Training: Plugging Along

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been running.  I don’t consider myself “out of shape” by any means, but I’m not in peak shape either.  I’ll have more about that on my monthly recap log. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, and while yes I’m running, yes I try and run most days, I haven’t found myself actively seeking a goal or goal race. I’ve found myself putting life events ahead of running on more than one occasion and that’s fine. To be honest, I need this time and history have shown both May and June to be rocky and injury prone months for me, if I push, push push.

I’ve run a few sub 18:30 5ks this year, but right now I know I’m not capable of breaking 19 without putting back in the time and effort to training for it. Is 19 a great time.  Of course, is it a PR for me…no.

Anyway, this week was fine. I opted not to race on Saturday.  My husband and I got back late on Friday from a fun flight up to Connecticut.  Then Saturday was busy, so I wanted some time to sleep and for myself.

Monday: Easy 60 minutes
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 4X1 mile at 6:15 with 90 seconds rest
Thursday: Rest
Saturday: Easy 10 miles with my husband
Saturday: Easy 30 minutes
Sunday: Long Run: 14 miles with 7 at 7:30 pace


As I mentioned, easy runs were just that easy.  I skipped a race on Saturday which I have no regrets about.  I took an extra rest day on Tuesday because my body needed it.

Wednesday:4X1 miles with 90 seconds rest

The workout itself felt challenging but fine.  I feel good about it and getting a workout in.  The weather was good, and it was nice not to worry about a downpour or too much humidity.

14 Mile Long Run:

This is my longest run in over a month, and I’m satisfied with it.  I’ve run faster, but I’ve also run slower.


I’m happy with this week.  It’s good for where I’m at right now.  I’ll be able to train and race more regularly.  Summer running doesn’t typically bring PRs due to heat and humidity, but I do want to enjoy it…who doesn’t?

I get this a lot because I have an “active running blog.”  I like running, but it’s not the focus on my life, and I don’t live, breath and dream running.  It’s just one hobby I have, and this month it’s not even the main hobby.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite workout?

How was your week of running?

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