Americana Diner (West Orange)

Americana Diner West Orange

Americana Diner (West Orange)

There are a lot of Americana Diners in the State of New Jersey.  There are also a lot of towns with the name “Orange,” but that is neither here nor there.  

Last week my good friend, and New Jersey Isn’t Boring website owner and I, and I met up to go the Thomas Edison Historical Park and a diner.  She shares the same love of diners as I do, and we’ve been to about a dozen together.  

Americana Diner (West Orange) Atmosphere: A

The Americana Diner (West Orange) is located on a cute main street but sticks right out with its retro silver and chrome exterior.  The inside of the Americana Diner (West Orange) is just as a stereotypical diner.  It seats about 25 and has a full-length diner bar, multiple booths, and tables.  

Image via New Jersey Isn’t Website

Americana Diner (West Orange) Coffee:  B

The coffee at the Americana Diner (West Orange) wasn’t anything unique or unusual, but it was good.  I had plenty of refills.  

Americana Diner West Orange Coffee

Like the Americana Diner (West Orange) itself, it was stereotypical (but good) diner coffee.  Americana Diner West Orange Coffee

Americana Diner (West Orange) Service: B 

The waitress at the Americana Diner (West Orange) was friendly and gave us plenty of time to order.  Since the diner was relatively empty, I expected the food to come out quicker than it did.  

Americana Diner (West Orange) Food: 

There are plenty of options at the Americana Diner (West Orange), but it’s also not a 20-page menu like many others.  I wasn’t hungry, so I ordered one of my diner classics (which I actually can remember the last time I did?), a Greek salad with salmon.

Americana Diner West Orange

The salad itself was a bit watery and could have used a few more greens but had olives, anchovies, and a lot of onions.  They added a lot of dressing so it was one of the better diner salads I’ve had, but it wasn’t amazing. 

Americana Diner (West Orange) Price: $$

For my coffee, and salad with salmon, the cost was $17.  

Overall Thoughts/Summary:

I liked the Americana Diner (West Orange), and it wasn’t a bad stop.  It wasn’t my favorite diner, but it wasn’t a bad stop. I can always appreciate a metallic, chrome, diner. 

Atmosphere: A

Service: B

Coffee: B

Food: C

Price: $8-15

Overall: B

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Questions for you:

What’s one of your favorite restaurant meals?

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  1. I love how chrome this place is. I’ve always wanted to eat at a chrome restaurant just for that diner feel (but we really don’t have many chrome restaurants down here). I really love salads with either grilled shrimp or salmon and lots of veggies.

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