Pandora 2 Diner (Cinnaminson)

Pandora 2 Diner (Cinnaminson) pork chops

While in New Jersey, I went to the Pandora 2 Diner in Cinnaminson. It’s been several years since I went to the original Pandora Diner in Springfield. The Pandora 2 Diner was actually once the Jersey Diner but has since gone under new management. I thought I went to the Jersey Diner more recently than in 2016, but time flies. Anyway, truthfully it looks nearly identical to the Jersey Diner but with a new name.

Pandora 2 Diner (Cinnaminson)

Pandora 2 Diner Atmosphere: A

If you are looking for the most stereotypical diner in the land, you can’t beat the Pandora 2 Diner. The outside is chrome, while the inside is as retro as can be. There is a full-length bar with plenty of shiny tables and booths. You walk in next to a giant dessert bar, and boy does it look good. It looks like they just ordered “retro diner” online. A big metallic and shiny diner? What more could you want.

Coffee: A

The coffee at the Pandora 2 Diner was brewed hot and fresh and tasted great. I have no complaints.

Pandora 2 Diner Food: A

Whew, I think the Pandora 2 Diner menu is the biggest diner menu I’ve ever seen, and after 400+ diners in the US, I think that says a lot.

There were at least 4 pages of specials. I decided to stick to the specials because it seemed overwhelming to look at eight full pages of food. I think the Pandora 2 Diner probably has over 500 menu items. There are 36 omelet choices, ten different wraps, 10 different paninis, 19 different burgers, 30 sandwiches, 5 grilled cheeses, 23 different salads, 40 mini meals, etc. The list is truly endless. A few of the Pandora 2 Diner menu items that stuck out to me include:

  • Bourbon Style Salmon that included broiled salmon with Jack Daniels sauce
  • Big Apple Land and Sea that included grilled steak and scallops in lemon butter sauce
  • Apple Gorgonzola pork loin with fresh apples topped with gorgonzola cheese
  • Macho men fried platter which came with fried flounder, clam strips, and tartar sauce
  • “Our famous Grilled Chicken” which came with asparagus, mushrooms with fig balsamic sauce
  • The 36 Omelet Choices: There is an omelet for every flavor and style.
  • Golden brown hotcakes (pancakes) with raisins and walnuts. I’ve never seen that at a diner before?

As you can see, they have plenty of options from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you can’t find what you are looking for, I don’t know what to tell you. You can see the full Pandora 2 Diner menu here.

Pandora 2 Diner (Cinnaminson) pork chops

I decided to order the apple gorgonzola pork lion since I haven’t had pork chops in a while. It also came with two sides and soup or salad and dessert. It was delicious. There were three pork chops and enough green beans to feed three people.

Pandora 2 Diner (Cinnaminson) green beans

Despite running 10 miles that day, I still had enough food for two entire meals. Not only was it a substantial portion, but it tasted good too. What more could you want? How many times have I used what more could you want in a review?

Pandora Diner 2 Dessert: C

My meal came with a free dessert, and I was able to choose from cake of the day and several different types of puddings and jello. I opted for the cake of the day, which was raspberry. It was a little drier than I prefer, but it was decent. My guess is it was sitting for a little while.

Pandora 2 Diner (Cinnaminson) cake


The waitress was friendly, and the food came out fast. I have no complaints.

Cost: $

For my pork chops and coffee it was $15. I’ve probably been in California too long, but I could not believe it. That would easily be a $30-$40 meal on the west coast.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Pandora 2 Diner?

I really liked the Pandora 2 Diner, and I have no complaints. There are so many different menu options I want to try. It was cheap, good food, and fast service. Plus, it couldn’t look any more like a diner if you tried. To add to the trend of this review: what more can you want in a diner?

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: A

Food: A

Service: A

Cost: $10-$15

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

Have you been to the Pandora 2 Diner?

What is your favorite dinner option?

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  1. Me and my wife have been going there for a few months now. It is our favorite. Food portion is good. Service is good and a nice atmosphere. Pretty good prices also.

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