PonyFlo Hat Review

Ponyflo Hats

PonyFlo Hat Review

One thing I’m trying to incorporate more into the blog is reviews of running and fitness things that aren’t shoes.  For the longest time, I was a visor only person. A regular ballcap would give me hat hair for a week and honestly, after losing my hat at Shamrock 2016, I was over hats.

Ponyflo contacted me a few weeks ago to try their hats. Before looking, I thought, Nah. Then after reading more about them and noticing the design, I thought it might be what I’ve been looking for along.  While Ponyflo sent me a hat to try, I’m not obligated nor being paid to write a review.

So What is a PonyFlo Hat?

Typical ballcaps and hats have a fixed hole in the back. If you have long hair, it makes it impossible to pull your hair through. You either lose hair or the hat doesn’t come off.

Ponyflo hats have a unique design that allows the entire hat to open in the back.  This means if your hair is long or thick, you can adjust to let your hair to “flow” through easily.  When you take the hat off, you don’t lose hair. Ponyflo hats use a tangle-free adjustable Velcro opening in the back.

While PonyFlo Hats Make their Active Design, They also make lounging around “game day” hats, beanies, and what caught my eye first: Cat mom!

Are PonyFlo Hats Good for Running?

I was worried by how PonyFlo Hats would stay put when running. I’ve used the Classic Active Hat a few times on pouring rain and windy runs and it’s stayed put the entire time. I haven’t had issues with it falling off, coming undone, or just being uncomfortable. Like a visor, I forget it’s there.

If you are like me, with long or thicker hair and looking for a hat: PonyFlo Hats are a good fit for running and working out.  Finally, it’s the first baseball hat designed by a woman for women.


Finally, Ponyflo Hats was nice enough to give a discount code for all readers. Using Fueledbylolz will get you 25% of your purchase.

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Questions for you:

Do you have issues with hats and running? Do you wear a hat while running?