Training Log: Snow Squalls and Treadmills

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Last week, was mentally challenging but I got everything I wanted too (as far as training goes).  There were a few days that weather made it challenging, but I got it done.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 60 minutes/Upper Body strength
Wednesday: 5X1000 averaging 6:40 pace, 90 seconds rest (total miles 10)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 60 minutes easy
Saturday: 60 minutes easy
Sunday: 14 miles progressive with 4 under 7 mins/core


Easy runs were just that, easy. Both Friday and Saturday were done on the treadmill due to safety.  Friday was cold, and I could have run outside but did I want to run outside? No. Saturday, I didn’t trust the black ice situation on the road and ran inside as well.  I wanted to race on Saturday but the race was postponed because of slick roads.

Workout Wednesday:

This was the workout that almost didn’t happen. Most people know I am a morning workout person and if it doesn’t happen before 10 am, it doesn’t happen at all. That wouldn’t work for me, so I started the workout at 1 pm. It was around 22 degrees.  It was extremely windy, and somewhere in there, we got a “snow squall” which I wasn’t expecting. Nothing stuck, and it was over as quick as it started. I feel proud I got the workout done, but do I think it was the most productive workout ever? No.

Sunday Long Run: 14 miles progressive with 4 under 7 mins:

Sunday’s long run was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I felt like I was able to get a good rhythm in my run. Plus, the weather was finally decent which helped. I’m hoping I can build upon that and get back

I’ve wanted to get back into strength and core for a while, so I’m trying to start adding it back into my routine.  I wrote about strength workouts I did a very long time ago, but nothing much has changed for me.  I prefer quick and easy.

Thoughts, I’m proud of this week and adding core and strength into my routine. It’s one tiny step in the right direction.

Posts from the Week:

Questions for you:

What is your favorite core or strength move?

How cold has it been where you live?

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  1. It doesn’t usually get colder than 20 degrees where I live, so I’ve been able to get my long runs in without freezing too much. I finished my first official week of half marathon training

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