NYCM Training: Peak Week

I seemed to bounce back well from my half last weekend.  It was nice to get quality miles in with just a few weeks before New York.  This was my peak weak for the race, and it was my most productive week of training.  So that’s a win in itself.

Monday: Easy 45 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 75 minutes
Wednesday: 3X1 miles (6:17, 6:15, 6:18) with a 1-mile jog in between (total miles with warmup/cooldown 10)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Heroes to Hero 5k (19:12) with warm up/cool down 9 miles
Sunday: 20 mile Long Run with Skip
Total: 59 miles


This is what you could consider my “peak” week.  I could use an extra few training weeks to make me feel “more confident” but a good friend of mine, reminded me all distance runners say they could use a few more weeks.  I would like another 2 weeks to add one more 20 milers in but that time doesn’t exist.

I mentioned, on my Crawlin’ Crab race recap, but I have a lot of lingering doubts for the marathon.  My primary goal is to start and finish another marathon healthy.

Many people have told me “sub 3” is easily attainable, but if it were easy, I would have done it.  My last 3 half marathons have all been around 1:30 which shows I’m not ready to maintain that for a 3:00 marathon. Yes, the weather has been a factor in all three, but it isn’t a factor that is going to allow me to run the same pace for 26.2 miles on a harder course. New York is a hard course, and my goal still remains to start and finish the marathon healthy.

I won’t say it’s hard to blog, it isn’t, but it’s been hard to explain to people I just want to finish a marathon healthy.  That isn’t something that comes easy to me. Finishing another marathon with any time, or pace would be awesome.

Workout Wednesday: 3X1 mile with 1-mile jog in between.

The workout went well.  I wanted to get something faster on my legs and decided mile repeats were good.  The two marathons I did train for, I didn’t do much speed. I didn’t many races either, and I know that is why I showed up stale to both races.

Heroes to Hero 5k: 19:12

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My goal was to keep improving.  Last year, I ran an 18:41 and I knew I wasn’t there.  It was raining during the race, and it was cold enough, with a slight headwind, that I found my Goretex jacket to work well.  Since it’s a point to point 5k, we got more headwind then not.  That’s okay, and I enjoy the course because it’s fun to “race somewhere.” I ran 6:16, 6:15, 6:06.  It’s the second negative split 5k I’ve had in a long time, which isn’t usual. I wish it had an extra mile because I was catching the 2nd place woman.

Long Run:

Last week was my first and only long, easy, run.  I was excited to go out with good friend Skip, who is training for the Richmond full.

Next week, I’ll be running the Atlantic City half.  As of now, it looks similar to the April Fools conditions of rainy and windy, but we will see by Sunday.  I would like to see where I’m at fitness wise (not in the heat) so it will be a welcomed change after extremely hot races.

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Questions for you:

How was your week of workouts?

What is your favorite and least favorite weather to race in?