Stay Safe.

Exactly one week ago I tripped and fell.  While I wasn’t in a lot if pain I did have to stop my run.   I was extremely lucky that I was only a quarter of a mile from my house.  If I was any further I would have needed to be picked up to get home safely.  After my fall I began thinking of ways to stay safer while running.  I even asked Facebook for some tips as well!  (Thanks for sharing!)

Tip to stay safe while running

If I run alone I always run with my phone.

Not to blog or update my Twitter but incase something happens and I need to be reached or I need to reach out for help.  

For instance if I was 5 miles away from my house when the incident happened, I would have called someone to pick me up.  If I didn’t have my phone I would not have been able to do that.  I’m honestly not sure what I would have done.

As runners, we take a lot of things for granted…including our safety.  To be honest you can never be too safe while running.  Here are some tips and basic rules I like to follow while going out for any run:

  1. Run with identification.  Personally I like to run with my phone as well as an ID inside my case.  It might seem bulky but I always want to be sure in case of emergency I have something.
  2. Tell someone about how far you plan to go and your basic route.  It might seem silly but if you were expected to run 2 miles and you are gone gone 2 hours….something doesn’t add up.
  3. Don’t run the same route daily.  You truly never know who is watching.  Make sure to run different routes at different times.  This is one of the most important but often overlooked rules of running.
  4. In safety two is better then one.  The old buddy rule right?

    Run with people. It's fun that way.

    Run with people. It’s fun that way.

  5. Run against Traffic. This is a huge one for those living in more rural areas. I’ve run in both the middle of nowhere and the city.  It’s important to run against traffic at all times. You can see who is coming and it’s easier for drivers to see you.

Questions for you: How do you stay safe on a run?

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