NYCM Training Week 2: Building Back

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Getting Back into shape is tough.  Adding a marathon in less than a month doesn’t make it any easier.

The goal was to slowly add mileage and see where time takes me. As I mentioned in my September training log, my goal for the New York City Marathon is to start and finish healthy.  I don’t have a time goal and I’m not going to cram my month with too many miles. I know I’ll find myself injured with something else if I do that.

Monday: 6.5 miles with Haley
Tuesday: Easy 30 minutes
Wednesday: 6.5 miles with strides
Thursday: Easy 6.2 miles with Jen M.
Friday: Swim 3000 meters
Saturday: Easy 45 minutes
Sunday: Cow Town 10 miler (1:15.00)+wu/cd 15 miles



The week itself went fine. I’m still having some hamstring tightness (not hurt, just tight). I’m hoping it slowly goes away with a few more ART sessions with Dr. Craig from Dr. Kemenosh.

It was fun to run with a don’t have a lot else to say about the week. I’m happy to be running healthy again.

Cow Run 10 Miler (1:15.00):

This race was rough in many ways. First, it was my first run “fast” in 5 weeks. Second, since it was a point to point, we dealt with a headwind most of the race. Third, I opted to run in a costume which I quickly discovered was not breathable. During the race, I decided 7:30 was what my body felt like and I stayed there. Hopefully, fitness comes back soon.

I had a lot of fun running and even though it was a PW (personal worst), I don’t regret doing it and ripping the bandaid off. As far as my hamstring goes, it is sorer than I hoped, but it’s not terrible.  I don’t feel it when I walk or live life, but did feel it during our running cool down.

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Question for you: How was your week of workouts? 

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