ChicknLegs Space Cats Shorts Review

Recently I decided to try ChicknLegs running shorts.

ChicknLegs is relatively new and creates fun printed shorts.  ChicknLegs has everything from Space Cats, to Bread, to USA and flag-themed.  All of the prints are fun. If you’re looking for a fun short to show off your personality, these shorts are for you.

s Space Cats Shorts Review

ChicknLegs started with a simple mission: To build running shorts for all of the under-served distance runners. 

ChicknLegs wanted to create a running brand centered around “short shorts” and the following core beliefs:

  • Running shorts are short.
  • Running shorts are fun.
  • Running shorts are comfortable.
  • Running shorts are affordable.

After trying the Space Cats print, I can say ChicknLegs follows all of those core believes. The ChicknLegs shorts are short, fun, comfortable, and affordable.

ChicknLegs Space Cats Shorts Review

About the Space Cats ChicknLegs Shorts:

When they came, I was delighted. As a cat lady, you can’t have too many cat things. The ChicknLegs Space Cats were perfect. Cats are floating around in space. Every time I look at them, I smile.

Typically I wear a women’s size XS in shorts, but I needed to size up to a small. If you order a pair, I recommend sizing up.  They have a 1.5-inch inseam, so they aren’t kidding when they say short. While they are SHORT, they aren’t any shorter than spandex, and I don’t feel as though anything is showing that shouldn’t be.

I appreciate the wide elastic waistband built into the short. Shorts with elastic twisting around never last.  The wide waistband keeps it from staying put. There is also a small zippered back pocket that can hold a gel or key. I’ve run with my key and haven’t noticed it, and it also hasn’t fallen out.

When running in the rain, ChicknLegs performed well, and I didn’t have any unusual chafing or find them falling.

Chicknlegs space cats

Finally, they are $34.99, which for a running short these days isn’t expensive, especially good quality shorts. I think I’ll order the Carbo Load Bread Short next (for all of that bread making I’m doing during social distancing…).

In all, ChicknLeg shorts are fun and I highly recommend it. I would go up a size since they run smaller than other brands of shorts I’ve tried.

After I asked, ChicknLegs offered to give readers 15% off by using the code: LOLZ15.  So thank you ChicknLegs for that!

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Questions for you:

What is your most fun pair of running shorts?  Have you tried ChicknLegs? 

Short shorts, yes or no?