29 Years Old

29 Years Old

Today is my 29th birthday.

For some reason, I always imagined at age 29; I would look and feel older.

Maybe like an adult? It hasn’t come (yet). Anyway, looking back at age 28, I had a great year. I’ve been an “adult” for a decade now.

What Did I Do During Year 28?

Last year, I started age 28 with my first “real” trail race. I ran the Copper Mountain 25k, and it was one of the best running memories I’ve had.

under armour copper mountain race me running

It’s hard to believe that was a year ago now!

under armour copper mountain race me running

Last summer, I did a lot of traveling up and down the East Coast. We visited family, I saw friends from college, and I just had a good summer. In August, I ran/hikes my second trail race in Killington, VT. To me, it was more challenging than the race in Colorado because the terrain was much more technical. Then in the fall, I changed gears entirely and trained for the NYCM. I didn’t think I would do another marathon, but when the opportunity to run in the “sub-elite” corral presented itself, I couldn’t say no. I’m glad I did, and it was one of the best running experiences I’ve had.

New York City Marathon me running

Since the NYCM, running hasn’t quite come into place. I’ve trained, but I haven’t had any “spectacular” or amazing races. I’ve had a lot of great and fun races, but I’m well off PRs. Right now, I’m content with that.

In January, my husband and took a trip out to California. We drove from San Diego to San Francisco and just explored. We had no agenda (as most of our vacations are).

Hiking anderson park santa clara county

Marin Headlands San Francisco

The highlight of the Spring was adopting my two cats: Frick and Frack. I always had cats growing up, and I’ve wanted them for years, but our landlords or landladies always said no.

Finally, after proving we were good renters, they agreed. We found these two cats at the local shelter, and when I found out they had been there for five years (YES 5), I knew I wanted them. They were shy at first but have come out of their shell.

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The last few months have been quiet as far as personal and running life goes. I’m training for the Big Cottonwood Marathon in early September.  Running another downhill marathon terrifies me because the last one wasn’t my favorite race ever — cheers to doing things outside of your comfort zone.

Fulfilling my other hobby, I also went to over 50 New Jersey diners last year and have now been to 253. I don’t know if I’ll make it to 300 (if we move).  When I started this journey 5 years ago, I never imagined going to 250 diners. But as they motivational quotes say: you never know until you try! Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ

Anyway, thank you age 28 for the memories and to family and friends for supporting me!

This year, I wanted to do something and different for my birthday, so on July 20th, I’m running the Teterboro 5k to Homes for Our Heroes: a mission to build safe, affordable housing for military and military families.

This includes Veterans who have nowhere to live as well as military families in the NJ area.

I appreciate anyone willing to donate and support this cause with me.

My goal is to reach $500 and any amount matters. Here is the link if you are interested.

Questions for you:

Tell me about a charity you support.

What did you do for your birthday? 




Cape May 10k (42:35)

Cape May 10k (42:35)

The Cape May 10k begins my racing to get back into shape.  It’s been mentally tough to start at one of my slower points in many years, but it is what it is.

After going to a college roommates wedding on Friday in Baltimore, we got home late Friday. Cape May is about 90 minutes from my house, which means between the 2 hours to Baltimore, 2 hours home, then 90 minutes to Cape May, my car got a workout before the race. Did all of this play a role in how I raced the day after, probably.

I like Cape May a lot. It’s a small town and one of the most beautiful in NJ. I take any opportunity to get down there. I got there around 7:20, ran a couple of miles and got to the start around 7:55. After talking with a new friend, Sandy, we were off.Cape May 10k me running

During the first mile, I felt pretty good. I thought: maybe this will be the unicorn day that surprises me with how I feel. I logged a 6:36 mile and was pleased.

The second mile looped around the shore, and we got a little breeze. It was lonely, and I found myself running alone the entire time. It felt like a time trial. I ran a 6:43 and I couldn’t get a groove or find a new, faster gear.

Between the 2nd and 3rd mile, the 5ks headed toward the finish line and truthfully I was jealous. I was over the race already. I hit the third mile in 6:48.

Cape May 10k me running

I tried everything to get back into a better headspace — just three more miles. Already halfway done. I couldn’t get back there. I didn’t give up, but my legs felt like they hit a wall. I ran the 4th mile in 6:59.  I was running alone and it just felt like I couldn’t find a faster groove.

The next two miles were just focused on the finish line. I got to run with my good friend Skip, who I run with regularly back home and training. We tried to keep each other motivated.

Cape May 10k me running

I hit mile 5 in 7:01 and just kept going. We ran up on the boardwalk, and I nearly slipped and fell on the sand. At 5.5, you can see the finish line, and it does not feel like it’s getting closer. I weaved around a few 5kers and crossed in 42:35.


I would be lying if I was particularly pleased with a 42:35 10k, but it gives me room to improve. The next day, I ran 12 miles and ran my last 3 miles at 7:08, 7:01, 6:56 and felt better than the 10k. I’m actually racing several 10ks this summer. I plan to keep racing and hopefully race my way back into shape.

Also thank you to my good friend, Lindsay, for the photos.

Questions for you:

Have you run a 10k?

What’s your favorite town in your state?

Training Recap: Running and Travel

Training Recap: Running and Travel

As I mentioned in my May training log, last week, I’ve been running but not making running a priority.  Right now, I’m “running for fun,” and while I’m still in great shape, I’m not in 100% peak performance shape.  Which is fine!

Anyway, last week was a good week of training, and I spent the weekend hanging out with my family up in Newport Rhode Island.  My brother, Matt, is finishing up another school before heading back overseas for a couple more years.  Last time, I went a couple of years without seeing him, but it’s been nice to see him several times while he has been in various schools over the calendar year.  We’ve hung out in VA, NJ, AZ, and now RI.

Last weeks training was decent.

Monday: 60 min easy run/short hike at the Delaware Water Gap
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes
Wednesday: 12x400s averaging 87 with 90 seconds jog
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Easy 60 minutes
Sunday; Newport 10 miler

Where to Start?

As always, the easy runs are just that…easy.  I don’t usually time my easy runs and keep them super relaxed.  There are some days my body decides 8:30 miles are comfortable, and other days 10 min miles are easy.  I never push the pace and running without a GPS always helps that.

12X400s with 90 seconds jog (averaging 87 seconds)

I was actually pleasantly surprised.  I do my workouts on roads, and I was hoping to be around 90 seconds.  My legs also felt like bricks so when I saw my average was 87, I was happy.

Newport 10 Miler (1:03.57):

I knew I wasn’t in the same shape as Broad Street last month, but I also knew Broad Street is a fast course.  Newport is along the water, and it was much hotter.  Plus, I would classify the race as “hilly” but there are rolling hills along the entire course.  It’s beautiful and one of the most scenic races I’ve ever done. I was pleasantly surprised with my race and have no complaints.  I’ll have a full race recap sometime during the week.

Posts from the Week:

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Do you have any goals for June?

The Gateway Diner (Westville)

The Gateway Diner (Westville)

Recently I went to The Gateway Diner in Westville, NJ.  It’s relatively local but not one I had been too.  I went on a Sunday around noon, and it wasn’t too crowded.  I was pleasantly surprised since Sunday for lunch is usually one of the busiest times.

Gateway diner westville nj

Atmosphere: A
The Gateway Diner appears to be a regular restaurant, but on the inside, it’s all diner.  Each table is even complete with a jukebox.  There is everything you imagine in a diner including a massive bar, plenty of booths, and tables. There are a few specials written above the board as well.

Gateway diner westville nj

Coffee: B
The coffee at the Gateway diner was good.  It wasn’t anything or unusual, but they did provide plenty of refills, and I have no complaints.

Gateway diner westville nj

Food: B
The Gateway Diner has all of the basics of a diner.  There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  I wasn’t too hungry, so I decided to order a greek salad with chicken.  I was surprised at how large it was and as well as the amount toppings there were including anchovies.  Personally, I like anchovies.  In all, it was a great salad, and I have no complaints.  It was good for what I wanted for the day.

Gateway diner westville nj

Service: A
The waitress was extremely friendly, and the food came out quickly.  It couldn’t be any better.

Cost: $
For my salad and coffee, the cost was $11.

Summary/Would I Come Back?
I enjoyed the Gateway Diner a lot and was pleasantly surprised by the entire diner.  It’s definitely one of my favorite in the area.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: B
Service: A
Cost: $7-15
Overall: A

You can see all 189 Diners I’ve reviewed here.

Questions for you:
Do you like anchovies?
Have you been surprised by a restaurant lately?

Training: Plugging Along

Training: Plugging Along

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been running.  I don’t consider myself “out of shape” by any means, but I’m not in peak shape either.  I’ll have more about that on my monthly recap log. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and while yes I’m running, yes I try and run most days, I haven’t found myself actively seeking a goal or goal race. I’ve found myself putting life events ahead of running on more than one occasion and that’s fine. To be honest, I need this time and history have shown both May and June to be rocky and injury prone months for me, if I push, push push.

I’ve run a few sub 18:30 5ks this year, but right now I know I’m not capable of breaking 19 without putting back in the time and effort to training for it. Is 19 a great time.  Of course, is it a PR for me…no.

Anyway, this week was fine. I opted not to race on Saturday.  My husband and I got back late on Friday from a fun flight up to Connecticut.  Then Saturday was busy, so I wanted some time to sleep and for myself.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 4X1 mile at 6:15 with 90 seconds rest
Thursday: Rest
Saturday: Easy 10 miles with my husband
Saturday: Easy 30 minutes
Sunday: Long Run: 14 miles with 7 at 7:30 pace


As I mentioned, easy runs were just that easy.  I skipped a race on Saturday which I have no regrets about.  I took an extra rest day on Tuesday because my body needed it.

Wednesday:4X1 miles with 90 seconds rest

The workout itself felt challenging but fine.  I feel good about it and getting a workout in.  The weather was good, and it was nice not to worry about a downpour or too much humidity.

14 Mile Long Run:

This is my longest run in over a month, and I’m satisfied with it.  I’ve run faster, but I’ve also run slower.


I’m happy with this week.  It’s good for where I’m at right now.  I’ll be able to train and race more regularly.  Summer running doesn’t typically bring PRs due to heat and humidity, but I do want to enjoy it…who doesn’t?

I get this a lot because I have an “active running blog.”  I like running, but it’s not the focus on my life, and I don’t live, breath and dream running.  It’s just one hobby I have, and this month it’s not even the main hobby.

Posts from the Week:

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite workout?

How was your week of running?

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