Brooks Glycerin 16 Shoe Review

Brooks Glycerin 16 Shoe Review

For the past few versions, the Brooks Glycerin has been one of my favorite shoes.  It’s soft, neutral, and like a sponge underneath your feet.  If you’re looking for daily training with a lot of cushion, then the Glyercin is a great choice.

When the Brooks Glycerin 16 came out, I knew I wanted to try it sooner rather than later. After going through a few pairs of running shoes, I decided it was time to replace mine.  Keep in mind, I’m not associated with Brooks in any way.  I work in a running specialty store and like shoes.  Also what works for me, might not work for you so take every shoe review (including mine) with a grain of salt.

Brooks Glycerin 16 Shoe Review

So What Updates are there?


As with most running shoes, especially Brooks, most of the upper is now seamless.  It accommodates wider feet, bunions, and just more feet in general.  Seamless toe boxes allow companies to fix as many feet as possible. I wear a 10-11, and the 10.5 regular widths have been excellent for me.

The upper is a double mesh that is both breathable and stretches to adapt to movement.  Your feet don’t feel constricted (not that they ever should in a running shoe).  If your feet tend to overheat quickly, this breathability will allow for more airflow.

Brooks Glycerin 16 Shoe Review

The Ride:

More Cushion

Or as I say to customers that come into the running store, more cushion for the pushing.  The biggest update for the new Glycerin is the addition of the DNA Loft Cushion.  What does that mean?  Why does it matter?

DNA Loft Cushion is a combination of the Brooks signature material.  It’s a mix of their signature cushion: DNA foam, as well as air and rubber.  This provides a soft feeling while still responsive and “poppy”. Slightly Different from the Hoka Clifton, that is just soft all the way around.  The ride itself feels smoother.  You won’t feel like you’re clunking around in a high cushioned shoe.


I liked the Brooks Glycerin 15, and I like the Brooks Glycerin 16 just as much.  I don’t feel “too different” in the shoe, and for the past few years, it’s been a reliable shoe in my rotation.  I typically wear it in daily runs and occasionally for warming up or cooling down at a race too.

Current Shoe Rotation:

Daily Runs: Brooks Glycerin 16, Diadora Fly, New Balance 1080, Hoka Clifton 5

Workouts: New Balance 1400, Nike LT Racer

Races: Nike LT Racer, Nike Fly

(as you can see, I have a few reviews to work on, but I always wait until I have at least 100 miles on shoes)

Questions for you:

What is your current favorite shoe?

What is a shoe you’ve had in your rotation?


  1. I’ve been running in the Levitates (the 1s not the new 2s) since November, but haven’t ever run in the Glycerin. I’ve tried them on in my running store, and they sure are comfy though! I’d be interested in trying these new ones since I like the responsiveness and more bouncy feel from the Levitates.

    1. The Glycerin is great, I personally prefer the softness of it over the Levitate but the Levitate is an awesome shoe too.

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