September Training: Injury and New Races

me running winning 18.12 challenge

Like most of the month, this isn’t the training log I expected to write. I was hoping to write about how I conquered the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon. Sadly, that never happened.  While I’m sad, I don’t regret anything.

Miles Run: About 100
Rest days: 2 Full Weeks+2 during training
Range of Pace: 6:30-11:30-untimed
Races: 1812 Challenge (2:09.40/7:09 pace)
Cross Training: Swimming 5 times, Hiking 2X


September went through a range of emotions for me.


  • When I realized my injury was too deep to run my goal marathon: Big Cottonwood.
  • When I needed an MRI and I thought there was a possibility to something broken in the pelvis.


  • Why did this happen less than 10 days before my marathon?
  • When 10 days of complete rest went by and nothing seemed to get better.


  • When slowly I started feeling better
  • When my MRI showed I have no signs of stress reactions or stress fractures.


  • Winning the 18.12 Challenge, something I didn’t think was possible!
  • When my body slowly started to feel better.
  • When New Balance asked if I would like to run the New York City Marathon with Team New Balance.
  • Hiking. I just enjoy being out there.

Now that I’m going to do a mini buildup, towards New York, I have a new goal. My goal for New York is to start and finish healthy. I’m not going to force myself to run a lot of mileage. Ramping anything too quickly will result in another injury. I’ve told a few people but it’s hard to have a miserable time at New York City if you’re healthy.

As far as my hamstring goes, it never hurts when walking or living life. It only hurt with running. Early in the month, it hurt with any runner. Now, it doesn’t hurt with easy running, but I have yet to test it out with anything “fast”. I did a few strides a few days ago and while it felt tight, it didn’t feel bad.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it responds in a race setting.

My plan for October is just to slowly increase miles, get a few quality sessions and then run New York. I will be doing a few races to test out my hamstring as well. I don’t need any surprises at the marathon.

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Questions for you:
Have you run NYCM?
How was your month of training?