Wayne Hills Diner and Restaurant

Wayne Hills Diner and Restaurant

Last month, I was up in Wayne, Nj and decided to make a stop at the Wayne Hills Diner and Restaurant.  I heard it was a good diner and I was eager to try it.  I arrived for lunch around noon, and they were busy which is always a good sign.

Atmosphere: B
The outside of the Wayne Hills Diner is nothing to write home about.  It’s well kept but looks like a typical restaurant.  It’s a regular building versus a shiny, metallic one!

The inside, however, is a very stereotypical diner.  There is a huge bar with plenty of seating as well as a lot of shiny booths and tables.  It fits the stereotypical diner bill.

Coffee: B

Wayne Hills DinerThe coffee was good but nothing to write home about either.  They brewed Lacas coffee which is based in Pennsauken, NJ.  The coffee tasted as if it had been sitting for a while, which was surprising because the diner itself was crowded.  Was I only one who wanted coffee at the diner? Lacas Coffee is a South Jersey specialty, so it was disappointing they didn’t take care of it.

Service: F
The service was not great, in fact, it was terrible (Something I’ve only said in maybe 5 out of 130 diner reviews).  It took over 10 minutes for the waitress to acknowledge us, then she forgot our order and came back 20 minutes to ask us what we ordered.  That signaled to us: “I haven’t put your order in yet.”

Several tables who ordered later received their food well before. The waitress also didn’t refill our beverages until we begged her.  Honestly, it was one of the worst diner services I’ve ever had.

Food: B
Food wise, the Wayne Hills Diner has every option a diner should have. You would struggle not to find something you would like there.  There was an entire page dedicated to over 25 different salads.  They have plenty of specials as well.  Long story short, the menu is huge and can accommodate anyone.

Since I was hungry, I ordered the Greek Antipasto appetizer.  It came with grape leaves, olives, hummus, and spanakopita.  I was surprised it didn’t come with pita bread.  Are you supposed to eat the hummus with a spoon?  My favorite part was the spanakopita.Wayne Hills Diner

I also ordered the California Club which came stacked with grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce and tomato.  The sandwich was huge.  The club was great, but it was odd that a club sandwich didn’t come with fries.Wayne Hills Diner

Cost: $
For my coffee, sandwich, and appetizer, the cost was $22.  To be honest, I probably wouldn’t order the appetizer again because it wasn’t great.

Overall/would I come back?
I was turned off by the service, so I probably won’t be back.  The food wasn’t anything to write home about, and nothing sticks out to me.

Close by diners:
Pompton Queen Diner (one of my top 5 favorites)
Gotham City Diner
The Six Brothers Diner

Atmosphere: B
Service: F
Coffee: B
Food: B
Cost: $8-15

Overall: C

Questions for you:
Have you had extremely poor service lately?


WIAW: Public Health Conference Style

As you may or may not know, last week (or two weeks ago..I don’t remember…) I went to a big public health conference and it was a lot of fun.   A big misconception about people in the public health field is that we eat perfectly…all the time…

That is false my friends.

Also false is the only part of health is nutrition.  Whenever I mention I work in the Public health field on the blog, I 95% of the time get the response of:

“I would love to work in health, I read about nutrition and healthy living blogs already so much”

My job is not to read healthy living blogs…and it really doesn’t even relate to nutrition half of the time.  I’m sorry, just as people went to college for math, science, English…whatever…I went to school for public health.  I have a huge basis of knowledge that isn’t limited to nutrition and healthy living blogs.  Public health isn’t just nutrition or lowest calorie being best. 

While obviously I love blogging about living “pretty” healthy and working out, that isn’t my main focus with work and I irks me to no end when other bloggers believe they have the same amount of knowledge of public health.  Even more so saying yeah that seems so easy because I read all these blogs and blog myself.

 If you haven’t completed a four year degree in public health, community health…some sort of health, please don’t claim we have the same basis of knowledge.    I do not claim to be an expert in anything but I do claim to have a very strong basis in public health.

Okay end rant. 

Now on to WIAW at the conference. 

hoarding coffee…classic…

Mushroom salad and apple crisp with coffee

salmon and snap peas, chipoltle salad (with lots of guac) and smoked turkey sandwich with pretzels

salmon and snap peas with also fruity cheesecake

Confession number 2: Because I do work out more then most other people…I get hungry more then everyone else.  While all this food was amazing…it was NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ME…Did it feel awkward I was eating twice as much as most people?

blueberry cheesecake, cupcakes galore (I had 3) and Guinness beer

Somewhat…but  I was over it.  I packed a ton of snacks and went from there.

Oh and I dug out some real girl clothes too 😉

PS: If you are interested in doing a PMB {physical, mental and brag post} tomorrow link up.  Where are the weeks going seriously!?

Questions for you:

1.       Have you ever been to a conference?

2.       What irks you about your job? 

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