are being priced out of running shoes or athletic gear because it’s all getting expensive. (and yes, I understand inflation) but I was excited to see what NORTIV 8 is doing in the outdoor space. Cheaper gear for all? Sign me up.

NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides Review

What makes the NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides different? 

  • 1.50-inch platform
  • Cushioning: The dual-layer construction features different densities on the footbed and outsole. This alleviates foot stress post-workout.
  • Firm shell protects the feet.
  • Arch Support: The contoured EVA footbed cradles arch with a 6 mm raised area.
  • The textured footbed keeps feet in place while moving.
  • Easy To Clean: The removable footbed makes them easy to clean. I don’t know of any slide with a removable footbed!
  • Wear-Resistant: The textured EVA outsole provides long-term durability and stability when walking on wet or dry surfaces (like the pool deck!).

NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides Review

My Experience with NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides:

It’s rare to find any slides in a shoe box, so I wasn’t sure what I was opening when they arrived at my door. But the box is fun. Right off the bat, I was amazed by how thick the footbed is. I don’t think I’ve seen a thicker footbed (and I’ve reviewed Oofos and Hoka). Plus, I do appreciate it’s removable and comes out to wash.

The Look of NORTIV 8: The recovery slides come in several colors, including pink, black, marble, tan, and ivory. I am a bright-colored person; the only brightish color offering is pink. I was immediately drawn to the giant logo on the side of the slide. As far as slides go, it’s one of the better-looking slides in the recovery world space.

Sizing: I usually wear between a women’s size 10-11 wide running shoe and a size ten casual shoe. I found the NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides size 10 to fit perfectly. My feet had plenty of space to breathe, and I didn’t find anything too tight or my feet sliding around.

Walking around in the NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides, you can definitely feel a difference between them and other brands. They are much softer, like your foot sinks into a bit of marshmallow. Many other brands have a lot more cushion but are also much firmer. These are just very soft.

There are no rubbing, chafing or hot spots when using it. It’s getting hot in the Mojave Desert, so I didn’t have any rubbing, even on hot days or when my feet were sweating. This is important because most people wear slides in the hotter months, so you don’t want sandal blisters or chafing!

NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides Review
So much cushion in the actual insert

Durability and Traction: While there is no rubber on the bottom of the NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides, there is plenty of durability and traction. The thick sole allows you to walk around on wet surfaces. Why would you use the NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides on wet surfaces? The shower, pool deck, etc. I don’t have to worry about sliding or falling.

Regarding durability, I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and used them most days with no issues. They look like they will last a long time. They will feel much less soft when it’s finally time to retire them.

Walking around, they are super comfortable, and I’ve worn them 8-10 hour days when I need extra comfort. They are staples when I’m not in work or running shoes.

NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides Review

Price: $

The NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides are just $30 and cheaper than any competitor. They are about half the cost of many competitors.

NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides Conclusion:

If you want a well-cushioned slide, consider the Recovery Slides. They have just as much cushion as more expensive brands but just 1/2 the cost.

Who should buy the NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides? If you’re looking for a high-quality sandal after a workout or need something with cushion due to injury.

Who should not buy the NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides? There isn’t a reason you wouldn’t want them to be honest. The only defense will be if you’re looking for a bright-colored slide.

You can purchase NORTIV 8 Recovery Slides here and see all gear reviews here.

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