Terry’s Diner (Eugene, OR)

Terry's Diner (Eugene, OR)

Wow, it’s been a long time since I went to a new diner. I was excited to try Terry’s Diner in Eugene, Oregon, and cross a diner in Oregon off my list. After traveling through a large portion of Oregon, I didn’t have a “diner in mind” but knew I wanted to go to a diner. Terry’s Diner was a good stop.

My preference with restaurants right now is takeout. I’m not sure when I’ll “dine-in,” which does change diners’ vibe. You don’t get the same classic feel of a diner but ordering takeout.

Terry's Diner (Eugene, OR)

Terry’s Diner Atmosphere: A
Terry’s Diner is located in a shopping center. It’s not the big, metallic diner your picture in the movies, but it does stand out in Eugene. When you walk in, you get the diner vibe. There are plenty of booths and tables as well as a full-length bar. When I arrived to pick up my food, it wasn’t too crowded. Although at 10 am, I am sure many college students were still sleeping.

Terry's Diner (Eugene, OR)

Located close to the University of Oregon, I would assume most restaurants have a full bar setup. Terry’s Diner is no different and has one of the most extensive bar setups I’ve seen for a diner. In fact, if you only looked at the bar area, you would mistake the dimly lit area to be a bar.

Terry's Diner (Eugene, OR)

Terry’s Diner Coffee: X
I didn’t order any coffee this time around. I haven’t loved ordering takeout coffee, so I haven’t.

Terry’s Diner Food: A
There are plenty of options on the Terry’s Diner menu. While they don’t have a website, the entire Terry’s Diner menu is located on their Facebook page. I used that to call in my order. You can order the typical egg and omelet options, pancakes, sandwiches, and dinner options too. They are open until 7 pm, including dinner for me but not for everyone. They also have many fun options like Hawaiian omelet with pineapple, stuffed hashbrowns, and many fried fish options.

Terry's Diner (Eugene, OR) clubhouse sandwich

I opted for the clubhouse, which you could choose ham or turkey. I chose turkey, and it came with turkey, bacon, tomato, mayo, lettuce, and fries. The clubhouse was great. Sometimes with diner sandwiches they are impossible to eat because they fall apart. The clubhouse was held together well and easy to eat. It tasted good, and the fries were perfectly crispy. In all my meal was great and I would order it again.

Terry's Diner (Eugene, OR) clubhouse sandwich

Terry’s Diner Service: A
The waitress at Terry’s Diner was friendly, and the food was ready when I arrived. When I got there, she said: “are you my takeout” which made me chuckle.

Terry’s Diner Cost: $
For the clubhouse, it was $11.99, which may be more expensive than a lot of sandwiches I’ve ordered, but it was good.

Terry’s Diner Conclusion:
If you are in Eugene, Oregon, Terry’s Diner is a great stop. I had a good meal, and I will definitely be back. Hopefully, next time, I’ll be able to dine in. It’s the perfect diner for a college town, but really it’s a great diner regardless. I’m glad to check it off as my (first) Oregon diner.

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Questions for you:
Have you been to Eugene, Oregon? Do you have a favorite Oregon Diner?
What is your favorite diner?

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