Asics Nimbus 23 Shoe Review

Asics Nimbus 23 Shoe Review

The ASICS Nimbus 23, also known as the gel Nimbus, has been around for 23 versions. This makes it one of the longest-standing shoes in the running industry. That means it must be good, right?

Asics Nimbus 23 Shoe Review

Throughout the years, I’ve had a Nimbus in my shoe rotation. Some years are better than others, and some years the Nimbus is “not great.” A few years ago, if you asked me: “is Asics a good running shoe brand”? I would say not really. They were in the flip phone stage when the rest of the running shoe world evolved into smartphones. ASICS has slowly caught up, and their shoes are getting better and better. According to Asics, the Gel Nimbus 23 is one of the smoothest rides from the Nimbus.

Asics Nimbus 23 Shoe Review

Asics Nimbus 23 Quick Facts:

Weight: 9.2 oz

Heel to Toe Drop: 13 mm

Asics Nimbus 23 Shoe Review

Asics Nimbus 23 Fit:

When you first look at the Asics Nimbus 23, it doesn’t look much different than the Asics Gel Nimbus 22. Did Asics really even change much? According to Asics, they have changed the outsole.

The fit of the Asics Nimbus has always felt premium and plush. This is still the case of the Gel Nimbus 23, and probably why I appreciate it so much. The tongue and heel counter are both padded and luxurious. The tongue is now attached in the Asics Nimbus 23, so you slide around a lot less.

One thing to note is 20% of the Nimbus upper is now made with recycled materials to reduce waste and carbon emissions. As I mentioned previously, I appreciate brands that are taking steps to be more eco-friendly. 

As far as fit, the Gel Nimbus 23 fits a lot better than it has in previous years. There have been years of the Asics Nimbus that I cannot even wear a female wide shoe. The fit has just been too narrow. This year, the women’s size 11 wide in Asics Nimbus 23 fits perfectly.

Asics Nimbus 23 Shoe Review
I love how plush everything about the Nimbus looks and feels

Asics Nimbus 23 Ride:

The changes in the Asics Nimbus 23 come in the feel and ride of the shoe. Asics has added more Flytefoam to the midsole, and it feels more responsive and less dense. Slowly the Asics Nimbus has become a more responsive trainer. It used to be; you wanted the Asics Nimbus 23 for those super easy days where you were planning to run as slow as possible. Now, you feel as though you can pick up the pace if you want.

Inside the Gel, Nimbus 23 is two different foams: Most of the Asics Nimbus 23 uses Flytefoam. In the back sits Flytefoam Propel, which is an EVA-TPU blend. What does this mean? Since they are similar in densities, the ride of the Nimbus 23 is smooth and transitions well from heel to toe.

Asics Nimbus 23 Shoe Review
You can see some of the gel.

Asics has always excelled in the outsole of their shoes. The Gel Nimbus 23 has two different rubbers on the forefoot and rearfoot. They use durable AHAR+ on the heel. I wish they had also used the AHAR+ on the forefoot to add more durability as well. Hopefully, this is a change made in the Gel Nimbus 24.

As far as traction, the Asics Nimbus 23 responds fairly well in inclement and rainy conditions. It often rains in Napa, so I’ve found myself running in the rain more often than not. The Gel-Nimbus 23 responds well, but not as well as if they had added the more durable AHAR+ rubber. Is this a deal-breaker? No, but would it enhance the shoe by a lot? Yes.

Asics Nimbus 23 Shoe Review
There is a lot of traction in the Nimbus…probably one of the best.

Interestingly enough, and something I don’t know of many other brands, the Gel Nimbus 23 has gender-specific forefoot grooves. We know men and women run differently, and Asics has accommodated that in their shoes.

I’ve always used the Nimbus as an easy day shoe. That is what I’ll continue to do with the Asics Nimbus 23, but I feel it responds well to slightly faster runs.

Asics Nimbus 23 Conclusion:

I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with how much I like the Gel Nimbus 23. There is plenty of cushion, but I also feel as though I can finally pick up the pace and run a little faster. It doesn’t feel like a clunkster under your foot anymore. Asics has been doing great things, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next. ‘

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Questions for you:

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