Yvette Apparel Review

Yvette Apparel Review

I was excited to try Yvette apparel, especially their High Impact Bras. If you’ve never heard of them, they are a women’s activewear brand specializing in sports bras. Each sports bra comes in 12 sizes, and some come in more. Plus, the gear is cute!

Yvette Apparel Review

About Yvette:

Yvette’s motto is “be active, be daring, be inspired” and aims to help women in different age groups & body types be highly active.

Yvette is a women’s activewear brand that aims at providing high-quality, professional and activewear. The goal is to be friendly to every woman offering support for whatever your needs are. At Yvette, they believe all women should have their size of sports bras. They have 12 different sizes of sports bras, and some styles are even subdivided into 70.

About Yvette Clothing:

Yvette Clothing is built on the principle of “3 C’s”.

  • Confidence: They are confident the quality of products will make you feel more confident through the experience of wearing them.
  • Comfort: Yvette uses the most comfortable fabrics.
  •  Characteristic: They also have unique designs that highlight every aspect of feminity.

Yvette Apparel Review

My Experience with Yvette Clothing:

I tried a few different items. Since they are known for sports bras, I wanted to start there. To give you a good idea of me, I’m 5’8 and typically wear a size small sports bra and XS bottoms.

Enfold Criss-cross Strappy (£34/$44.85):

The first thing I noticed with the Criss-cross Strappy is the built-in pads. They aren’t the removable cups, but they are sewn right in. This is what women want!

Size: small (sizes available XS-5XL)

I usually wear a size small sports bra, and the Criss-cross Strappy fits true to size.

Materials: 83% Polyester 17% Elastane

The Criss-cross Strappy is designed for high impact, such as running. I like that the design is unique and even though it’s cute, it functions well in movement. There is also a hook in the back but it doesn’t rub or chafe.

The first run I used it on felt great. It was comfortable; I didn’t chafe. As I got into some warmer weather, I noticed how well the Yvette Bra felt just as good. I’ve used it several times and gotten a few compliments.

Yvette Apparel Review

Power Back: (£30/$39.40)

The Yvette Power Back is one of their staple high-impact sports bras. The back is a fun strappy design that keeps you supported.

Size: Small (sizes available small to 5XL)

Material: 83% Polyester 17% Elastane

Putting the Power Back bra to the test made me nervous. I’ve had issues in similar styles that don’t fit my back well. I found the Yvette Power Back to fit well, and I had no major issues. While running, I didn’t fit it slide around or move, and it supported me well. Plus, as the weather gets warmer, I also found zero chafing. This is one of the more supported bras I’ve tried, and it fits and feels good. If you are looking for something more supportive, then Yvette Power Back is a great option.

Yvette Apparel Review

For a Better Day High Waist Legging: (£27/$35.46)

Material: 75% Polyester (recyclable), 25% Elastane

Size: XS (sizes available in XS-5XL in four colors)

As many people know, sustainability is important to me. As a runner and hiker, I want to protect the world we live in. I appreciate that Yvette has designed several pieces using sustainable and recycled materials.

I am picky with my leggings. I prefer a high waist and don’t want anything see-through. I want to feel good in the leggings. The Yvette leggings are high-waisted and flattering. They quickly became one of my favorite pairs of leggings!

I’ve also run in them a few times and felt good the entire time. They breathe well and are comfortable in movement. They stay put and haven’t fallen down. Honestly, it’s surprising how inexpensive they are for the high quality.

Yvette Apparel Review


Comparing Yvette to other brands, it’s on the less expensive side. Many high-impact sports bras now cost between $50-$60, and you can easily find leggings for around $90-$100. Yvette products are every bit as high quality/

Yvette Clothing Conclusion:

I’ve quickly become a Yvette Clothing fan. All of the gear I’ve tried is comfortable, and I don’t have to worry about chafing. Plus, they are inexpensive. There isn’t anything I don’t like about Yvette, and I’m excited to try other pieces. Yvette has already become a staple in my rotation.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Yvette?

What is your favorite clothing brand?