New Balance 1500v5 Shoe Review

New Balance 1500v5 Shoe Review

New Balance 1500v5 Quick Facts:
Heel to Toe Drop: 6 mm

New Balance 1500v5 shoe review

While I have not run in previous versions of the New Balance 1500, I can tell you the upper has been redesigned while the sole remains the same. Unlike many neutral flats, the New Balance 1500v5 is a rare shoe with support but also lightweight. It could be used for a 5k as well as the marathon. In fact, I originally decided to try the New Balance 1500v5 in hopes I might like it for the New York City Marathon. I do like it, but I haven’t determined if it will be my marathon shoe.  I think I need more shoe.

New Balance 1500v5 Fit:

The New Balance 1500v5 fit is simple and sleek. Unlike the New Balance Fuelcell 5280, the New Balance 1500v5 uses a thin synthetic mesh upper called “Fantom Fit.”Since the New Balance 1500v5  is meant to be a “fast” racing shoe, it does fit more snug. I would find somewhere to try them on before blinding getting a pair. With the minimal seams, I haven’t had any issues with blisters or rubbing.

It fits well to my foot. In running shoes, I wear anywhere between a women’s size 10-11 wide. I find a women’s size 10.5 to fit well in the New Balance 1500v5.

New Balance 1500v5 shoe review

New Balance 1500v5 Ride:

The New Balance 1500v5  uses a midsole with REVlite foam.

Anyway, what is “REVlite foam”?

REVlite foam is a different foam than New Balance fresh foam and Fuelcell. Since New Balance is such a large brand, they can get away with having multiple different foams.  The Revlite midsole makes the New Balance 1500v5 light but firm. It’s a fast ride and reliable support throughout the entire run.

The New Balance 1500 series is known for the support too. Unlike the New Balance 1400, the New Balance 1500v5 has denser foam towards the medial side to give support. If you pronate but are still looking for a lighter and more supportive marathon shoe, it’s going to be a good choice.

The traction on the New Balance 1500v5 is one of the better flats I’ve seen. If it’s rainy or inclement weather, your feet are going to grab the ground and not feel like you’re sliding around, which is essential because the Boston Marathon isn’t always wonderful weather.

When running, the New Balance 1500v5 feels firm. Since the New Balance 1500, has a 6 mm drop, you’ll feel the ground. Personally, I like the ability to feel the ground, but know I still have cushion. I’ve run several workouts as well as a few races and like the ability to feel the ground when running.

New Balance 1500v5 shoe review

New Balance 1500 v5 Conclusion:

The New Balance 1500v5 is a great racing flat and shoe. New Balance does claim the 1500 can be used up to the marathon. If I were in my running prime, I might try them out, but right now, I’m undecided. I have done track work, long runs, and races but I’m not 100% sure if my body would “love” running a marathon in them. For me, I think they are best suited as a workout and up to a half marathon distance.

Current Rotation:

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Long Runs: New Balance FuelCell RebelMizuno R2Hoka Cavu 2

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the New Balance 1500v5?

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  1. Holly, more or less, what’s the shoe life of the NB 1500v5… I have a pair of racing flats, Saucony fastswitch that I only use for racing (one 5k and a full marathon), and I always wonder about how many miles they will take…
    Thanks and keep the newsletters coming. I enjoy them!

    1. Most racing flats last about 200 miles. It depends on how hard you are on your shoes though.

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