The Difference Between Runners and Non-Runners

The Difference Between Runners and Non-Runners

There are so many differences between runners and non-runners. It may be hard to remember, but there are people in the world that don’t run!  It’s a weird concept, but it exists.

The life of runners and non-runners is drastically different. I can remember when I didn’t run and can relate to all of these. Non-runners are cool people too, you know!  The differences between runners and non-runners can be drastic.

The Difference Between Runners and Non-Runners

How Do Runners and Non-Runners Compare?

Differences of Runner vs. Non-Runner Budget:

Non-runners: Non-runners save money for many different things: happy hour, the newest technology, or even a great wardrobe. Look at those ultra-chic sunglasses…glamorous.  Whatever it is, they put away money to do the enjoyable “fun things.”

Runners: We save money for new shoes, new workout clothes, and of course, races. Don’t forget saving for the latest GPS watch. The smaller the watch, the more money it is. Without these things, we can’t do what we love! Right?  Who runs without a GPS Watch? Barbarians, that’s who!  When we show up to brunch in an old ratty pair of running leggings…you know why!

Differences of Runner vs.Non-Runner Beauty Routine:

Non-runners: Non-runners know how to make their features look great. They might spend an hour preparing for the day and look flawless every single day. They have time to hit every last detail, all while looking through the best wrinkle cream reviews to boot. Each outfit is perfect.  Every makeup application is perfect.
Runners: Runners have mastered the ability to shower and put on makeup within 10 minutes. Did that runner just workout on the treadmill, or are those fashionable leggings? The lines are blurred, and the world may never know…Good thing fashion has evolved into a lot more comfort.

Differences of Eating on the Go and Snacking:

Non-Runners: Non-runners can go hours without eating. Forget to pack a snack? That’s fine; they just hit up the vending machine and are ready to go. 
 Life doesn’t revolve around snacking and being rungry all of the time. If a meeting goes late, oh well!

Runners: Our non-running friends know us as the vending machine to go. We have more snacks in our bags than a vending machine. Are you craving an apple or a chocolate bar? We have both. Runners are never without snacks because you never know when the stomach will start talking. When Runger hits, you have approximately 5 minutes to get us to the nearest food supply, or you will see rage that you have never seen before.

Differences of Runner Vs. Non-Runner Week Days:

Non-Runners: Sleep until appropriate, wake up, get ready for work, and arrive to work on time. Spend work time doing work, get lunch, or relax, and eat packed lunch. Leave at the appropriate time, do an hour of exercise for overall health, or whatever, come home. Eat dinner, relax and go to bed.

Runners: Wake up at 4 am to get a run in. Shower, get ready for work, drink coffee in the shower, and get to work on time. When lunch hits, either tank a “runch” or running lunch,” or gobble down lunch at the desk. Do more work, go home, get a second run in, or if you’re starving, eat, relax and go to bed.

Differences of Runner Vs. Non-Runner Weekends:

Non-Runners: After the workweek is over, non-runners often catch up with friends by going out for happy hour or dinner. They have a few drinks, dance, and let loose. Most of Saturday and Sunday is spent relaxing and catching up on other hobbies.

Runners: Runners look forward to the weekend too! It’s either race weekend or a long run weekend! Either way, we are waking up earlier than a weekday. We spend Friday night cuddled up in PJs, watching a movie, and in bed sleeping before 9.

Differences of Runner Vs. Non-Runner Weekend Brunches:

Non-Runners: Non-runners wake up anywhere between 8 and noon. After a well-rested sleep, they meet friends at a neighborhood breakfast spot. It doesn’t matter if it’s crowded because nonrunners are just waking up and going out to eat. They aren’t starving yet. Of course, our non-running friends look gorgeous and spent a few extra minutes getting ready for brunch. Heck, they might even fill up on mimosas beforehand! No wonder they are so happy waiting hours for a table!

Runners: On the weekend, runners wake up well before the weekday. We get our long runs in, and before we know it, it’s time to eat, and we are just trying to make it there on time. There is nothing more cringe-worthy than waiting for brunch after a long run. A messy bun, somewhat fashionable workout clothing, and an old pair of sneakers are our signature brunch look.

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Questions for you:

What is something you do that your “non-running” friends might not understand?

What are some differences between runners and non-runners you’ve come across?


  1. About six months ago, I saw your look alike at a bagel place (Bodo’s) in Charlottesville, where I live. I know you have visited here so I asked your look alike if she was a running blogger, thinking it might be you. She laughed and said, “That is funny. I would never run.”

    1. HA that is awesome and you’re right Wendy, I’ve spent some time in Charlottesville. Next time we should meet up in the bagel shop!

  2. My husband is not a runner. He often comments about some of these very things! My co-workers have made some pretty unkind comments about my snacking or size of my breakfasts/lunches. They failed to acknowledge that I ran more steps before work than they moved all week!

    1. Oh wow. That’s unfortunate. Running is not for everything but nothing is for everyone.

  3. This is hilarious! I literally ran this morning, drank coffee in the shower, and then put the same leggings back on.

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