Vincentown Diner (Revisited Again)

Vincentown Diner carrot cake

Vincentown Diner (Vincentown, NJ)

Throughout the six years of living in NJ, I’ve been to the Vincentown Diner about 30 times. I’ve reviewed here and then again here.  So this is the third time!

We used to live closeby and it was our “spot.”  Since we moved over 20 miles away, there are closer spots, so we don’t get out to the Vincentown Diner as much. For those who don’t know, the Vincentown Diner was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Vincentown Diner Atmosphere: A

I was excited to see what changes the Vincentown Diner made. This year, the Vincentown Diner went through the exterior makeovers that makes it look more modern and clean.

Vincentown Diner

The inside of Vincentown Diner looks like a stereotypical diner with a full-length bar, plenty of tables, and booths.  It is about the same over the past few years.

Vincentown Diner Coffee: B

The Vincentown Diner coffee was decent. I appreciate how big the mug is and the waitress added whipped cream. They do charge 75 cents for whipped cream. I don’t mind paying extra for the whipped cream, but 75 cents always seems like a lot.

Vincentown Diner coffee

Vincentown Diner Food: A

The Vincentown Diner is known for its farm to table menu. All of their ingredients are locally sourced and they even have organic eggs. The Vincentown Diner menu has all of the stereotypical diner menu options, but they are higher end. They are well known for their pancakes, mile-high meatloaf, chicken cordon blue, chicken breast, mashed potatoes, crab cakes, prime rib, and burgers. I decided to order a burger. The burger itself as delicious and the bun was one of the best I’ve had. Something to keep in mind is the portion size at the Vincentown Diner is smaller, but the quality of food is there.

Vincentown Diner burger

Vincentown Diner Dessert: A

I decided to order the carrot cake. The Vincentown Diner has a revolving menu of desserts, so they don’t always have every type of cake at all times. I do wish they served more cakes because it always seems like all they have are pies. I was delighted to see the carrot cake. It was delicious.

Vincentown Diner carrot cake

Vincentown Diner Service: C

Throughout the years, the service has always been lackluster, and this was no different. The service started off well, but when we were done with our meals, we waited an additional 20 minutes for the waitress to come back. She walked by our table several times. She was nice, but we couldn’t figure out why she began ignoring our tables.

Cost: $$

The Vincentown Diner is expensive and most meals cost between $15-20.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I like the Vincentown Diner and it’s a good stop. The burgers are good, but I do wish they served different desserts and the service was better.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite type of cake?

What is a restaurant you’ve been too multiple times? 

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