Flying to Bridgeport, CT

flying over nj

As many people know, my husband is a pilot in the Air Force.  He also has his private’s license, so we are able to rent planes and fly to various places.  Due to being busy, life, and other interests we haven’t gone anywhere too exciting in a few months.  Last year was my first time going through the Hudson Corridor (around NYC).  We like flying there and it’s usually scenic.

The weather looked good last Saturday so we decided to fly back up to Connecticut.  We chose Bridgeport since it would be scenic and there was a lot going on around the airport.

We took off from Princeton Airport.  Tim’s been taking lessons to be an instructor there (so he can teach people how to fly…).

The morning of, we realized the Mets were playing which means certain parts of the Hudon, New York, and New Jersey Air Space are closed.  This is the same for any major sporting event.  When Trump plays golf in NJ, it essentially shuts down half of the state for private flying.  If you cross the airspace, you run the risk of getting escorted out by F18s.

We were able to fly around NYC going up, but coming back we had to stay clear and flew down through Western NJ. It ended up being a cool flight because we were actually above Newark Jets approaching.  It’s kind of crazy to look down and see a massive 737.

Here are a few photos:

Taking off from Princeton Airport

flying over nj

Flying over the Verrazano Bridge into NYC…who has started a marathon there?

flying over nyc

flying over nyc

flying over nyc

Down into Connecticut:

flying over ct

flying over ct

Coming back home.   On multiple occasions, we were about a mile away from 737s and other jets (which in flying world will cause your plane to beep: “traffic traffic”.

flying through nj

This was definitely one of my favorite views of the night.

It was definitely one of the more scenic flights.  We are hoping to fly to Block Island this summer as well as Montauk but we will see how schedules go.

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Questions for you:
Do you like flying?
Tell me a nonworkout hobby you have!


  1. We just hired an instructor who worked at Princeton at my airport! Small world.

  2. Looks like a great time. I love that you guys get to fly on planes for dates- it definitely beats riding around in the car arguing over where to go (which is what Clay and I do). Plus it’s awesome you got to spend some quality time with Tim too :).

  3. I posted the Edgemere diner on your Twitter. A few friends and I ride motorcycles and like to meet up at diners for breakfast some weekends. We often ride to Nancy’s airport cafe as it’s fun to watch the small planes fly in and out. Might be a good destination/waypoint for you guys. It’s located at Minute Man Airfield.

    Nancy’s Air Field Cafe
    302 Boxboro Rd, Stow, MA 01775
    (978) 897-3934

    A friend has done a google maps overlay of diners. New England Diners

    Wilson’s diner in Waltham is nice. I also like Chet’s diner in Northborough, ma.

    1. I appreciate you sharing this Todd. I do hope I’m able to make it out to either of them at some point soon! Diners on airports are definitely fun. There is a really nice restaurant I went to in Waterbury on the airport itself too. Do you live out that way?

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