FITS Socks Review

FITS Socks Review

I was so excited to try FITS Socks. If there is one thing, runners can never have enough socks. Truthfully no one can ever have enough socks.

FITS Socks Review

About the brand FITS:

FITS created merino socks in 2010, but their founder Bob Yoe spent most of his career running factories that produced one million socks per day (yes, one million). Of course, in 25 years, the industry has changed. Bob was unsatisfied with the norms and decided to do something different. With a colleague, he set out to make the best and most comfortable socks ever.

Each FITS sock is held to the highest of standards. They use the best materials available and invest in American Work. So yes, all FITS socks are made in the USA.

FITS makes running socks, hiking, skiing, tactical, cycling, compression, etc.

About FITS Socks:

As mentioned, FITS makes several types of socks. You don’t need to be a runner, and they pretty much have something for every sport. I decided to try the light no-show socks and the hiker crew. Crew socks are imperative when hiking because you never know what your ankles might brush on.

The FITS socks are designed as no show that won’t disappear into your shoe. They have high-impact cushioning where you need it and not where you don’t.

FITS Socks Review

What makes merino wool so great?

  • Prevention of Odor: The natural properties of Merino wool help prevent odor and keep germs and stink out.
  • Prevention of Feet Overheating: Merino wool always naturally wicks moisture away to help feet and shoes dry.

What makes FITS Socks Different? 

  • Patented Full Contact Fit® hugs the contours of your foot and stays put. This means there are no loose socks in your shoe, and they won’t fall in your shoe.
  • Toe and heel lock with high impact cushioning

FITS Socks Review


  • Super-fine Merino Wool 73%
  • Nylon 21%
  • Polyester 4%
  • Lycra 2%

My experience with FITS Socks:

I always get nervous with merino socks. I love the feeling of merino socks, but if done incorrectly, merino socks will cause your feet to overheat. In the past, I’ve had some bad models. Since we are getting into the warmer months in the Mojave Desert, I don’t want anything that causes my feel to overheat.

Right off the bat, FITS socks fit comfortably. I wear a women’s size 10-11 wide shoe and found the large FITS sock to be the best. It fits well and hasn’t shrunk in the washing machine; what more do I need?

While running in the FITS, I haven’t had any issues with breathability. Even when it’s getting warmer, I don’t worry about my feet overheating or becoming a soggy mess. I haven’t had any movement, and it hasn’t created any blisters. In all, it fits well and breathes well. I’ve also used them for several hikes from 5-10 miles, and they fit and feel great.

I’ve also found they smell a lot less than traditional socks. If you’ve ever done a hot or humid race and taken your socks off, you know how much socks smell. These don’t.

I also love the look of some of the FITS socks. Of course, they have the basics like black, white, and grey but they have fun higher socks. The pair I have has a cool hiker vibe tree detail.

FITS Socks Review

Finally, and maybe most importantly, they are high quality. You don’t have to worry about them shrinking in the wash. If only I could not worry about them going missing in the wash.

FITS Socks Review

Cost: $15.99+

Depending on the sock, they cost anywhere between $15-$35.99. The compression socks do cost more. Generally, they are the same price as other merino or higher quality socks.

FITS Socks Conclusion:

I am pleasantly surprised with FITS Socks fits and feels. I find them comfortable for running, hiking, and living life and haven’t had any issues with hot spots or blisters. I think next, I’ll try some more of their hiking socks. The summer months mean you never know if there are some sort of critters or weird plant you might rub up against. I, for one, like to avoid ticks. I am a big fan and I’ll continue to use them.

FITS Socks Review

You can purchase FITS Socks here or see more gear reviews here.

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